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The best fish and chip Shops in Leeds

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by svencita, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. daveharling

    daveharling New Member

    Coes at crossgates
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  3. HeyHudson

    HeyHudson New Member

    I think Bretts is massively over-rated to be honest. Chips are generally quite poor.

    Best one I've had has been from Kirkstall Fisheries On Morris Lane. Absolutely lovely.
  4. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    My better half said she had excellent fish and chips on Friday from Regent Fisheries on the corner of Regent Rd & Burley La, Horsforth. Yet to try them for myself but will be reporting back asap.
  5. steve1

    steve1 New Member

    princess fish and chip shop on pontefract lane just up from great clothes very large fish, good value and you can ave a laugh with bob the owner and fryer
  6. lagers

    lagers New Member

    Bretts in Headingley
  7. de g.

    de g. New Member

    Park Fisheries in Beeston. For reference, it cannot possibly count as a decent fish and chip shop if it fries in vegetable oil - all the best places fry in beef dripping.
  8. slobberbone

    slobberbone New Member

    whenever i'm back in Leeds i always call at Kirbys in Meanwood
  9. AndyGuiseley

    AndyGuiseley New Member

    Live pretty close to Harry Ramsdens but would rather drive miles than walk in there. It just gets worse and worse on every visit, really bad slow service in the take away section, expensive, small portions, the place feels a bit run down and the staff act like they cant be bothered. It's sad that you don't see the big queues that you used to get on Bank Holidays, but they just got complacent.

    Head to Victoria Fisheries (up Victoria Road, sort of behind Morrisons) for fresh fish cooked to order, and decent friendly service.
  10. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    this side of Leeds the taxi drivers all used to recommend rockfords on the york road near halfords

    never tried them myself as I rarely have fish n chips, I go to coes or greasy joes
  11. grafter

    grafter New Member

    the little old type shop on the R H side of the main rd going from Murgatroyds into Yeadon
  12. grafter

    grafter New Member

    one on the main rd next to the laundrette in Gildersome
  13. grafter

    grafter New Member

    If we are going further Pride of Bridlington further north from the station
  14. grafter

    grafter New Member

    and if we are going even further Ray`s 1 or 2 Benidorm.
  15. banjo banjo

    banjo banjo New Member

    My housemates use Murgatroyds often and never Harry Ramsdens, as Ramsdens are not very good.

    I have another chippy related question. A decent chipper that uses vegetable or nut oil instead of the lard based fryers anyone? :icon_eek::icon_eek:
  16. deecee

    deecee New Member

    Out of Leeds well i say out of Leeds but i mean on the outskirts of Leeds is Key Fisheries on York Road LS14, absolutely gorgeous, fish cooked fresh when u enter and huge portions, magnificent :)
  17. daffy

    daffy New Member

    Got to be Kirbys in Meanwood. Cooked perfectly every time
  18. nicola

    nicola New Member

    Drakes on the Scotthall Road / Potternewton Lane roundabout. They've been going donkeys years although the portion size has somewhat shrunk in recent years!!!
  19. nevben

    nevben New Member

    Parkfied Fisheries in Beeston are great.Opens lunchtimes Mon - Sat and Teatimes Mon - Friday closing at 7 pm
    In addition Sugden's on Theodore Street are very nice but the portions are not for the big eater. Sadly due to the age of the owners they only open a few times per week, Friday Lunch and Tea are ones that I know of.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2010
  20. nevben

    nevben New Member

    RE The ones who use Vegitable oil.
    Hi Banjo, Might I suggest that you try any one in Asian ownership as it is more likely that they will not use animal fats.
    There are a couple in the Beeston area I know of but can't help for one near to you
  21. sarahcooper

    sarahcooper New Member

    I used to like Crispys for take away until it burnt down :(

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