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Shipley is so full of crap...

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Hairyloon, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Staypuff

    Staypuff Active Member

    No but they're almost entirely human
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  3. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    He claimed he did it because he was worried that parking fees for the disabled would go up to compensate for the loss of revenue from free parking for carers, I don't believe him, if he was worried then he could have proposed a solution rather than just blowing the whole thing out of parliament.
  4. tome

    tome Active Member

    Disabled park free in hospital car parks if displaying Blue Badge, which makes the varmint's rubbish argument redundant. No way can hospitals charge Blue Badge holders for parking.

    This practice of allowing MPs to speak against an opposition bill reading should be time limited.
  5. GregB

    GregB Active Member

    They don't charge in Leeds but some places still do. Even where they don't some hospitals I've been to have signs saying that Blue Badge holders only get free parking if they are in a designated disabled space, which do tend to fill up really quickly.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2015
  6. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    Who is voting for him? Is it the Baildon vote?
  7. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    Mr Davies is also the MP who said that the disabled should work for less than the minimum wage. His father is the former mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Davies_(politician)

    As to who's voting for him, my own (potentially unreliable) anecdotal evidence suggests it's fairly well-off, middle-class, middle-aged people with grown-up kids, and they think they're never going to get ill/old/disabled/poor, etc., and don't really give a **** if other people do.
  8. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    Official figures suggest that it is the people of Shipley.
  9. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    And Baildon, and Bingley.

    It's the only Tory-held constituency in West Yorkshire, apparently. And it was held by Marcus Fox for 27 years. He wasn't exactly on the left of the Conservative Party, so maybe we shouldn't be overly surprised that Mr Davies does so well there.
  10. eggle

    eggle Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Fred The Oyster
    Keighley and Ilkley is tory (capital letters not needed here!!) - Kris Hopkins - he of Hopkin's Hole in Bradford when he was leader of the council following in the footsteps of his hero Eric Pickles who was such a good advert for localised politics when he was leader!!
  11. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    For clarity I was referring to the parliamentary constituency of Shipley, which I don't think is precisely the same as the town.
    I am yet to find a decent resource properly showing constituency boundaries. :(
  12. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

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  13. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

  14. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

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  15. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    You're welcome.

    I used to share a house with a web-hosting expert. One of his favourite sayings was "It's all out there: you just have to know how to find it". As a general rule of thumb, it's not bad at all.
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  16. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    I had a mate at Uni who said "the best way to find something out is to ask someone who knows"... ;)
  17. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    That also works very well I reckon, if you trust your source.
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  18. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    It also works fairly well if you know how much to distrust your source.
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  19. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    Aye, it does. That's how information literacy works.
  20. tome

    tome Active Member

    ...and Gubmint is so full of crap.

    Alistair Burt: Conservative Health Minister Filibusters Off-Patent Drugs Bill
    The care and support minister prevented the bill from reaching a vote Friday. Supporters of the bill said it would have made drugs more available and cheaper for the National Health Service.

    Psycopath in the pocket of big pharma.
  21. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    I am not familiar with Gubmint. :?
    I'm aware of Mr Burt's conduct, but I considered that North East Bedfordshire was a bit off our turf, whereas Shipley is right next door...

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