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Thrifty Yorkshire Grannies Needed!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by yorkshirewater, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. yorkshirewater

    yorkshirewater New Member

    With the thrifty attitude of yesteryear coming back in vogue as people in the region try to weather the recession by being clever with their money, Yorkshire Water's grannies, Edna and Mary, are searching for like-minded thrifty folk in a bid to find Yorkshire's Thriftiest Granny.

    Research has found that 90 per cent of customers think that people in Yorkshire are thrifty and love a good bargain, so the comedy duo, who love nothing more than a good bargain and saving money, are sure there will be some cost conscious grannies out there more than willing to share their best or most unusual ideas that will inspire the people of Yorkshire to become more thrifty.

    To nominate simply visit ednaandmary.com - leave a thrifty tip, Granny's name and upload any picture or video clip. Be sure to keep up to date with the entries received, by visiting Edna and Mary’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Yorkshire's Thriftiest Granny will be the one who receives the most customer votes - so get family and friends to visit the website to vote for their favourite thrifty granny. And if the glory of winning the title is not enough, the winner will be able to treat their family to a family holiday

    From saving money by reusing tea bags or using rain water to wash the car, to the more extreme methods of saving on posh shoe deodorant by using bicarbonate of soda and ironing old wrapping paper to use for the next birthday present - Edna and Mary want to hear about any tip however clever, simple or bizarre!

    To get the tips flowing, Edna and Mary have filmed a series of their very own thrifty tips which can be viewed at ednaandmary.com and following the link to Yorkshire's Thriftiest Granny.

    Aimee Laycock media and campaigns advisor at Yorkshire Water said:

    The Thriftiest Granny competition is all part of Yorkshire Water's campaign to communicate what people in Yorkshire get for their money after recent research showed that 40% of customers in Yorkshire were unaware of what they are paying for. Edna and Mary are on a mission to communicate value for money to the people of Yorkshire.
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