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What's Your Earliest Leeds Memory?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Fattysplash, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    ...... And talking of Bramley Town St you must have been in the Lido, the laugh n scratch cinema?
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  3. Derc

    Derc New Member

    The manager of the Lido allowed my mate and me in to watch an X rated film but a couple of coppers came in for an unusual routine inspection, the manager found us and escorted us out and into the little cafe next door where he, with a piece of paper and pencil 'interrogated' us. After the coppers had gone, we were allowed back in to continue watching the film. Business must have been poor, we were about 14/15 at the time, we carried on with under age drinking a couple of years later.
  4. ashadt

    ashadt New Member

    One of my first memories is when some refugees from London towards the end of the war were billeted in All Hallows institute in Hyde Park.My parents let one family stay with us as the lady was pregnant and we as a family stayed in touch for a few years.They moved into a big house in Morris Lane at Kirkstall and as kids we had a great time playing in what at the time seemed like a mansion.
  5. Rover

    Rover Member

    Your mention of refugees brings to mind something that has puzzled me.During the War we had children evacuated to Armley. My aunt had 3 youngsters from Kent staying with her.The girl didn't stay long because of getting home-sick. I know Leeds was not bombed as much as areas around London but I've wondered why they were sent to Leeds. I guess the risk was relative.
  6. jackdaly

    jackdaly Member

    Round Blackman Lane was Camp Road, Abyssinian Terrace plus other Streets named after the British Army's connection with India.

    Our Fore bearers certainly had an eye on the future.
  7. Rover

    Rover Member

    I recently watched a TV show called the Ghost Army. It told of the deceptive practices used by Allied troops in WW11, inflatable tanks,trucks and artillery weapons etc. I'm reminded of the way the Yeadon munitions factory was camouflaged. If I remember correctly, from the air it appeared to be just pastures complete with cattle. Anyone have more info ? Since it later became the Airport, perhaps aircraft were manufactured there.
  8. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    A bit daft when children from Leeds were evacuated to Retford - me included.
  9. jackdaly

    jackdaly Member

    That's the answer Leeds was not high on the Germans list. It was bombed once in East Leeds, Marsh lane area. (missed the Railway) this was supposedly because the Bomber could not get in at Sheffield. Good thing about that episode, it blew out our school windows out and we got a week off.
  10. Rover

    Rover Member

    I recall that a bomb was dropped fairly close to St. Bartholomew's in Armley. In order to get to the near- by boys school we had to take a long way round for several days. The bomb never did explode so I guess it could have been one that was built by slave labor.
  11. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    Kirkstall Forge was also bombed - my dad worked there. And Brays in Woodhouse, near where we lived.

    There were other 'stray' bombs which took out the odd house.

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