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Summer Guitar Group for Young Musicians - 25th July, 5pm

Discussion in 'Leeds Events Diary' started by Leeds Music Hub, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Just in case this is of interest to any budding musicians in Leeds!:
    The Leeds Music Hub is piloting a guitar group over the six weeks of summer holidays for young players (up to age 16). The sessions will be fun and informal, getting beginner/intermediate players started on fundamental guitar techniques and playing some favourite songs as an ensemble.
    The Hub also has a cafe, so grown-ups can relax with coffee and cake while the sessions are underway!
    The dates of the six sessions are: 5-5.45pm - 25th July, 1st August, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th (£36 for all 6 sessions).
    Places are limited, so please call or email us for more details and to book!

    The Leeds Music Hub
    The Coach House, 20 Wood Lane, Headingley LS6 2AE.
    0113 345 8661
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  3. Also, just to add - this is a pilot group and we're hoping to run ensemble sessions for other ages (including adults), abilities and instruments. So please let us know if there's a different group you would like to join and we'll do our best to sort it!
    In the meantime, we also run individual lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, vocals, songwriting, piano/keys, violin, viola, cello, ukulele, flute, clarinet, trumpet AND music technology/home recording etc (!).
  4. Ollievision

    Ollievision Member

    Sounds good! I've joined the Facebook group.
  5. SueH

    SueH New Member

    My 9 year old son would be really interested in playing piano in a blues/rock band. He has been playing piano for a couple of years and is very good at improvisation. He also started learning cello at school last September as he eventually wants to play double bass. He plays accordion and guitar now and again too. Only thing he wont do is sing but I hope that will change over time.
  6. Hi Sue!
    I have to sympathise with your son on the singing front - it's one of the few musical things I've never wanted to try!!
    We're getting a piano donated to us, which should be here imminently, but at the moment we're tiding things over with a borrowed digital piano, so do let us know if he's keen to get involved with any of the lessons/groups. We've got several piano/keys teachers on board, with backgrounds in classical, jazz and pop keys playing.
    The guitar group might be a good introduction to our groups if he's a plucked strings player, too. It's for beginners and intermediates and we're hoping it'll work as a pilot for lots of other ensembles (including the possibility of a mixed-instrument ensemble/band, which sounds like it might suit your son perfectly!).
    Feel free to pop down to see the Hub and have a chat if you'd like to!
  7. SueH

    SueH New Member

    Thanks for replying!

    He would definitely love to get involved - ideally the piano but he's getting keen on guitar too. He's at Rockschool UK next week and Opus 1 run by Opera North the week after and then we are away. What I am trying to say is it would probably be the tail end of the summer hols before he could come down. Would that be okay? What days do you run the classes that he would be most interested in/suitable for?
  8. Of course!
    I'm not yet sure what days and times group lessons/ensembles will land on after this summer pilot but individual lessons are just as and when it suits the student and tutor.
    If you and your son wanted to pop in when he's free, just let me know and I can show you round the Hub and have a chat about what we're running!
  9. SueH

    SueH New Member

    Hi Kate,

    I was wondering if Kyle could pop down to The Music Hub sometime this week? If so, which day would suit best?

    By the way, he has just finished a week at Rockschool and now is very keen to get playing his brother's electric guitar. If it is possible to join some kind of group over the summer hols that would be great.

    look forward to hearing from you.

  10. Hi Suzanne,
    Absolutely! We've got the 2nd session of the summer guitar group at 5 on Wednesday if Kyle wanted to come by for that? Otherwise, would any time on Thursday or Friday suit?
  11. SueH

    SueH New Member

    Briiliant - we'll see you then. Should he bring his amp or do you have them?
  12. We've got a couple of amps at the Hub so he can just bring his guitar!
  13. Ollievision

    Ollievision Member

    When are the next ones coming up?
  14. Hi Paula,
    We've got 4 sessions of this run left - 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th August, 5 - 5.45pm. Ollie is very welcome to join us for any of them if he'd like to!
    We're carrying on the group in September, as well, once school has started back - plus, we're setting up more groups for other ages/abilities/instruments around then, too.
  15. Ollievision

    Ollievision Member

    I'm hoping to bring him tomorrow. What age/ability did you end up with in the group?

    Also, on your website there's a map but no directions. I remember Wood Lane used to be a dead end. Are you at the end that needs to be accessed from Grove Road?
  16. Great!
    We've got a really nice group of little lads (all only a year or so either side of 10) - beginners/intermediates.
    There's some directions on the about section of the website (and on the facebook page, too). But yes, sadly you have to access us via the circuitous route if you're coming by car! Our driveway is just to the Left as you come up Grove Road onto Wood Lane.

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