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Stop the parking charges

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Leeds Girl, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co....city-centre-car-park-closes-tonight-1-6395033

    Here's the full story not the Daily Mail one. What harm has this done over 4years ? Is it just co-incidence that this is one of the parks that are cheaper than LCC ones? Is it just co-incidence that LCC have extended their hours when you have to pay ? Where are the 350 going to park now ? Did they explore the possibility of helping them make it compliant ? What is the ex-bombsite on one of the main rail approach's to Leeds Station going to become now ? Is it bomb site - commercial rate paying commercial car-park - bomb site again? Do they ever listen to Public Consultation or complaints ? If not why do they go through the process - just to look good ? On the vested interest point will Morrisons now be able to shut down Aldi and Lidl in Leeds on planning technicalities ?
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  3. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    Here's some questions for ramsdenchippy, first is nice & easy & only needs a yes/no answer:
    Do you know the full story behind this?

    Next couple might be a bit harder for him.
    If you do know the full story, why have you only posted a small part of it?
    If you don't, did you consider reading the full story which was published in the YEP?

    I parked in a Bradford city council car park last October or November when I went to the Alhambra and had to pay more in that car park than the evening charge for LCC on-street parking.
  4. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Did you want a third party to pass the message on John? :icon_smile: just making light of your duel, it's interesting Ramsden Chippy, I've a packet of popcorn in front of me.
  5. Although I would never take on your obvious superior intelligence lightly, I am a little surprised by your lack of literacy, have you not seen the link to the YEP story at the top of my post, thats the very report you are asking me if I have read? I ask why are Leeds not able to help this company to be compliant and give them the chance to provide much needed car-parking 'simples'. That depends which car-park in Bradford you parked in, can you remember because you don't appear to remember the month ? I am telling you that it is free parking on Sunday and after 6. As I sad before "not doing' very well are you :D
  6. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    I'll ignore the pathetic attempt at trolling.

    I have to assume that ramsden read the article and understood what he read.
    Just in case he didn't .........
    Elite were refused planning permission 4 years ago. When they appealed the independent planning inspector turned their appeal down.
    Now if ramsden believes that Leeds City Council were planning in 2009 to introduce these parking charges in 2013 and thought that closing this car park would maximize their income 4 years hence and to assist in this recruited the planning inspector then your world is truly amazing.

    As regards the parking in Bradford, I have said that it was a car.park behind the Alhambra. As this is not specific enough for ramsden, IIRC it was next to Omar Kahn's restaurant and the only free parking available was for restaurant customers.
    As its not that rare an occurrence for me to go out, and I have far more important things to remember the exact date slips my mind and is irrelevant to the discussion but why let irrelevance get in the way when you can use it to distract from the lost argument
  7. Stop changing the facts to suit your argument. You told me categorically parking was dearer in Bradford than Leeds. You pick a private car-park in Bradford then tell me its dearer than on street parking in Leeds which is comparing apples and pears. And which may have been October or November you can't remember. Thats when it was free to park on street in Leeds so of course it was cheaper. But you could have parked free in Bradford too if you had been clever enough, and you still can, so how is car-parking dearer in Bradford then? If you want to throw your money about like that then you and LCC are a match in heaven. How can I take you seriously with that drivel. I have not lost any argument here you have not answered one question i have asked in any of my previous posts because you can't. I bet its not a rare occurrence for you to go out I would imagine everyone else is relieved when you do.
  8. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    Where have you got the idea that it was a private car park?

    I thought the conversation had moved on to discussing the closure of the Elite car park but it would seem that now that I have highlighted the facts behind its closure you have moved on to attacking me personally.

    You have tried to tie the closure of this car park into some sort of conspiracy to drive up income for the Council when in fact this closure decision was made well before the on-street parking charges were made and was supported by the independent planning inspector.

    Can you tell me how you can link this closure with the parking charges?
  9. First of all to be told I am "A moaning, Right Wing, drink driver, who you are pleased will not be coming into Leeds" (which is untrue) as you have previously assumed and stated on here, now that is more than one personal attack.

    Secondly you could have parked behind Jacobs Well on the BCC Car-park as I do when I go to The Alhambra which is free and conveinent and you have definitely told me that parking is cheaper in Leeds than Bradford which is untrue. Thinking the conversation has moved on because of your previous mistakes only suits you.

    Thirdly there was much debate about the Elite Car-park (and several others) two years ago when the users then said that it was just a ploy to force workers off a good value private car-park and into more expensive private ones and the Council owned ones. They relented and gave them an extension. There would be nothing to stop them doing that again now, if there is a planning problem as I said they could if they wished help them to comply and save 350 spaces for the City. They have no intention nor will to do this, it may not increase the income for the Council, however I believe it is a typical case of Supply and Demand, LCC are very much in charge of Supply for both private and council. We all know what happens with a Monopoly either private or public.

    Fourthly seeing as parking charges effect Working Class and poor more than the rich, who consider £50 for parking for a night out 'small beer', how come that makes me a right winger who should be working on the Daily Mail.

