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Stop the parking charges

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Leeds Girl, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    I'll ask these questions even thouigh I know I won't get a factually correct response.

    What is the change in number of Council run parking spaces in Leeds over the past 3 years?

    Where have I said I welcomed paying more?
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  3. Well I don't intend doing your research for you, just saying all the extra yellow doubles to enable them to put in this extra charging is pretty obvious. I suppose its as factually correct as "From my experience, the charges have made no difference to the numbers going into town by car"?

    You haven't said you welcome paying more its me that welcomes you paying more :)

    Just been to Chucina in Morley for my Christmas drink free parking I normally go to Leeds. £50 up and counting luv it!!
  4. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    You're the one making spurious assertions and can't back them up.

    Drink-driving as well, that explains a lot.
  5. Thats also a spurious assertion went on the bus with the pass, oh dear your not doing very well are you :D
  6. Did I say it was alcohol ? Don't think so !
  7. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    I'm doing just fine.

    I'm just glad you didn't go into Leeds.
  8. Merry Christmas :xmassmile: come on you moaner it won't hurt you, you know :biggrin:
  9. Bl**dy hell wrong again. I am in Leeds I live here ! Been here for 64 weary years long enough to spot a LCC rip-off from 6 miles away.

    Don't worry it was 1975 when I last paid at the Merrion Centre Car Park, I think it was to go to Cinderella Rockafella's ! We are certainly not likely to bump into each other well not at the pay barrier anyway :D
  10. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    Thought you lived in Morley (that assumption from an earlier post on this thread, no doubt you'll correct me if I'm wrong) - in which case you're out of step with a lot of Morlians (or whatever residents of Morley are called)
  11. Yep they call themselves 'Morley Independents' hate Leeds. But its wrong to assume everyone thinks like that. They like to think the place still has 32 Mills and that everyone wants to be alone. Thats not the case most people work in Leeds and thats where the money comes from and where we pay rates to. Some of us like to be part of the bigger picture. Nothing they enjoyed more than when it was a hung Council and they had the casting votes, they got the local Mayor as Leeds Lord Mayor, if they had been able to continue they really would have given the rest of you some pain. They would like to stick parking charges up here but I think Morrisons have their measure, big money calls the tune for us all.
  12. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    I did say a lot not all.

    They're certainly a very strange bunch - ex-Labour & ex-Tories.
  13. Oh we can agree there John. Some have potted history that I could not put on here for legal reasons but worth a look up! Its a strange place to be if you like Leeds, they claim the White Rose because its in the boundary, and the Management down there play a bit of 'ball' with them, but its crushed the town centre really.
  14. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    If you mean how one of them became ex-labour, I know the story.

    You can practically walk to the White Rose from most of Morley & Bristall's not much further - its no wonder the Town Centre is dying.
  15. Yeah fiddling while it burns. Fair game for any new houses, extended traveller sites, motorways. I can understand how the UDI thrives but it effects other places too without all the who ha. Always worth a trip up here on St Georges Day thats if they will let you through border control !
  16. Captain Caveman

    Captain Caveman New Member

    I have been into Leeds every night since Christmas Eve due to my mother been rushed into hospital, I have noticed how quiet Leeds has been, well done LCC not only are you charging hospital visitors a fortune but you have done a great job on keeping people out of Leeds with your excessive parking charges.
  17. marshallcatering

    marshallcatering New Member

    As a business that has to park up outside all kinds of businesses throughout the week i think its shocking how much we are forced to pay each day for a short stay. Sign away people!
  18. LCC have shut down Elite Car Park on Whitehall Road despite Public outcry. Thats another 350 spaces they have got rid of as well as the ones caused by changing single yellows to double yellows over the last couple of months. Pretty good when you can use the power we invest in them to get rid of the competition and force people into having you use their spaces. And they talk about Public Consultation !
  19. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

    I wonder why ramsdenchippy hasn't put the full story......oh silly.....the full story doesn't fit his agenda.
    He'd do well as a journo on a paper like the Daily Mail.....just state a partial truth and make it fit your particular line and to hell with the full story that puts the whole thing into context.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2014
  20. Spying Eye

    Spying Eye New Member

    Personally I just go to the White Rose...
  21. Oh sorry John oh master of all intellect. They could have renewed the lease had they wished but why not knock out another 350 spaces, and force people into our spaces. Don't forget "Slowly slowly catch the monkeys" its started price increase on Sundays and evenings coming soon. Speaking of part truths you told me Bradford was dearer ? Sundays and after 6 still free ? Think your are a Council Troll tbh.

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