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Your views on policing is it apathy

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by annoyed, May 30, 2013.

  1. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    What is Apathy is Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference. 2. Lack of emotion or feeling; impassiveness.
    I have the unpleasant result of being a victim of police apathy and stupidity, I have not many qualms about the officer on the beat, it is the higher ranking officers superintendent's etc. the prosecution services, antisocial behaviour unit.
    I have had to call out the police on many occasions because of a couple of families that live on the same street as myself, They are bullies, and these families do as they want when they want, for instance obstructing pavements and roadsides with vehicles they store and repair for other people although this is against council rules, one of them has been prosecuted for not heeding warnings about doing this, it still has not prevented them from storing vehicles around the area and creating hardship for other residents and at the same time breaking the rules, people have been unable to walk the pavements, people with disabilities, disabled carriages, prams, the elderly, because of obstruction from these morons, People in the area are feared to stand up to these families who are part and parcel of the same family, But I and another member of my family have taken a stance against these morons, They are a family that have retaliated with threats to residents that lived nearby and have carried out such threats, They have driven out around three other families one family had their property damaged by this family who arranged for someone else to do their dirty deeds because they are that big and hard they dare not do it themselves in case they are caught, I believe they think they are some kind of Mafia, they are certainly not mature, And to put a cap on it they have had the cowardly effrontery to attack my property twice and my brothers twice causing damage to our windows and my brothers car, They have blocked our drives with their and their friends and relations vehicles, thrown bottles, part eaten sandwiches, a condom, fired fireworks at the house, allowed their kids to fire BB pellets of which I collected around 300, continuously at our windows, allowed them to play football outside our house so they can accidently (not) kick it at our windows and door, at one time a police pco being present and to top it when she looked out of the window without her hat on they made a gesture at her with their arm, allowed their kids and their friends to stare and gesture through our window take photographs through our window, throw hard snowballs at the windows, ridicule us, name call every time we entered their view, the father and relatives would stand and laugh and grin at us and at what their kids were doing, the father would come out into his garden whenever we entered ours just to stand and stare with arms folded and his sickly stupid grin trying to make it uncomfortable and hoping we would go back into the house (not so) he would then make skits and allow his kids to throw threats at us saying he would knock me out (whatever) while he stood there laughing, This moron the father has threatened to kill me, has bet me I will leave my home before he does. not to mix with him because I am too old, threatened damage to my property, not to mix with him because he knows some really nasty people, I have told the police I believe he has mental problems because he was given medication after severely beating up his partner who eventually had the guts to leave him, the police have never looked into this they say it is nothing to do with this situation, (hello wake up)
    Anyway I could go on and on but you hopefully you get the idea. Having been told by the police not to retaliate or we could be the ones to get into trouble and one day he would slip up and be caught out by an independent witness, as it was our word against his, our family witnesses and friends don't count?
    I called the police each time an incident occurred complained and asked them to put a stop to it and I wanted them prosecuting for harassment, bullying, intimidation, stalking, incitement with others to cause damage, abuse, hate crimes, slander, antisocial behaviour, I personally listed everything as told by the police to be able to bring a prosecution, HA, None of this I have now been told would count until I have an independent witness but this moron and his family know the law and always do things when we are on our own, why does he know so much because he has worked with the police and anti social department as a street warden and knows the in and outs,
    I am cutting out most of what has happened as it would take hours to fill you in.
    Anyway the police every time they have called all they have said is we will go have a word with them, they have never warned nor charged them, I requested surveillance be put in, they refused to put in surveillance cameras and sound equipment to capture the goings on they said it would be too expensive and it was not really necessary in this case? I was mortified and gave a piece of my mind,
    I had a senior officer visit me just over two years ago when the first incident of the broken window occurred they might as well have not bothered the man was a fink and not fit to be a senior officer, he spoke more about himself and his achievements he was so full of himself, And ****e, We was told it could have been anybody to blame as there had been ten (10) windows broken in the same night right from the top of the next street and down to ours of course ours being the last on the list, I told him straight away I did not believe him I was told I could please myself, (I later went right up and down three streets checked every house not a broken window to be seen, he had lied, then I asked an officer that came later if there had been any other windows that had been broken on the same night his reply no there was not, then this officer got on with saying why don't you move? (Why the hell should I) then try to ignore them? If they make a noise with cars do what I do and move into another room? the moron is sat in my house in the only room I have, he then went on to say if his neighbours kids in the back made a noise he would close the door, if it was still noisy he would move into the front room, excuse me officer but I just told you this as you can see is our only room beside our small kitchen that still receives noise as it is even nearer, his reply was well I think you know what I mean? No