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Where is everyone ?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by LeedsGoodGuy, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. LeedsGoodGuy

    LeedsGoodGuy Member

    Just wondering, this place used to be a bubbling forum but now it seems to be a bit quiet lately.

    Is this because of Facebook or people spending more time on other social media platforms?

    It's a shame really as it was an awesome place to make local friends.

    Any suggestions on how we could get in busy again?
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  3. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

  4. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    The numbers on the old Leeds Music Forum were dwindling long before the merge. Forums in general aren't well attended these days. Compared to some, this is still an active forum.

    Most of my friends from LMF tend to interact on other forms of social media.
  5. runaways

    runaways Member

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    There is an alternative. There's a group on facebook called "Leedsface" where people post several times an hour about the latest traffic gripes, missing pets and local crime. Recent popular popular post that got 29 responses was "hi anyone awake"
  6. Cowl2

    Cowl2 Active Member

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    I've seen that, it's mainly people whining about cyclists.
  7. Al2001

    Al2001 Member

    There's plenty of absolute dimwits on there but it's quite well moderated to be fair, considering its size. Obviously the moderators get tons of stick because we live in an era of alt-right manchildren who think they're being 'censored' by the 'PC brigade' all the time.
  8. Cowl2

    Cowl2 Active Member

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    True dat.
  9. LeedsGoodGuy

    LeedsGoodGuy Member

    I hope we can get it back up and running again
  10. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    We need to get a few good arguments going...
  11. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    Like the olden days? ha. It could get so stressy on LMF at times. I'm a lot more laid back than I used to be with it. I can't handle the drama now. My job is too stressful for all that ha. I do like a good debate though.
  12. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    Do you have a distinction between an argument and a debate?
  13. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    I suppose in a debate you are open or at least appear to be diplomatic about both sides of the dispute. In an argument you're just trying to get your point across.
  14. GregB

    GregB Active Member

    Depends if it's for 5 minutes or the full half hour.
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