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Tyersal. Bradford or Leeds?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by drfeelgood69, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. drfeelgood69

    drfeelgood69 New Member

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  3. Great misconception here, that Royal Mail dictate the Postcodes. The postcodes are an invention of the Royal Mail to stream letters automatically through sorting machines to the Mail Centres and Delivery Offices that service the delivery of the mail. They are accurate to within 15 addresses, and breakdown into Area,Delivery,Sector and delivery codes. The first codes that were experimented with were in Norwich and Croydon. Originally the delivery numbers were to also include 0. So some codes existed for many years with CR0 and NR0.
    They are so good they are now used for GSP, Local Government and even competitors, usually for free. However it had not altered their use by Royal Mail.
    The mail for BD4 is delivered from South Bradford Delivery Office, and for LS28 from the Pudsey Delivery Office. Changing BD4 to LS28 would result in all the mail being sent to the wrong office. It would take 24 hours to put it right. Also some areas of BD4 are not near to Pudsey, the companies based there would have the expense of changing all their documentation etc., and postperson would have to be moved to Pudsey.
    They also talk about LS27 which is actually Morley, so perhaps they should stay with the postcode they have
    It is not the responsibility of Royal Mail to make adjustments for cheaper insurance etc. they did not ask the insurers to use their automation information.

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