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Zombies required as 2.8 Hours Later chase game comes to Leeds

Discussion in 'Leeds Events Diary' started by turkey-dinosaur, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. turkey-dinosaur

    turkey-dinosaur New Member

    Zombie gore fest, 2.8 Hours Later. is to be unleashed on the West Yorkshire city over the weekend of 22nd September, threatening to turn hundreds of its usually mild mannered residents into the bloodthirsty undead.

    In preparation for the invasion, the game’s creators, SlingShot, are now calling for volunteers willing to be turned in to zombies for the weekend. Selected volunteers will be sent to zombie bootcamp to be trained how to lurk, groan and chase convincingly – and safely.

    Im in! Not sure whether partake as a 'norm' or to be a zombie or a marshall though!

    Read more here
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  3. AndyS

    AndyS New Member

    I applied a week ago to be a zombie and was told they already full of volunteers.

    Shame, would have been an amazing night !!
  4. turkey-dinosaur

    turkey-dinosaur New Member

    They are full of volunteers, but plenty of tickets left to take part as a 'normal' !
  5. Mailboxexpress

    Mailboxexpress New Member

    this sounds amazing !! i am gutted i am on holiday

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