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Sheesham & Lotus & Son - HEART Headingley 9/11/16

Discussion in 'Music Chat' started by wallum, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. wallum

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    Famously referred to as “Mississippi Sheiks meet Doctor Seuss as curated by HG Wells” Sheesham and Lotus and ‘Son have created a sonic and visual presentation of old time high stepping music which is completely unique. Fiddle, Banjo and Sousaphone make up the core of this outfit, complimented by Contrabass-Harmoniphonium, Harmonicas, and Jaw Harps, Bones and BuckDance, with great sibling harmonies.
    The show has it’s roots in the Vaudeville and Juke Joints of the American South, where Mississippi Riverfolk meet the Appalachian Highlanders; the blues meet he fiddle tunes with a rollicking and full flamed conviviality one might consider outrageous!

    Lovely sepia tinted music - I love it! - 'Whispering' Bob Harris

    Wondrous old time stylists. A modern day Mississippi Sheiks! - fRoots

    The auditorium was packed, and there was so much applause at the end of the first set, it was like the crowd wanted an encore at the intermission – amazing! – Rudie Humphrey, AmericanaUK

    The first Americana band in a long time that’s really made me sit up and pay attention – Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC Radio 3

    Truly they are The New Kings Of Old Time – Peter Cowley, Fatea magazine (UK)

    With special guests:
    Mr CD Wallum & His Ten a Penny Footwarmers and
    The Beulah String Band

    with intermission music from Mr CD Wallum, DJ'ing 78rpm shellac records on original 1920s portable wind up gramophones.

    Tickets £11 from http://www.heartcentre.org.uk/whats-on/event-details…


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