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What do you do to keep fit and healthy

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Mark D, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. TheBizzle

    TheBizzle New Member

    Walking, cycling and martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu and occasionally Tomiki Aikido).
    Also, used to dance: Modern Jive and Salsa.
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  3. NiaY

    NiaY New Member

    Nia (combination of dance, somatics and martial arts) Yoga, Somatics, walking, mountain-biking & gardening :icon_cool:
  4. NorthLeedsFitness

    NorthLeedsFitness New Member

    Bodyweight is different from body fat. The BMI is a quick calculation which is used on a mass scale to predict peoples risk of weight related diseases. Unfortunatley, people obsess too much about their weight and as a result go onto extreme dieting which can often lead to weight loss from lean healthy muscle tissue.

    I always advise my clients to use there clothing as an indication, I train a few post menopausal ladies with hypothyroidism and they havent lost any weight (due to hormones etc) but they have lost dress sizes and inches from their waist.

    Getting back to the BMI, its an easy tool to use but you have to use common sense. If your classed as obese and dont exercise and eat takeaways its going to be accurate.

    The best way to get fit is to do something that challenges your body that you enjoy!
  5. rea1

    rea1 New Member

    I took up Belly Dancing classes-last year.
  6. johnbollinger

    johnbollinger New Member

    I modify my health and fitness schedule like my footwear. I run, go enjoying water sports, go to the gym and even go to English Army Health in Roundhay Shop and Existing area area Shop in Horsforth.
  7. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Having lived an active life, job, recreation, hobbies, sex, don't do much drinking, eating or now exercising exept for gardening.
    I just can't put weight on. I could do with at least a couple of stone adding, just to fill my wrinkles, any tips ? Yes I'm aged.

    Stone = 14 pounds (av weight) x 0.453 = 6.342 x 2 = 12.6 kg (I think) :icon_confused:
  8. johnbollinger

    johnbollinger New Member

    Some individuals go going for walks / operating, some individuals go to the gym, some individuals go to English Army Health.
  9. madstew1

    madstew1 New Member

    Losing weight is easy, you just need will power!
    I never eat after 5pm - the weight falls off so quick folowing this rule -
    Also i walk everywhere - and clean for about 2 hours a night!! (slight OCD!)
    Following this and cutting out all the take-aways and 5 wispa's for breakfast every morning i lost 5 stone in 11 months!
  10. outdoorfitness

    outdoorfitness New Member

    Why not try something new, get out of the gym and check out one of our fitness classes
    just google outdoor-fitness-leeds.co.uk
    with amazing prices and great instructors, our classes are motivational and effective so check us out.
  11. johnnykaos

    johnnykaos Member

    It makes me howl that people pay good money for gym membership and then they never go. I ride my bike everywhere and I dont get out of breath, I have low blood pressure, low BMI and I'm perfectly fit and healthy. If people could stop using their cars to do everything then they would save thousands of pounds and get fit into the bargain - seems like a complete no brainer to me! Also I cant believe the amount of kids that get picked up from high school by their parents, its no wonder childhood obesity is at record levels. When I see the overweight parent sat waiting in their car with the engine running for their equally overweight children to come out of school I feel like screaming at them! I mean if you saw a parent beating a child then you could report them, but when you see a parent feeding their already overweight brats mcdonalds / kfc etc you cant say nothing! Surely that constitutes child abuse to raise your kiddy to be as fat as yourself?
  12. outdoorfitness

    outdoorfitness New Member

    I totally agree. No point in paying if your not going to attend. Thats why at Outdoor-Fitness-Leeds.co.uk we never tie you into a contract and offer 1 month unlimited fitness membership for only £5. This way you can be certainly that our classes are right for you without spending too much money.

    Although we dont agree with beating fat kids in order to get them losing weight, we do agree something needs to be done......

    We will soon be providing FREE fitness classes throughout Leeds to kids in the school holidays - outdoor-fitness-leeds.co.uk/free-kids-classes.html. If you know of any schools that want to get involved just email us via our site.

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