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[VC] The Wrestling Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Gav Gusher, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Fezz

    Fezz Member

    I thought it was the shittest thing I've ever seen
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  3. the boy

    the boy Member

    Sheamus as a good guy is crap - so boring and one-dimensional. Cena is also very one-dimensional but sells loads of tackle to kids so they cant change him.

    Ambrose, Wyatt and Rollins are the best thing about it these days for me. Still really like Kane as well.
  4. Gav Gusher

    Gav Gusher New Member

    The Ascension were actually pretty decent, Fezz. Trouble is, when they got called up to the main roster they got given a stupid Legion of Doom-type gimmick and now they just look like a bit of a joke. Their theme tune is fucking ace, though.

    I am hoping the following events happen at some point:

    -Reigns wins the Rumble
    -Reigns beats Lesnar at WM for the title
    -Rollins cashes in a month or two later, wins title
    -Ambrose is pissed off because he vowed to stop Rollins cashing in at all costs
    -Rollins vs Reigns vs Ambrose, triple threat for the title

    That sounds like a dream scenario to me.
  5. Fezz

    Fezz Member

  6. Gav Gusher

    Gav Gusher New Member

    Predictions for the Rumble this Sunday, anyone? Here are mine:

    Kidd, Cesaro and Adam Rose will beat The New Day

    Bella Twins will beat Paige and Natalya

    Ascension will beat New Age Outlaws

    The Usos will beat Miz and Mizdow

    Brock Lesnar will retain the title against John Cena and Seth Rollins

    Rollins will try to cash in the briefcase but won't get a chance

    Roman Reigns will win the Royal Rumble match and go on to face Lesnar at WM
  7. Daimo

    Daimo Member

    New Day to beat Kidd, Cesaro and Rose.....due to the bunny
    Bella Twins over Paige and Natalia
    The Ascension to totally squash the New Age Outlaws
    Really unsure about the tag match but I'm going to go with Miz and Mizdow
    Lesnar to win the triple threat during which Rusev will take Cena out
    Reigns to win the Royal with the last 4 being him, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose.

    It really wouldn't surprise me to see Adrian Neville involved in the Rumble, taking out somebody like the Big Show. If they are going to go with this gimmick of a little guy who has superhuman strength this is the ideal way to start it.

    Also wondering if Sting will show up in any capacity after Raw on Monday as it looks like they are going to start picking up some steam for his match with HHH at Mania. Had Lesnar not been a heel could have gone along the lines of Rusev taking out Cena to set up one long rumoured feud, Lesnar going crazy that he wasn't the man to finish off Cena and which point Rollins somehow manages to hit a curb stomp, only for Sting to get the bat out out, screw over the authority again and save Lesnar's arse
  8. Gav Gusher

    Gav Gusher New Member

    I can definitely see Neville being in the Rumble and having a strong showing. Past couple of years we've seen an NXT talent get a shot in the Rumble (Rusev last year and Bo Dallas the year before) so it makes sense they will continue this. In fact, due to the increased exposure NXT gets these days, I wouldn't be surprised to see more than one NXT guy run down the ramp, although I agree Neville is #1 on that list. They may possibly have Sami Zayn come down too, but as he's not leaving NXT any time soon I'm not sure exactly what the reason would be. It would help to elevate NXT even more though.

    My final four are Reigns, Ambrose, Bryan and Rusev. I can see Reigns and Bryan being the final two, just to make it harder to guess who's gonna win. However, I think Reigns and Ambrose would make a great final two, seeing as they were in the Shield together and still claim to be 'brothers'. Seeing them shake hands and go at it would be a treat!
  9. Gav Gusher

    Gav Gusher New Member

  10. Gav Gusher

    Gav Gusher New Member

    Well well, that was an eventful rumble. Lots of debate to be had! Has everyone seen it yet? Don't want to spoil it for anyone
  11. Daimo

    Daimo Member

    I watched it last night.

    The triple threat match was brilliant, however, the rumble itself was an anti climax. Number 3 entry was a big shock though
  12. Gav Gusher

    Gav Gusher New Member

    Just watching TNA, Bram is absolutely hilarious if you're a northern English viewer. He just had an argument with Magnus and got dragged away screaming "I'M GUNNA SMASH YER 'ED IN!!" in what can only be described as an amazing northern accent.

    Bram: Turning American wrestling into Leeds on a Saturday night. Absolutely brilliant.
  13. Broady

    Broady Member

    Favourite Bands:
    The rumble was dogturd.
  14. O Captain

    O Captain New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    death cab for cutie
    I just don't know how they could get the Rumble outcome so, so wrong.
    As if giving it to Reigns wasn't bad enough (I like him, but he's clearly not ready to headline WM), the way they did it was just a complete and utter mess.
    Kane and Big Show are just irrelevant these days. The Triple Threat match was incredible though.
  15. Fezz

    Fezz Member

    If they knew Bryan wasn't going to win, why waste their time entering him? Whoever won was obviously getting booed out of the building. Did they not learn from last year?

    Wrestlemania I can imagine Lesnar putting Reigns over and Brock beating the shit out of him in revenge and Rollins cashing in. I like Rollins, but he needs to ditch that gimp suit he wears if he's going to be WWE champion.
  16. Daimo

    Daimo Member

    So Raw last night was a wash out, with the only 2 matches shown being the repeat of the triple threat and the rumble. Agree with Fezz that if people are just going to boo unless Daniel Bryan wins it's pointless going. Reigns rise to prominence has come far too quick. His in ring work isn't bad but he is crap on the mic and can't hold a candle to Rollins, Ambrose or Wyatt. Heelbook summed it up perfectly when they referred to Reign as superstar or the year and Rollins as actual superstar of the year, as well as summing up what we all really want "this program also features Dean Fucking Ambrose"

    I'm already putting it out there that Bray Wyatt will win the rumble next year
  17. the boy

    the boy Member

    They're building up the Sting v HHH WM match but I have a feeling The Undertaker will interrupt in the contract signing or something and face Sting. Even though Taker v Wyatt is meant to be going down.
  18. the boy

    the boy Member

    They're building up the Sting v HHH WM match but I have a feeling The Undertaker will interrupt in the contract signing or something and face Sting. Even though Taker v Wyatt is meant to be going down.
  19. the boy

    the boy Member

    Ain't no doubt Bra
  20. Daimo

    Daimo Member

    Think Sting vs HHH is nailed on Chewy lad. Taker vs Wyatt is dependant on if Taker is fit to wrestle but that's the reason that Wyatt hasn't been dropping matches to Dean Ambrose. They want to hype him up for it. Heard another rumour that if Undertaker doesn't wrestle at Mania he will get inducted into the Hall of Fame
  21. the boy

    the boy Member

    I'm hoping that its all a distraction Daimo lad, would be a great twist if they had everyone fooled all along

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