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The Meisner Technique - Acting Classes

Discussion in 'Leeds Classified Ads' started by WYTN, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. WYTN

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    The Meisner Technique : A Unique Year Long Course with Final Performance

    The Meisner Technique is a powerful and respected approach to acting. Learn and practice how to: unleash truthful, emotional performances; let go of self-consciousness; expand your acting range; build self awareness and develop the ability to act moment to moment.

    Perks of signing up for the year
    • Over 200 hours of Meisner PLUS rehearsals and performance time.
    • Free Meisner sessions with MD of WYTN, Stephanie Upsall, to keep you practising and developing between Keith’s sessions.
    • A profile page on the WYTN website including biogs, pics, links etc.
    • Half Price for any of Keith’s other Meisner classes across the world.
    • Visiting students from Keith’s courses in France, Belgium and beyond will add a unique dynamic and stimulate practise, learning and development.
    • Support from WYTN throughout and after your year with us.

    If you are serious about your craft and want to go on a powerful and life changing journey then we strongly recommend you consider joining us for the year.

    All of the details, including dates, times, and prices, are on the WYTN website. Just google "wytn" and we're the first hit.

    Meisner Trained Actors
    Robert Duvall | Allison Janney | Jon Voight | Steve McQueen | Tom Cruise Sandra Bullock | Philip Seymour Hoffman | William H. Macy | Christine Lahti John Malkovich | Diane Keaton | Mary Steenburgen | David Mamet | Jeff Goldblum | Kim Basinger | Grace Kelly | Gregory Peck | James Caan Christopher Lloyd | Joan Allen | Leslie Nielsen | Sydney Pollack | Mark Rydell | Dylan McDermott
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