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The best fish and chip Shops in Leeds

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by svencita, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. svencita

    svencita New Member

    which you recommend me?
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  3. drunkendwarfe

    drunkendwarfe New Member

    Re: The best fish and chips in leeds

    Kirbys in Meanwood or Daisey fiheries in Bramley
  4. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    Re: The best fish and chips in leeds

    Bryan's or Brett's in Headingley are really good, both offer eat in too, which is nice.
  5. Yog sothoth

    Yog sothoth New Member

    The one outside Leeds Market, opposite the car park, name eludes me. Lovely.
    Nash's used to be really good but not sure if they still do takeaway.
  6. Carabansity

    Carabansity New Member

    Murgatroyds in Yeadon are good, used to work on the Estate behind and got a discount
    Mermaid in Morley up near ASDA is fine, had a nice meal there last month with the Mayor but my favourite is Hillycroft Fisheries on Bruntcliffe Lane opposite Morley Victoria School. They have won loads of Awards http://www.morleyobserver.co.uk/news/Morley-chippie-in-line-to.5687801.jp
  7. TownL

    TownL New Member

    Definitely bretts, and if you go on vouchercloud.com you can find a discount too!
  8. dank

    dank New Member

    definitely Kirbys
  9. Laineyiow

    Laineyiow New Member

    When me and the OH visit Leeds we always manage a visit to the Wetherby Whaler at Pudsey. May not be the cheapest place but we have always had a decent meal (although their coffee leaves a lot to be desired! :hihi::icon_lol:)
  10. Draggletail

    Draggletail Member

    I posted about Nash's on here a few weeks ago and someone told me it was long gone :icon_confused:

    Is it still open then? (Hopes so)
  11. Miss Anthrope

    Miss Anthrope New Member

    Greetings from a newbie here.

    When in Leeds I go to Green's on Dewsbury Road in Beeston, I believe it is. Just had a Google and it throws up the address 392 Dewsbury Road, Leeds LS11 7JX.

    They do the most delicious fishcakes. Nom nom nom. :nod:
  12. mazda_g

    mazda_g New Member

    Is Drakes any good? (Potternewton Lane/Scott Hall Road)
  13. horsforthonline

    horsforthonline New Member

    gotta Murgatroyds.. Love that plaice!!!
  14. Rozanne

    Rozanne New Member

    Nash's Fish and Chips does a good fish and chips - up past Primark in Leeds. When we went we only intended to go for a take away but it was a 2 for 1 if we dined in - bargain!
  15. mitb01

    mitb01 New Member

    Called at Drakes Last week as I was passing and feeling peckish. Anyway I was very dissapointed. The fish were very small, the chips were soggy and only luke warm. I was served by a large lady who had a face like a wet fish, not a smile anywhere !
    Won't be going again.
  16. ah-1986

    ah-1986 New Member

    Kirbys for me to!
  17. PayAsYouGoPA

    PayAsYouGoPA New Member

    Drakes on the roundabout on Scott Hall Road, LS7.:icon_lol:
  18. JBR*

    JBR* Member

    Over here in Lankyland we don't get proper fish and chips as they do in Yorkshire!

    Whenever we come back to civilisation (to visit the mother-in-law) we go to Harry Ramsden's at Guiseley, and find their fish and chips quite acceptable. On our last visit, however, the fish were a bit on the 'thin' side.

    How do you rate Harry Ramsden's? Are they becoming 'too big for their boots'?
  19. harrygarner

    harrygarner Member

    Ritz Fisheries on upper wortley road non better!!!!!
  20. lxander

    lxander New Member

    you are kiddin...right
    my father lives in L.A...every 2yrs he's back wanting fish & chips!!!this year went to Ramsden's, we sent back EVERYTHING (from party of 5...) it was disgusting, after a long... long...long, wait we left, vowing never to return....Bryan's wasn't much better (as it changed hands in the last few yrs???). Nash's in town are okay...the best take-out have to be Hillycroft in Morley...AND the ultimate F&C's...The Magpie in Whitby...not in Leeds i know!!!lol
  21. JBR*

    JBR* Member

    A shame. If Ramsdens is going down the toilet, it could be the end of a great institution. Perhaps it could have been a one-off.

    As for the Magpie in Whitby, Marge and I were there in early August and witnessed queues down the steps and right down the street. OK, it shows that the quality is good (or that people are sheep), but there is no way I would queue up that long for a bag of chips!

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