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Zoom B3 into Tascam 2488. Which input is safe?

Discussion in 'Music Chat' started by BALL OF SHIT, Sep 7, 2014.


    BALL OF SHIT Member

    Hi, I've got a Zoom B3 effects pedal unit which has various outputs from it.
    I am looking to play my bass guitar through it and then plug it straight into my Tascam 2488 portastudio to record the bass.

    Thing is I know the Zoom is powered and I don't want to blow anything on the Tascam. There are lots of inputs on the Tascam for different situations.
    Can anyone advise which options are safe and won't cause any damage?

    This is the tech spec for the Zoom http://www.zoom.co.jp/products/b3/spec/

    And this is the Tascam http://tascam.com/content/downloads/products/353/2488_manual.pdf

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  3. eggle

    eggle Member

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    I used to have the Tascam & put mains powered pedals into it with no probz (buzzing from lights etc can happen though!!) - just keep the input gain levels on the desk within limits & there won't be an issue.
    If ur not happy with that then put the Zoom output into a di box & then into the desk via the xlr input on ur designated channel. Also think u can also use the guitar hz input which has a separate input. Or, just use the balanced xlr out from the Zoom straight into the desk!!
  4. Tom Russia

    Tom Russia New Member

    First of all, Karl, you aren't going to blow anything up on the Tascam - I guess you might if you do something really stupid like coming out of the speaker output of a guitar head, but to be honest the head is likely to be toast before the Tascam in that case!

    The best option with the least noise would be to come out of the line (XLR) output of the Zoom and into one of the line inputs of the Tascam - I'm not sure whether the line inputs on the Tascam are XLR or balanced jack so you'll need to check what the appropriate cable will be.

    BALL OF SHIT Member

    OK thanks for that Tom, eggle.

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