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Van hire

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by trevor_mckee, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. vole

    vole Member

    Who does band van hire?

    One off nights (mainly Saturdays)

    Four people

    Full set up including PA

    Know average costs?
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  3. ian t

    ian t New Member

    Re: Who does band van hire?

    I drive bands on tour in a 9 seater mercedes sprinter and there is also topic in musician resources here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=51468

    you can contact me at ianthirkill@gmail.com here is my vehicle

    9 Seater Mercedes Sprinter
    6 cubic meters of separate equipment storage.
    6 reclining seats in the cabin with headrests, a table and cupholders.
    2 x 15” LCD screens with all in one DVD, CD and radio unit.
    USB media player (plug in any USB drive and play movies or music).
    Hard Drive included containing hundreds of movies and TV shows.
    Lights above each row of seats and LED strips all individually controlled.
    Wabasto heater installed in and controlled from passenger compartment.
    Double 240v socket under the table.
    Tinted rear windows.
    ‘Armaplate’ security on all locks.
    London Congestion Charge Exemption.
    Comprehensive European AA Fleet Cover.

  4. vole

    vole Member

    Re: Who does band van hire?

    I don't really need a driver. Its just a van to carry 4 of us and the equipment. I'm just seeing if its cheaper to hire (plus petrol) than taking 4 cars.

    Most gigs are a few hours drive away
  5. Chunk

    Chunk Member

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    Goodbye Chanel
    Re: Who does band van hire?

    Salford Van Hire if you are driving yourselves.
  6. vole

    vole Member

    Re: Who does band van hire?

    They do vans with 4 seats?
  7. gozzo

    gozzo Member

    Re: Who does band van hire?

    6 seaters probably, but no one does 4 seater vans of any size. You can always fit a case or two on the spare seats.
  8. JamieG

    JamieG New Member

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    The Who
    Had always be my dream to travel in that with my band !!
    One day ... :)
  9. clownhouserecords

    clownhouserecords New Member

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    All sorts
    When you guys hire a van, do you hire people to drive and help with loading/unloading, or do you just literally hire a van?

    Only reason I ask is that a friend and I are starting a record label and we're looking in to the possibility of offering a van hire service where we would drive you and your equipment your event, help you load and unload and then obviously drive you back to help support and fund our own record label.

    Just wondering what people thought of that?

    Many thanks

  10. olivert

    olivert New Member

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    I have a van and am happy to help out local bands if I am available

    It seats 9 and has loads of space in back for your gear.

    As long as you cover my fuel and get me in the gig I will be happy, especially if your band is half decent. Anything extra would be a bonus.

    It's only something I can do in my free time, so I won't always be available, but I will always try and help out if I can.

    PM me on here

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