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Will it be too cold for a day at the coast?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by sevenhills, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. sevenhills

    sevenhills Active Member

    School holidays next week, I am thinking a day at the coast, with teen girl and dog. Is anywhere open?
    Maybe a large resort like Scarboro would be best?
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  3. Daniell

    Daniell Registered User

    Went to Scarborough yesterday and it was absolutely freezing!

    Half or at least most of the town was closed, all the arcades was open, nothing like the summer I must say apart from the amazing range of parking spaces! (if you drive)
  4. Fletch

    Fletch New Member

    We were there last weekend (7th-9th) and it was glorious. Plenty of cafes etc open, arcades open but not much else yet as it's out of season. Try the Watermark Cafe on the seafront, North Bay, or the Blue Crush Bar beneath The Sands complex, again North Bay. Great food and prices. Beaches very clean when tide out (obviously!) and not too busy but I guess this will change for half term. Sea Life Aquarium a bit further round North Bay as well worth a visit.
  5. Greybeard

    Greybeard New Member

    My friends who live in both Whitby and Bridlington respectively are both expecting and planning on good weather this coming weekend. Whitby will probably be packed solid as usual though you can avoid the crowds. Nearly everything is open there. Also Robin Hoods Bay most places wil be open as it is half term week, it's quieter there with good walks on the beach especially for a dog or on the cliffs, and the fish and chip shop has to be one of the finest anywhere, and lots of other cafe's and eateries. No arcades there either which is always a plus in my book Lol!

    RAYJAY New Member

    Just look at the weather forecast before you go. Then take plenty of clothing and have a great time :icon_lol:

    Ray :icon_cool:
  7. Leeds Girl

    Leeds Girl Member

    Surely you are not considering not going cos it might be a bit cold. Wrap up and enjoy the fresh air!
  8. Jackson1940

    Jackson1940 New Member

    I was on the coast at the weekend it was bloody freezing , if your going take extra layers
  9. Fastfreddy

    Fastfreddy Well-Known Member

    Its lovely at this time of year. No screaming hoards, fighting for car parking etc. just wrap up and go. Have a good time. Does it matter if things are closed. Scarborough centre is all open its a town. The rubbish on the sea front might be closed but that can only be a good thing in my opinion.

    Actually I would much prefer to go to Bowness on Windermere or Ambleside. Lovely lake views, you can go on a boat if you want to and lots of lovely cafes are open. Its an all year round place these datys what with all the time shares that bring people to the lakes all year round. Go to the Lakes far more enjoyable than the East or West Coast.
  10. sevenhills

    sevenhills Active Member

    Not been to the coast yet; hoping for Cayton Bay on Sunday.

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