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The Shopping Mecca of the North

Discussion in 'Introductions & Celebrations' started by OldLeeds, May 2, 2013.

  1. OldLeeds

    OldLeeds New Member

    Do you think Leeds town centre is great? What do you think could improve it?
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  3. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Welcome to the forum Old Leeds, I'm replying because I don't want you to think you're being ignored totally, I perhaps like others don't have a useful answer to your question.
  4. Gordon Glazebrook

    Gordon Glazebrook New Member

    I think you may get many different answers on this one Old Leeds.
    I used to go into Leeds regularly in the 50s and 60s when it was packed with shoppers all the time. Look at it now and nowhere near such numbers.
    Reasons? There are many - expensive public transport, nowhere to park if you go by car (or pay through the nose!), shop staff whose attitude is so different (I'll serve you if I have to sort of thing, or I'll get to you when I've finished chatting to my friend!).
    How to improve it? Less expensive public transport, lower car parking charges, and I could add better weather than we've had lately!
  5. Leeds Girl

    Leeds Girl Member

    Leeds attracts many visitors and tourists which is great but like Gordon says public transport is ridiculously priced and unreliable from where I live. However I do enjoy the city centre when I have the time.
    I think more al fresco eating would improve the centre. There is no reason not to now with those huge huge canvas brolly things and outdoor heaters. On the continent they have plastic wind/rain shields too.
    Briggate is looking a bit tired now and would benefit from some flowers and a bit of tlc. I am looking forward to the Eastgate development. The market area is long overdue an overhaul
  6. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    Several citys ive visited regards shops etc

    Leeds although is a fine city it isnt the shopping mecca of the North
    as Glasgow and Newcastle id say are :icon_smile:

    was in the Trinity centre in Leeds when there is also nice likes
    but Leeds can do with some more pubs in the city :icon_lol:
    I liked the Corn Exchange buildings interior which was pretty smart
    had a pic taken outside by the pillars ..nice shops and old building
    the Corn Exchange in Leeds and was one of best fish suppers ive had
    in some yrs to be honest the family run chippy quite nearbye
    the big white wheel

    been in Manchester also which is also a large city
    was in one of the main indoor shopping centre when in Manchester also
    quick edit name just came to me was the Arndale centre

    Glasgow has the largest shopping centre outside of London
    in the UK

    Edinburgh also isnt too bad, but is a bit more expensive
    its a cosmopolitan city is Edinburgh and the best city for history
    and certainly one of the nicest looking citys in the UK
    if not the best

    Edinburgh shall be nice once the roadworks are finished which has been a mess of late
    because of the workings for the tram system which come into effect next summer
    was sais on News just a few wks ago ..and thinking off such
    in the olden days Edinburgh had trams as did Glasgow and Dundee
    and many other areas inc my home town .. and most likely in many English citys
    and towns them days during war days

    Aberdeen the Oil capital of the UK is also expensive
    sais to be...and ill be heading there near end of this month
    for a quick visit as only been once when watching Celtic Fc
    way back in 1973/74 ish when Kenny Dalglish scored only goal
    of the game and i won tote on the supporters bus :icon_smile:
    although was only there and back after game
    and havent visited since .. so be a wee change when back
    and not for football as dont go to such them days :icon_smile:
    but i suspect shops shall be expensive in Aberdeen

    Dundee like Belfast and Glasgow is a working class city
    and more approx sizes of Belfast id say

    Perth also touch more expensive id say, and again smaller but a pretty city.

    Inverness again like Perth smaller city but a pretty city also

    Newcastle is one of my fav citys for shopping centres as its compact
    in which has the Grainger Market indoor centre as well as the Eldon Square indoor
    shopping centre and has also the Metro centre which is the largest indoor shopping centre in Europe

    Belfast - A similar size city to Dundee, possibly a touch larger than Dundee
    also is a working class city as is Glasgow and Liverpool

    Quick edit- Also was in Liverpool although ok not as many stores in their city centre
    as Glasgow for instance , Liverpool is a similar sized city, but their city centre is smaller

    All in all regards shopping without bias-ness involved id say
    both Glasgow and Newcastle city centres have best shopping centres ive visited
    i did like Newcastle as it is a compact city centre .
    Last edited: May 6, 2013
  7. Derc

    Derc New Member

    The pubs are there Thistle, (what's left of em) it's knowing where to look, Pudsey used to have more pubs per sq. mile than any other northern town. I know of 11 that have closed down. I don't know anything about shopping, one trip into Leeds or White Rose just before Christmas is enough for me.
  8. leedsman1954

    leedsman1954 Member

    I can't understand people's urge for shopping. If I've a hole in my trousers I'll buy some more, or if there's a special occasion I might lash out, but otherwise you can keep it!
  9. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    Well Derc i found a cple after asking but mainly they were hiding
    up some Alleyway/s Angel <-- cant remember rest of name
    but there was a better bar which a walked up the stairs into
    which was ok but nothing on in there as far as a was aware
    it was nearbye this Angel bar ..

    Had 1stly on the Sat walked into Elliot <-- again other part of names
    went fae me ..think now the names the general elliot ?
    across road fae where u get the Leeds city buses approx in town
    was some traditional bar , pint was ok and cheap as chips :icon_lol:
    that was 1st bar a was inside in Leeds an ok mens pub id say
    then later headed for the spinning wheel on outskirts of city
    on road towards Dewsbury rd which seemed ok
    and then got taxi an older guy foned me fae his mobile fone and
    a then went into Broadways bar in Dewsbury rd

    a normally always ask around often ..plus the internet can be a handy tool
    one lass told me on this very site afore a left for Leeds that
    id be best to get an all day ticket with the leeds city buses
    as theyre more regular ..she was correct

    but i ended up jumping on 1st bus which came for me in which was an Arriva bus
    ok but not as many as Leeds City buses and a shouldve
    took the lassies advice :icon_smile:


    I cant either as really prefer shopping on the net for certain things
    as only time i shop is when needing tae buy clothes or shoes or whatever
    and not often at home shopping as tae me shopping isi a females thing
    pubs are a mans thing :nod: :icon_lol:
    noo see what youve caused lad :D
    Last edited: May 7, 2013

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