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So, "Black Friday" good for bargains or another sign of moral decay?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by MrTempleDene, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    Gor you have changed your mimd some but I will agree. Yes
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  3. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    Poop one of you yanks started it
  4. buck

    buck Member

    While I don't realy think you intended to be insulting, some of the things you remarked about were not too kind to us. Of course our two societies are different, we enjoy different things Americans love a parade. They have them at Easter, Memorial day, Independence Day, St Patricks, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Roses Day, We have firemen's day as well. You have mighty ones ,incredible pageants which far and away make ours look amateurish by comparison. We enjoy yours and are quick to congratulte you. I don't know what your responses are to ours, but I can imagine the noses turn up as only a British nose can. You have vastly superior TV to us. DCI Banks is the best cop show on TV, but we have plenty of choices too, good enough to enjoy an evening at home. The Deadliest Catch has no equal on British TV, raw and real. There others like it set in the Great White North like Ice Road Truckers. You probably have never watched American football, but many British people do. Its fun to watch with a lot of scoring which a lot of Americans like. The ultimate for scoring is Basketball which can go over 100 points a side in the pro ranks, immensely popular. You can take your kids to a game of either of those sports or Ice Hockey, or baseball in perfect safety. Can you say that about your football games. I hope that has changed for the better, but hooliganism was killing people over there.
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  5. buck

    buck Member

    It was started by Fast Freddy , who is one of yours. Read the whole thread.
  6. jar ed

    jar ed Member

    The implication by Fast Fred was that because shoppers acted like hooligans in British stores on their equivalent of Black Friday then it must have somehow been America's fault. Then of course there were the usual derogatory remarks to follow.

    Do we blame the Germans if Americans get drunk and out of hand at one of our German style Oktoberfests which are very popular in the US as you know?

    Do we accuse the Germans of undermining our culture and American way of life and customs and as another sign of our moral decay?

    I try to understand where many forum members are coming from when they submit a post but sometimes it's just beyond comprehension :icon_lol: :icon_lol:
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2015
  7. buck

    buck Member

    I guess by Freddy's reasoning we have a right to accuse Germany , Italy, Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Poland, Russia, The whole West Indies, China, Japan, Korea, Greece, India, Israel of influencing our culture. Did I miss anybody important?
  8. jar ed

    jar ed Member

    You did buck..... Mexico. Here in the southwest Mexican culture, customs and celebrations are very much a part of the scene.

    I guess I'll have to stop going to their fiestas in case I'm contributing to moral decay :biggrin: Too bad though. I'll miss the Corona beer and Margaritas
  9. buck

    buck Member

    I can't believe I missed Mexico. In your part of the world, their influence is way over that from Europe. They are a long way from us, but Puerto Rica and Cuba aren't, and I like rum.
  10. buck

    buck Member

    I can't believe anybody in the world still watches Dynasty. WE were the last people who still watched Are you being served. Some fools here still watch Top Gear!
  11. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    Yes it is still on some channels as is Are you being served and a lot of others. I don't watch Dynasty though as is just rubbish.

  12. jar ed

    jar ed Member

    Funniest Brit comedy I thought was "Keeping up appearances"

    I think every guy in existence must have a sneaky subconscious wish to be like Onslow... if they had the nerve that is.
  13. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    That still is on sometimes on Drama channel20 over here as well as the Last of the Summer Wine( which was brilliant) and Birds of a Feather The funniest Keeping up Appearences I saw was when Hyacynth got drunk on home made wine. Lots of British comedy shoes were excellent. Only Fools and Horses used to have me in stitches.
  14. jar ed

    jar ed Member

    The episode I liked best was the one where Hyacinth and Richard rented a boat for a day out on the river

    Thought Rowan Atkin's Black Adder very funny also

    The Irish comedy "Father Ted" Hilarious

    Can't beat a good British comedy
  15. Leeds Girl

    Leeds Girl Member

    Faulty Towers and Porridge. Class!
  16. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    Faulty Towers was a classic. Brill comedyand I loved how the sign changed every episode and only 12 made.
  17. jar ed

    jar ed Member

    Fawlty Towers.... brilliant ! Porridge I never saw

    My wife met John Cleese a few years back when he paid a visit to her work.

    There's an old fashioned Menswear store in the town centre where I live.

    I sometimes pass it by and imagine mister Humphreys within "measuring an inside leg" or mister Granger snoozing behind the counter.

    Are you being served ? was priceless

    One comedy I never much cared for was the one with Judy Dench who met her old love from many years before and they moved in together. I think it was called "As time goes by"

    Never could get much into "East Enders" either

    One of the great series from years ago was "Upstairs and downstairs" and now we have "Downton Abbey" which I think is "upstairs and downstairs" but with steroids :icon_smile:
  18. aej1

    aej1 Active Member

    Downtown Abbey is as drab as the name suggests. Watched 5 mins of it and totally bored.Yes are you being served was good especailly with some of the promos . BBC 2 do sometimes re run them and itv3 are re running Rising Damp and On The busses.
  19. buck

    buck Member

    Only fools and horses was brilliant. I catch up on youtube some of the clsassic comedies from way back. Steptoe and Son, the Army game, likely lads, Fawlty Towers. I must admit American comedy doesn't equal Uk, though I used to enjoy Laughin, Carol Burnet, and Mash. That is showing how old and decrepit I am.:icon_smile:
  20. jar ed

    jar ed Member

    You should watch at least one full episode. I find it interesting from a historical point of view. It was a time when the landed rich aristocracy were in the twilight years of their glory just before the Labour Party came to power and almost wiped them out financially.

    It's also interesting to see how people lived back then, to study a class of society who never had to do a day's work in their lives, sat around socializing in big lavishly furnished and decorated drawing rooms and had everything done for them even to the point of being assisted to dress

    By that time such people were gone in Russia, France and Germany
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2015
  21. jar ed

    jar ed Member

    Have you been watching "Outlander" ? New season starts April.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2015

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