I don't I replied, He said anyway as for them trying to intimidate you just ignore them there are things you can do, I said what, He said my aunt for instance has cats that keep coming onto her property from her neighbours and instead of confronting them she puts out bottles of water and hangs up old CD disc to scare them away, I and my brother looked at each other frowning, I got a little angry and said so what your saying is if I go out there and put up some CD disc and place bottles of water it will stop that moron next door from doing what he is doing is that what your trying to tell me, he then said some fancy word like trying to stun us like, I am using this as an hypothesis, I said whatever, I looked it up later this is what I found, A hypothesis (plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. For a hypothesis to be a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method that one can test it. Scientists generally base scientific hypotheses on previous observations that cannot satisfactorily be explained with the available scientific theories. What a buffoon, because I had got irritated with him he said it seems that as though I am letting things get on top of me and I need to be patient, he then suggested that I should see my doctor and that he would have a talk to them to see if they could do anything for me, I said I had already seen my doctor and told her the situation and that I needed help with my sleep I also told her I needed something to keep me calm and that she had refused to give me anything for the latter but had given me some mild sleeping tablets and asked what the police were doing about it all, when I told her she said you were ridiculous and the only thing I needed to help me were the police to do their job right. he said in my experience said I don't think she knows what she is saying and needs to hear my views,
    At that I lost it and went on one I called him an idiot and that he was trying to make out that I was cracking up when all the time it was them to blame for being useless at their job and that there would not be a situation if it were not for them, he said you cant say that, I retorted straight back shouting at him, yes I can and I have your useless, On this he made his excuses and left saying he had to go somewhere, mind you when he first came in he said he had all day if need be to help get things sorted out, (Excuse me who needs the help), I forgot half of what I had said because of the sheer anger and frustration,
    Now you may think well has he tried to talk to this person(yes he refuses)
    have I been willing to go to arbitration (yes) he refused four times to the police and the antisocial services, Why because he will have been afraid to own up to anything and I had already told the officers that I would be confronting him and them with proof of what he had done and his family with photos and video to ask him why he and his family and friends had done all this, you have to own up and confront situations before there can be a cure, I told the police to tell him all this to prepare him, he would have been afraid to admit he was a bully and a coward.
    How did it all start you may ask, He stole some of my land and built a fence on it I took him to court and won, ever since he has victimised us, then he started to repair cars on his drive and the road and pavement with his brother he was warned to stop but I was told where to go with threats, I own my house as he does, I did not I did not want to lose value on my property and it was bringing down the tone of the area, I informed the police and the council, so he did not like this he wanted to do what he wanted without any opposition or else, I refused to let him and stood up to him as anyone would with half a bottle, my neighbours refused to back me because they did not want trouble even though they agreed the situation was bad.
    you may think why has he not retaliated, would you if the opponent was around 6ft 3" stocky built as the rest of his family now at this time he is aged 42. and this is the best bit this is what makes him the big hero, I am 5ft 6" aged 67 with arthritis, bad asthma, high blood pressure, nerve damage from a bad fall from 17ft onto my back incurring an operation, also with the results of various falls from a past occupation from ladders I now have a neurological problem where my arms and my hands shake,
    In other words I am knackered physically but not morally or mentally, I still have courage to fight my corner and will continue to do so,
    My wife who is older than myself is disabled with many illnesses and about 12 tablets a day not including sprays to keep her alive, she has heart problems to boot, I am courageous but not foolish.
    the latest incidences in last two months are the eldest son driving towards my daughter while in our car, nothing done no independent witnesses, then the father driving at our car with me driving the daughter the passenger with a truck, he reversed back shout abuse we caught part of it on the daughters phone, police refused to take it to see if it was his voice, saying it would be too expensive, again nothing done no independent witnesses.
    have we been having this problem for long, Only (9) yes nine years of hell, and no help from our lying pathetic senior police force the DPP and the anti social services.
    It has been the uttermost negligence of duty in protecting what we are supposed to be, some of the most vulnerable people in society. this is pathetic police Apathy at its best and heads need to roll,
    Lessons have not been learnt since the deaths of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Francesca who burned themselves to death because of bullying, nor that of Colin Hudson, 68, repeatedly dialled 999 the night before his death to complain that youths were smashing up his property.
    Hours later, the widower, who had been subjected to a catalogue of abuse, collapsed in St Austell, Cornwall.
    A coroner criticised the yobs who plagued his life as relatives blamed them for 'accelerating' his death and accused police of failing to deal with the yobs. In other words he was being constantly bullied for years and the police did nothing, and still continue to do nothing Why Apathy apathy and more apathy,
    This is not aimed at the ordinary policeman on the beat as they only follow orders and are directed by their superiors on what action they must take, I have also had support from them, some giving their personal views supporting my family and wishing it were up to them to make the decisions.
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  3. leedsman1954

