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Website SEO and domain what do I need to pay

Discussion in 'Leeds Classified Ads' started by Allen, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    I see now, many thanks.
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  3. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    Sorry, had to pop out and win the pub quiz.

    PM me if you want advice.
  4. bondmorkret

    bondmorkret New Member

    The only way is to teach yourself and spend lots of time, or employ someone else and spend lots of money.

    I've recently learned this, and I'm currently working on getting higher in the google results. Got to page 1 in 2 weeks though, so I must be doing something right! It's not all that difficult, it just takes a lot of background reading unfortunately.
  5. BAZI

    BAZI Member

    Agree with bondmorket:
    Best bet is listen to Matt Cutts, watch his videos on you tube, thats a start the rest will follow.

    @ bondmorket, what key words are you ranking for page 1
  6. bondmorkret

    bondmorkret New Member

    Guitar lessons Leeds

    It's a work in progress and I've literally only just started on this two weeks ago, so I'm sure there's tonnes more I still need to learn. By "I", I mean my wife, who is awesome enough to do all the time consuming reading, editing of my website and condense the info into nice little useful bite-size chunks for me!
  7. BAZI

    BAZI Member

    Well thats good, how old is the site
  8. bondmorkret

    bondmorkret New Member

    About 2 months old this new website, so pretty new.
  9. shahidashgar

    shahidashgar New Member

    its all about creating a quality back links to be top on SEO , as per latest google algorithm updates its very hard to find an expert in seo but still if you have time you can sort out the things easily.
  10. TracyH

    TracyH New Member

  11. Lizzy

    Lizzy Member

  12. SteveJarvis

    SteveJarvis New Member

    My advice would be if you don't have time to do the work yourself is to speak to a few people who do this for a living but ask exactly what they are going to do. If they say 3000 submissions a month or the word submissions without qualifying what where and why run a mile.

    Anyone who promised page 1 on google should be avoided too it is possible but it's not something anyone can guarantee
  13. matthew2020

    matthew2020 New Member

    be careful with seo services.

    seo is a skill that if you are good at, you don't need to work for other people. Thus the people who are good are nearly impossible to hire.
  14. OrangePunch

    OrangePunch New Member

    1 and 1 (not the good people at 1 to 1 above!) have been making a claim on their TV ads that 'everyone will find you', which thankfully has been reported to the ASA.

    Start out with a good CMS like Drupal or WordPress which will inherently use SEO best practices - add metatags and advanced SEO plug ins if you have the inclination - and then write good, relevant content.

    If you have the budget (we're talking thousands) for a good SEO or pay per click company then shop around and get testimonials and references, much as you would to have someone undertake major renovations on your home.
  15. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    Pay per click costs too much, is there any ways to pay less for it.
  16. OrangePunch

    OrangePunch New Member

    Google has an offer to turn £25 outlay for adwords into £100 worth for new accounts. That's probably a decent way to test the water, I think you then just need to decide whether you'll get a return.
  17. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    I put £200 on the other day and only got one job
  18. OrangePunch

    OrangePunch New Member

    I'd look at getting the design and content right to make sure people get in touch once they find the site before spending any more on PPC, google analytics and webmaster tools can then help fine tune it.

    In marketing terms 'cheap' isn't always a positive message as it can imply poor quality - affordable and value for money are generally better.

    Incidentally, the candlelighters.org.uk link doesn't seem to be working.
  19. OrangePunch

    OrangePunch New Member

    You are already top for the search 'cheap central heating' and 'central heating leeds' (for us in the Leeds area) so there's no need for you to pay google for clicks as far as I can see. Your SEO is already doing the business.
  20. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    Things are very quiet at the moment.
  21. OrangePunch

    OrangePunch New Member

    If you are getting plenty of hits and people aren't biting then either something in the design or copy is putting punters off, competitors have started taking your clients, or people are not looking at central heating. Generally I'd think of seasonality - getting it done to prepare for the winter - so if it's quieter in the Spring then maybe a Spring / Summer campaign will sway people?

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