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Why isn't Leeds Forum more popular?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by mazda_g, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. yorkiepud

    yorkiepud New Member

    I think social networks like Twitter and Facebook have made forums and blogs more difficult to get people interacting on. These things take time to build - I've always believed the saying, build it and people will come, and it's true. :)
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  3. climaxchick

    climaxchick New Member

    I think it was a slow start, but it caught on soon after. Give it time!
  4. Mexico75

    Mexico75 Active Member

    Seems pretty busy on here TBH, three pages of new posts when I logged on today :)
  5. Malky

    Malky New Member

    I guess that depends on how long it was since your last post, but then again there are some forums where you have to wait days for a reply.
  6. Leeds Forum

    Leeds Forum For Everything Leeds Staff Member

    SF took at least 2-3 years to take off - but if you want more about the history of that site then please post on that forum.

    Malky, we appreciate your ongoing concern for Leeds Forum. Looking at your post history it seems to have been a re-occuring theme in the threads you've started! As someone who seems worried about this forum failing, what would be really helpful is if you could spend time starting some Leeds-related discussions to attract and retain users.

    Every new venture will have its naysayers and comparing this forum to SF or any other forum won't provide any substantive evidence to whether we'll succeed or not. The forum's success will come down to the support of the people of Leeds and West Yorkshire - rather than the speculation of former and present users of Sheffield Forum.

    In the meantime we're closing this thread and encouraging anyone with a genuine interest in helping the forum succeed to go and post in the Leeds Discussions area and to help spread the word :)
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