    leedsman1954 Member

    I really feel for you in this lousy situation and wish I knew what the solution was.Well done though for not being intimidated. As for plod, in my experience they are (apart from one or two) a set of pillocks who'll take the easy way out. I would imagine that the only way to get action is to secretly take video of them and keep a log of what is going on and present it to the police. I thought the Council could take action as well? You could tell them you are a Jew, Muslim, or whatever and tell them you are suffering "hate crime". They'd be round like a shot. Is this in Leeds?
  4. romanbob

    romanbob New Member

    Has it changed since the election the new Police Commissioner? ;)
  5. ashadt

    ashadt New Member

    Yes things have changed since the new P.C.arrived.We are having to subsidise them and their cronies,when we did not do before.
  6. Carabansity

    Carabansity New Member

    Lol, spot on ashadt, huge waste of money for absolutely no benefit whatsoever.

    annoyed, don't know where you live but I would try a calm and well laid out* letter to your local MP, your local LCC councillors and perhaps the YEP. Don't get personal about the cops, just state facts and dates. Ask for help and support and follow the letters up with phone calls or insist on Surgery time. Every MP does local surgeries as do the councillors. Insist politely they help.

    * the post above is poorly laid out and would not work well enough. Break it up into paragraphs of relevant information. If you live in Morley I can make sure you get someone to listen, if not I can't help much more, but, I truly understand your frustration.
  7. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    I agree with you Leedsman regarding the picking of a foreign name, faith, or give a different nationality, but to be realistic it is not going to happen more the pity. I have had to install cctv from my own pocket and had to forfeit a whole family holiday for the year and make big cutbacks to buy it total cost so far £1,400 for what was supposed to be the best at the time the pictures are not clear enough for the police though although I can identify the people on them because I know them, not good enough they say. Last year a couple of weeks to Christmas I had my large front window smashed as I did the year before only this time I got it on cctv the make of the car and its markings could be made out bearing in mind this was at 1:05am early morning I managed to run out to see the back of culprit running down the street to his car he left parked round the corner, I glanced towards the house next door as there was a low lit light on to see the neighbour who I am having these problems with peering through his bedroom curtains, on reaction of me looking at him he quickly let go of the curtains the light was just as quickly turned off, I was not able to catch up to the culprit as there was snow and ice laid, and besides I have bad asthma, I heard the car door slamming shut and thought that was it, with the quietness of the night I could hear the car it seemed to be going up the next street, I Made my way back up to my house out of breath still listening to the sound of the car it seemed to be getting nearer at the bottom of my street there was a skip and a car so I placed myself between them as I saw the headlights coming down the street, As the car passed I managed to get a good look at the side of the drivers face and I got the registration. I got in and phoned 999 the person who answered asked if the crime was still taking place I said no, then came the reply so why have you dialled 999, I said because a criminal act had been committed and they may come back, they said that is no reason to dial 999 as it is only for emergencies and just at this time no crime was in progress, I said did you not hear me they may come back I have been having a lot of trouble we are pensioners and are on the computer supposedly as at risk, they said it is still no excuse and they could prosecute me for wasting police time dialling 999, I sort of lost it and said well I feel it is an emergency and my wife was in a right mess stating her age 73 being disabled with heart problems besides other problems, they said I will let it go this time but next time don't dial 999 unless it is an emergency, I said you can take me to court I don't give a stuff I think if you did they would probably criticise you so go ahead, they did not reply only to say there is someone on there way, eventually half hour to three quarters later police station being only 2 minutes away they turned up. I gave a description showed them the cctv they took a statement, I told her that the registration may be a bit out by the first letter or two but the rest was intact, this was because my wife was upset and she was carrying on while I was trying to write down the registration.
    the policewoman said they were going to have a look around and hopefully might see something, I said well with the amount of time taken I doubt it, she sort of scowled and said we do our best, I said but the police station was only down the road, and then the interview time looking at cctv, If basics had been taken and the information given out to others they could have made an immediate search.
    They left saying they would put the information into there computer and see what comes up.
    I received a call next day saying the registration was possibly a letter out and they would have to do some fiddling about to get a close match, I said how long will it take, reply it will take as long as it takes we don't know, I replied exasperated and said ok.
