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The best fish and chip Shops in Leeds

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by svencita, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Roofers Leeds

    Roofers Leeds New Member

    Nash's on Merrion Street still has it for me!
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  3. Derc

    Derc New Member

    I'm sure Croft St Farsley got a mention earlier, Prize winners for the past couple of years, must try them again
  4. MG Plastering Mick

    MG Plastering Mick New Member

    eating out bryans at headingley but if were having a night in Kirkstall Fisheries on Morris Lane is lovely. Also Oxford Row Fisheries in Guiesely is lovely. hits the spot
  5. FarsleyForum

    FarsleyForum New Member

    Farsley's, Croft Street Fisheries has just won Morrisons Magazine award, naming them Britain's Best Chippy!
  6. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    I am not surprised, great fish and chips plus personal service

  7. FarsleyForum

    FarsleyForum New Member

    I can remember before moving to Farsley, on my moving pros and cons list having the chippy high on the pros list.

    My partner didn't believe me when I said they're like you get from one one the top coastal fish and chip shops.

    The rest is history!
  8. Geordie exile

    Geordie exile New Member

    B-b-but they leave the skin on at the seaside. :icon_sad:
  9. FarsleyForum

    FarsleyForum New Member

    Good point, they also do that at Bryans, well they did the last time I had them from their, but not everyone likes skin.
  10. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Supposedly the best bit but just not (inland) Yorkshire
  11. Branko

    Branko New Member

    Royal Park Fisheries are surprisingly good given they are in the poor takeaway area and dirt cheap
  12. nicola

    nicola New Member

    Well guys, I tried the mobile Flying Pan that stops at Wigton Moor shops (LS17) last Thursday and whilst they were nice there certainly weren't award winning. The owner / server was lovely though. Have a great friendly debate about 'the goings on' in north Leeds. Maybe that's why my fish and chips were cold although my son didn't seem to mind!
  13. what about The Wetherby Whaler ?
  14. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    It's ok but the service wasn't that good when I went in, fish is just ok in my opinion.
  15. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    It's crown has slipped. Big,loud and brassy Murgatroyds at Yeadon is easily better plus there are a couple in Morley now which aspire to be the best in Leeds.

    With the sustainable fishing problem in our seas I wonder what the long term future is for fish and chip shops.
    The concept of fish n chips seemed to be founded on a cheap hot meal of inexpensive protein and spuds but today fish is moving into the luxury bracket and in the future may well be limited to more sustainable fish than cod or the rapidly disappearing haddock
  16. keith

    keith New Member

    Fish Frydays on Street Lane in ROundhay. No grease and they do lightly battered if you ask. Gluten free also available!
  17. jaw67

    jaw67 New Member

  18. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    Non most of the fish and chip shops now give me really bad indegestion maybe cos the have changed to oil yuk
  19. jaw67

    jaw67 New Member

    The Village Chippy New Farnley Uses BEEF DRIPPING and i would recomend it to anyone

  20. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    have not rated harry ramsdens ever, been a few times to see if it was just a one off and out of necessity like being hungry and them being convenient at the time,
    Always use the one on Austhorpe road Crossgates we call it greasy Joe's but there not just an old name, you get plenty of chips and the fish are large batter not thick,
    We have been to the wetherby whaler in wetherby taste nice batter not thick fish average size sometimes on small side, sparse with chips, eating in not cheap fish larger, more chips more fish than takeaway, coe's at crossgates used to be ok a bit like wetherby whaler with portions, i'll stick with austhorp road.
  21. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    I agree with the Harry Ramsden's part they are terrible.

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