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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by kit1, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. kit1

    kit1 New Member

    After managing to avoid watching any of it for several years, was unfortunate enough to catch last 30mins of XFactor final.


    How can 2 acts manage to murder a song like Forever Young and still have millions voting for them?!

    Great words, but can't say I'm a big fan of the Dylan original, but like most of his stuff there have been several iconic versions.


    Was going to apologise to any fans of the prog., but can't do with any sincerity.
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  3. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    Thankfully, I gave up watching it after about 3 series. It became very staged with the fallings out between the judges...almost like WWE

    I knew someone who made it to bootcamp in the early series and told me about how it was all set up.
  4. Staypuff

    Staypuff Active Member

    I watched it, my other half likes it though she's recently given up on Strictly so I'm hoping this will follow suit soon.

    Absolutely awful. Not just the acts either: Adele was absolutely shocking, I only watched out of morbid curiosity, the OH forwarded through Coldplay and One Direction because she was so sick of me complaining.

    What a bland, boring, production-line group of nonentities. And what has really bugged me is the constant clips of the contestants/victims saying "I really want this, you don't know how much I want this", great example for the kids.

    Awful, awful programme.
  5. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    Agreed. It goes against everything I believe in when it comes to effort.

    The 'I want it so bad' rubbish that they churn out all the time. Pathetic.
  6. TMC

    TMC Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Proud Mary
    I was at a quiz a few weeks ago, one of the questions was 'Who won the X-Factor in 2014?'. Nobody in 7 or 8 teams had a clue. I really hope they do away with it after this year, I've never watched it but I get annoyed when I see it on the news. I wouldn't class many TV programmes as being 'newsworthy'.
  7. Staypuff

    Staypuff Active Member

    It's got one more year then it's being replaced with The Voice.
  8. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    ...but The Voice is terrible as well.
  9. TMC

    TMC Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Proud Mary
    yep, it's all a big bag o' shite.

    I can quite happily spend the next couple of years avoiding it though.
  10. eggle

    eggle Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Fred The Oyster
    Never watched X Factor & never will do but I know it's shite 'cos my wife loves it!!!!

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