    later that Day my brother noticed the same car opposite his house with someone who was sat in the passenger seat, he lives in the next street, I said thanks keep an eye on it I'm Phoning the police.
    I phoned told them the situation and that the car was there and if they were quick they could get the culprit, the person on the phone said right the message has been passed and there was someone on there way.
    Meanwhile because it was taking so long my brother went to the car and asked the passenger if there was something wrong as he did not recognise the car from this area, my brother said the passenger looked and talked as though he was high as a kite (drugged up) the passenger said he was waiting for his mate who was visiting someone a couple of doors up round the corner on the next street, My brother quickly deduced this was the person that had done the crime and was going for his payment in drugs because they are related to the same family she is the daughter to one of these scum and her husband is a drug dealer.
    He said to the driver do you mean E---'s and her husband, he replied yes my brother said ok mate and left.
    He went in and got on the phone to get some mates round to try apprehend the culprits, then he noticed the driver matching the description I had given running to the car and driving off at speed the passenger must have phoned him, the people at the house the dealers must have clicked who had approached him knowing him to be my brother and told him to get away as fast as he could, my brother finished his call jumped in his car and tried to track them down, meanwhile there was a party of four cars on their way full of people my brother phoned them and told them a description, they said a car with the description with two of the described people had passed them on their way to his house, they then began a search of the area but could not find them, we believed the car had come from the Garforth area.
    The police finally arrived a couple of hours later in the shape of a pco who had walked from the police station.
    I said why has it taken so long she said I have not long got the message and been told to come here and find out what's happened.
    I told her how long ago I had made the call and for what reason and that they had told me there was someone on there way meaning as far as I'm concerned immediately, She said she knew nothing about that and nothing about exactly why she was here only to call and get some details.
    I let her know how I felt and that I was really annoyed at the response of the police, she said she would let them know my views and left.
    Another officer called who we are supposed to be under to have another look at the cctv I gave him a copy.
    Days went by I phoned out of frustration to find out if they had done anything, the officer said not directly with my problem but they had arrested someone who was older than my description aged about 40 who had committed a burglary in the same car and that they had seized the car.
    I asked if they had questioned him about who was in it before him on that particular day of my problem, reply was I cant because I was not the arresting officer and that he was in armley jail, Confused I said how does that stop you questioning him, reply because he is nothing to do with me.
    I said this is total crap and I was coming to make a complaint, reply leave it with me I have an idea, I said ok but I hope it's soon.
    I got a visit a few days later saying he had gone in civilian clothes as a visitor to be able to talk to this person and he had put it to him what had happened our ages Etc.
    The person asked him what was in it for him if he did tell him, he told him that it was not up to him he was merely hoping his conscience would come through given the situation.
    The person said to him that it was not his problem and would not be saying anything, that he bought the car off someone in a pub for £100, at this he left.
    I asked who the owner was beforehand he said they did not know and they believed the car was a pool car used by different people drug dealers and common criminals to commit crimes.
    I still have not heard anything since in 5 months.
    My view is this person should have been questioned at the station while he was in their custody given they had the cars description on file at the time, you would have thought they would have cross referenced it against other crimes committed by it. disgusting Policing and Apathy once again.
    If I were to tell everything now it would take weeks.
  8. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    Not a chance, just more expense I feel for the ratepayer.
    To get to them you have to go to your police station see a senior officer who are the culprits,
    this is a farce to say the least you should be able to go direct to the commission.
    looking at it this commissioner seems to do more running about entertaining and generally just showing his face at meetings instead of working on complaints.
    This commissioner has just been before a parliamentary inquiry with some others looking into the expense's claims, I believe he was questioned about employing a lady who's husband helped him get his job at around £50K a year? you scratch my back I will scratch yours seems to be the idea.
  9. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    Well said,:hey:
  10. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    Thank you for your interest Carabansity I am not really a writer by way of putting things in their prospective order hopefully that will come, I live in Seacroft but thanks anyway, I will be having another go at my MP because my councillor is an arse.
  11. Bazzer

