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What are you listening to? YouTube it if you can!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Draggletail, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Edsea

    Edsea New Member

    I like this :)
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  3. BAZI

    BAZI Member

  4. BAZI

    BAZI Member

  5. BAZI

    BAZI Member

  6. anyhotleeds

    anyhotleeds New Member

    Olive - You're Not Alone

    won't let me post the link yet!
  7. BAZI

    BAZI Member

  8. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    The Apprentice just listen don't watch
  9. BAZI

    BAZI Member

  10. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    Cuckoo ?????????????????????????
  11. BAZI

    BAZI Member

    The Apprentice just listen don't watch ?
  12. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    I do just listen as though
  13. BAZI

    BAZI Member

    Oh, i see :icon_cool:
  14. Fastfreddy

    Fastfreddy Well-Known Member

    I know that this is wrong on so many levels but I been watching the Taylor Swift - Shake it off - video....I need therapy but its catchy and the video is funny.

    The other thing I watched at the start of the week was....and this is more my era. Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii.
  15. willynillysilly

    willynillysilly New Member

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAoPA0p7BNc - this at the moment! actually, it's not just the music, but the video that makes it amazing; check what's going on at 1:02! i could recommend this band to anyone into punk, rock or dance music.
  16. Fastfreddy

    Fastfreddy Well-Known Member

    I am obsessed with a Russian girl who does MUSE covers. I cant stop listening to her. She does lots of covers but two are particularly good


    Then there is Polish girl who does a fantastic cover of Pink Floyd "Comfotably numb". Magic. I love to see young people who are so gifted with the guitar.
  17. Katiemj

    Katiemj New Member

    Anything Taylor Swift! Recently got back into her!

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