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Too many thread titles on first pages?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Aftab, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Aftab

    Aftab New Member

    I tend to make use of my phone a great deal and even the internet on the phone but haven't had any problems till now. I keep getting message that the page I am trying to open is too large and keep being asked to try another link. That always seems to happen when attempting to open for example the 'General Discussions' section on here. Has anyone else experienced difficulties with that?

    Is there a chance that the number of topics displayed can be cut down a little on that the page? I have noticed that the list on the first one page is tremendously long with threads going back to May being displayed on the first page. Can the number be reduced to say fifty topics per page thereby making it easier and quicker to load the pages? Then even the mobile community can partake easily whilst doing other things and not only when home :icon_wink:
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  3. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    This is an excellent point aftab, I'd been wondering about it myself as scrolling all the way down to moderation items is becoming a bit of a chore.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. dervish99

    dervish99 A Mod not a Rocker

    Your right, i have never looked at the full page as i do not navigate down to old posts, but it is very long.

    There are usually only the first dozen or so topics in each section that are active, so there shouldnt be any need to start at the bottom, does mobile tech bring you in at the top of each page like a pc does?

    Will look into how the pages are structured.
  5. Aftab

    Aftab New Member

    Yes the mobile screen although much smaller behaves very much like the pc in that it displays the top of the page. The text simply appears in a readable size and usually quite handy on the move.
    A smaller number of threads would make it load noticeably faster on less powerful machines and mobiles like mine:icon_smile:, hope it helps others too.
  6. Leeds Forum

    Leeds Forum For Everything Leeds Staff Member

    Please accept my apologies for this, it's not our intention to have all the threads showing on one page! I'll take a look at the settings and fix this now - it's not only a pain for you but it puts an unnecessary strain on the server from our point of view too! :)
  7. Aftab

    Aftab New Member

    Thank you Admin it works a treat now, appreciate the change thanks :thumbs2:
  8. banjo banjo

    banjo banjo New Member

    Big Thumbs up to Leeds Admin :D:D:D
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