    Bazzer New Member

    It's not apathy, Policing is Racially motivated as Police are now Racists, they are only able to prosecute Whites. I don't know if I'm breaking any laws, but I love this Sunshine we're having. One wimp in a dress said, 'I hate this British weather don't you?' 'Duh?', methinks being living in the Country I like for 58 years. "Why don't you go home then?" I said. It really annoys them to the point of bubbling foam in their beards and what can they do me for?
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2013
  12. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    Hi Bazzar, I don't think this is anything to do with racism, with regards to people commenting on the weather the majority of people black white yellow whatever comment on our weather I do myself when it is raining for too long or when the snow is laid too long or it is bitterly cold.
    My point in answer to this is it is nothing to do with police being racist against whites as this moron is white, what I would agree with is if I had been Asian or black then I would have had the full weight of the law down on my side my neighbour would have been frogmarched from his home in cuffs charged with racial hatred, or if it had been one of their own because their word would have been taken as the believe they are sanctimonious above all others, in other words they presume to be more right and better than the ordinary man in the street.
    This is not saying I am racist just saying what I see know and feel in todays policing, I feel I am being prejudiced against by the senior officers the police, the department of public prosecution services and Leeds city council, I feel I am being treat as a second class citizen in my own country and my opinion or dilemma count for nothing, really the policeman on the streets have no power now and have to contact superiors before they can act on anything of their own free will,
    This is fine and can save problems with the odd cavalier policeman taking his position as a private power base for himself, also the making rash decisions by the less mature constable, THAT IS IF IT WORKED AS IT SHOULD.
    As it is the police and the council just cant be bothered to take the time and look deeper into what they consider to be day to day problems unless it is going to make the headlines and it is going to be an easy conviction,
  13. Gordon Glazebrook

