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Suggestions for Things to do in Leeds

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by D-from-London, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. D-from-London

    D-from-London Member

    I'm up in Leeds for a few weeks working for a school for people that want to improve their English conversational skills, i.e. listening and speaking.

    The course involves students living in Leeds and having lessons during the day but in the afternoons (after 2pm) and evenings (after 8pm) we need to find them interesting things to do and see in Leeds or nearby cities, as well as things on the weekends (at anytime as there's no lessons on weekends)

    I'd love to hear some suggestions of things they could do in Leeds or nearby, that help them with their English. Some example are things like going to see a play, comedy, watch a movie. For the afternoon activities we also are interested in local organisations that might want the students to volunteer for 2 to 3 hours once a week in a role that gets them interacting with the public and speaking to natives. They also do things like go to the law courts to listen to court cases, or visit cities like Manchester for the day.

    Right now students range in age from 18 to 50.

    So any suggestions would be awesome.
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  3. doc

    doc Active Member

    bring them to docstoc sat 12th at the primrose
  4. D-from-London

    D-from-London Member

    You do realise that the above means little to most people from outside of Leeds :)

    I did however google Docstoc and found out some more information - although I'm not much more the wiser


    I did a Google Image search for Docstoc and Docstoc38 and can't seem to find any photos from past events - why is that?

    At least if there was photos of past events it would encourage others to attend this year.

    I've organised over 150 Events myself in London, Photos of past events help encourage others to attend future events.

    I do happen to be a professional photographer in my spare moments, and seeing as I've only been in Leeds less then 2 weeks I'm still billy no mates with nothing much to do this weekend, so if you have need of some free photography on the day then feel free to message me directly, I don't ask for payment, all I ask is that I'm not left out of pocket. Feel free to message me and I'll send you a link to my website with pat photos on them.
  5. doc

    doc Active Member

    Hi d
    was a flippant thread hi- jack , prob means little to people in leeds unfortunately
    rather than googling thought you'd read through these boards :)

    the primrose did have an in house u-tuber at some point

    the yep have done features on docstoc1 , 24&25 the weekender

    the band inbetween did some photos which had trouble downloading

    there have in the past been people recording the day, a student film crew and a photographer Blaze photography

    they sold photos to the band and made a donation

    if you wish to come along you'll meet a lot from on here , joe and grain division that have done fb'ng , poss legion of swine, matt bentley , mr garyc ,

    i won't charge you any entry, it's walkable from headingley
  6. D-from-London

    D-from-London Member

    I actually have my car with me in Headingly and so would probably prefer to drive over but at this stage happy to come down and take photos - I might actually be able to bring you some paying punters as well, as I've told people in the language school about the event but it would be helpful for them to see past photos for them to judge. Some some of them this is almost the end of their time in UK and they are going home soon, so each weekend they plan many things, last weekend they went to Liverpool, but I did tell them there is big music event so some are interested.
  7. doc

    doc Active Member

    cheers will pm

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