    And lastly you seem to be in a minority of one on this subject, perhaps the folks on here maybe would think a small charge is ok. But also perhaps they are a bit savvie too, and they have seen the so called Public Consultation, the over zealous enforcement of the streets and the punishment of car owners every time they have a budget short fall regardless of damage done to the City. And just maybe maybe they don't trust these charges to stay 'peppercorn' rates for long. I just don't know where they get this cognitive recognition from do you :D
  10. "Slowly slowly catch the Monkey's"
    The all-day charge at Woodhouse Lane car park will go up to £5.50 from September 1, a rise from £5.

    The hike is expected to rake in a further £50,000 a year in revenues for the authority.

    Woodhouse Lane car park is already expected to make £1.3m this year.

    The daily price was reduced from £8 to £5 in April 2013, partly to counteract the unpopularity of new weekend and evening parking charges for council-managed on-street spaces.
  11. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    So its still £1.50 less than it was in April - can't think of anything else that's 18% cheaper now than it was 5 months ago.
  12. Or you could say they have just put the price up 10% looking at it another way ?

    "Slowly slowly catch the motoring monkey's"
  13. And it was April 2013 not 2014 slowly slowly etc. etc.:)
  14. Oh and it was £2.50 not £1.50 difference since April 2013. What price the Sunday and on street parking being next just as we all said on here ? Slowly slowly ha ha
  15. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    Is it still far cheaper than the peak price of £8?

    There are other car parks that you could use in the City Centre, how do they compare for a full day's parking?
  16. The only people to save money when it was brought down from £8 to £5 were the ones who parked there already. As it was a White Elephant that was just a few people. The ones who started using it when it came down to £5 have had a 10% increase. The success of the car-park when the price was brought down resulting in a £1.3m revenue for LCC proves that reductions in prices works. Because of the "success" of the car-park LCC have now decided to put up the price, they say that any empty spaces caused by customer rejection, because of this rise in price will be paid for by the increase in price.

    What sort of flawed business plan is this? Taken to its extreme then what they want is one car parking in it and paying £1.3m per year for the pleasure, and no costs to them. They are a Public Authority voted in and paid for by us playing and manipulating Supply and Demand to the cost of local businesses.
    Other car-parks are better placed and have better facilities and they are in the Private Sector.
  17. Fastfreddy

    Fastfreddy Well-Known Member

    Personally I cannot see why people flock to any city centre be it Bradford, Leeds or Manchester for that matter. You know that as a motorist you are going to be a big traget. You will be charged as much as the car park operators can get away with, you will be a target for cash raising speed cameras and now bus lane cameras and then to cap it all you will also be the carcass that the traffic wardens will feed on - circling as they do waiting for the clock to tick one minute over time.

    I would urge anyone and everyone not to put up with this and the way to do it is stay away and have a much nicer experience by shopping locally preferably to shops that you can walk to and if you need things not available locally look at where you can go and have a much nicer and less stressful outing.

    If you have plenty of money to give to Leeds Council and the owners of car parks then carry on as you do and put up with the hefty charges, the ocasional parking ticket or camera ticket, the constant checking of the time and ultimately the likleyhood of damage to your car that you left in a space barely big enough for you to open the door and squeeze out without hitting the cars on either side. When you think about all of this isnt White Rose, Junction 32, Meadowhall, Monks Cross, Designer outlet, and places like this a so much nicer proposition.

    And then there is always Amazon.co.uk with free delivery right to your front door.

    Maybe if more people voted with their feet things might change and the people who do make decisions might eventually realise that motorists should be welcomed not despised. Remember these decision makers are the same ones that have over the years just about wrecked Leeds Market with the constant rise in rents and the "hounding out" of traditional stall holders. What a bland sanitised shadow of the once vibrant and historic market it once was.. the market that I have very fond memories of all those years ago before the fire and a few years after it.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2014
  18. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    When we go into town, we're rarely there more than 3 hours and park in the Merrion Centre car park.
    So a 10 mile round trip, so approx £3 diesel & £3 parking - so compare the £6 cost to travelling to the out of town centres and there's no competition.

    What facilities do you expect in a car park?

    I'll ask you again, how do the other car parks compare for a full day's parking?
  19. Gordon Glazebrook

    Gordon Glazebrook New Member

    I don't always agree with you Fastfreddy (as you know!), but I whole heartedly agree with what you say here.
  20. Fastfreddy

    Fastfreddy Well-Known Member

    Thanks Gordon.

    I read somewhere the other week that a minister had actually said that a possible solution to the deserted high streets in some towns and cities was to force supermarkets and retail parks to charge customers for parking. How cocked eyed and so typical of current government thinking to look at a problem and find a solution that involves taking more money from hard pressed families.

    Workplace parking for many of us if you are lucky to have it will be taxable as a benefit in kind soon. A successful experiment in Nottingham paved the way for this further raid on the pocket of the motorist. It would have been inplace already were it not for the desperate ecconomic figures over the last few years but expect it to happen in the first budget following a Tory 2015 victory. I believe Nottingham council were allowed to keep the money raised via a corresponding increase in their government grant.

    Did I say Tory 2015 election victory. I am just off to the bathroom to wash my mouth out with carbolic soap.
  21. What facilities do you expect in a car park?

    I'll ask you again, how do the other car parks compare for a full day's parking?

    Yes you can get full day car-parking at Whitehall Road for £4 a day and some others round town. Oops I forgot they are now shut down.......let me think who shut them down?? oh thats right it was LCC Planning so they could fill up the Woodhouse one I nearly forgot...looks like you did too ha ha

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