    Gordon Glazebrook New Member

    For once I agree with you Annoyed.
    Police and Councils are only concerned with being "politically correct", "sitting on the fence" amnd "not getting involved".
    How different from when my Dad was in the Police Force many years ago - he knew the neighbourhood, knew the trouble makers, and kept an eye on things. I was not exempt and had a few "clips round the ear"!!:nod:
  14. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    Cheers Gordon,
    Yes I remember those days if it were something minor apple nicking climbing old buildings throwing stones picking flowers for mum in the park Etc. it was a slap or a kick up the backside or you were marched off to mum and dad it was a trade off, settled for the above because if you were taken to mum and dad it was worse a good slapping from the old man or the old belt around the backside from your mum then you were grounded for a couple of weeks.
    I it were something bad we got a scare we were made to sit in a police cell until they were ready to take you home to face the music to mum and dad.
    It was not often we got into trouble with the police about 6 times over my childhood for silly things.
    I also remember the council being stricter if anyone was a nuisance you would be visited by the rent man and given a warning you could be kicked out if problems continued, then it would be a letter with a final warning a couple of our neighbours were kicked out it set an example to the others nearby, now its a warning then another warning and another, then a letter a written warning, then court and eviction that is if the social services don't get involved pleading hardship to the families involved, then the rigmarole starts all over again.
    If a neighbour does something wrong like loud music, using their property to run a business like repairing vehicle's or storage of them, kids continually making life hell for the neighbours Etc. they ask you to do their job for them like keeping a record for at least a fortnight before they decide to take any action if at all, a fortnight of continuous hell for some.
    I am constantly at loggerheads with the council over their apathy towards what you and me may consider to be serious, like dealing with the above moron, or the brother to this moron who continually repairs vehicles at his house in a residential area causing obstruction on the footpath causing children, elderly, disabled, people with prams, to have to cross over the road or to walk into the road putting them in danger or causing inconvenience and it is not allowed anyway, they park the vehicles in the drives or road until such times they can repair them taking up places that residents need for their or their visitors vehicles, these people are animals and threaten cause damage to property and have driven people out of their homes who have dared to stand up to them or complained, they once got someone a thug to drive a stolen car through the front gates of his next door neighbour shoved dog faeces through the letterbox and smeared the same over his car and under the handles of the car and on the door handle to his house several times until they had driven them out, then they drove out a single parent from her private home who stood up to them.
    This same person has cut up vehicles in his back garden for people so they can claim on the insurance and giving him a cut and he used the parts for doing up his vehicles he was repairing, then the growing of cannabis in his loft and then the scum this attracted.
    They have asked that I keep a record for a fortnight on these people, mind you they already have records on them and have actually taken them to court for the same thing, they have had pictures sent as proof but still require I keep records times, dates, weather, rate out of 4 levels the amount of nuisance caused, what are the vehicles registrations colour make, in what way does it affect me.
    I believe this has been designed to put people off of complaining hoping against hope they will not have to go see for themselves or carry out observations and investigations, or have any added burdens on their desk so they do not have to leave the comfort of the office or the soft padded seat for their fat lazy backsides.
    What right have these people to ask others to do their jobs putting them at risk for something they are not paid for and what is rightfully their job.
    I and my Brother were accused of carrying out a vendetta against these morons because we had complained too many times even though they had taken them to court for the same thing and won the case, Knowing what their record is and receiving proof of the complaints, I then had to start fighting the woman who said this with threats of slander against her, I refused to have any dealings with her and threatened to make a complaint against the department right up to the ombudsman.
    It was because I had taken things so far that all of a sudden the charm was turned on and I was promised that everything would be looked into and another person would be assigned to the case, within weeks we were interviewed and the moron was taken to court with a fine, court cost, bound over, and banned from storing and repairing vehicles at his home address.
    This was a slap in the face for this woman and her accusations and same for the environment department.
    Now the moron has started storing again proof has been sent but the department is now trying to say they cant stop him having cars there, they could be a friends or just holding them for people who are on holiday, yet they have been given pictures with registrations shown and they have the facilities to have these cars checked on through the DVLA and who goes on holiday for 3-4-8- weeks every time on a regular basis one vehicle has been there for over well over three months now.
    The trouble here is it is not happening on their doorstep so they are not interested.
    I have phoned the police because they have been fully blocking the pavement with cars front of car to boundary body stretched across pavement with rear to the kerb and often lapping onto the road with a car parked on the road behind it, making it impossible to pass unless you walk into the middle of the road or cross over.
    The police have recalled me about an hour or so later asking what the problem was and how is it affecting me, I have told them and expressed with a degree of annoyance that the law is being broken and it affects everybody not just me or my family and nobody should have to endure this problem and what if it were their relatives or their disabled mother or father brother sister.
    I was cut short with hang on I get the point we will send someone up when they become available,.
    sometimes its been another two hours later the next day or not at all, then I get a call back asking if the car is still there or we called and there is no car there, (me) I say obviously its been moved after it taking you so long to respond, have you been to the house to tell them it has to stop, (police) well no we did not bother because there was not a problem when we arrived, (me) but they should still be approach at the house and warned, (police) well there is no point now is there.
    Council, APATHY Police APATHY thick as two short planks more a burden on the taxpayer.

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