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Scottish referendum

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Derc, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Gordon Glazebrook

    Gordon Glazebrook New Member

    I wouldn't answer it Thistle 'cos I enjoy reading this page and don't want anybody to disappear!!:icon_lol::icon_lol:
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  3. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    Wuidnae make me dissapear Gordon but hey i do like how you realise such

    least yer man enough tae admit the Scots are Brits No 1 :nod: :icon_smile:
  4. Gordon Glazebrook

    Gordon Glazebrook New Member

    Hey, hang on a minute! I didn't say Scots were No 1, how can they be when Yorkshiremen hold that elite position??
  5. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    :hey: were tops as yet and planning tae tak oe'r Yorkieland

    thats why :icon_eek: :icon_smile: only joking ^^ :)
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  6. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    There is nothing to choose between any of the UK there are a few fanatical arses no matter where you go, but thankfully the majority are ok, I'm in the ok league before anyone jumps on the bandwagon lol,
  7. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    Beware a long post folks :icon_smile:

    Some of my experiences when in Manchester without checking over ive typed regards such ..

    I guess your right in such as i certainly treat all the same way no matter where from
    i was in Manchester way back in 1980 and had hassle from some Numpty
    when with my older brother and only because we were Scottish and nothing else
    this guy asked if we were from Glasgow which we arent but so what if we were ?

    As many decent Glasgow folks also from Glasgow
    as their are Manchester and Leeds etc also

    Anyhow brother sais not Glasgow but Fife and then that numpty then asks
    are you Celtic or Rangers and just to keep the peace he sais the local team in Fife
    and next thing this guy goes back to his m8tes at the bar approx 6/7 of them
    and then few mins after he is back over again most probs sent over
    and repeating same Qs he already had asked just beforehand
    i was seated at the table with my older brother when he then sais are you into boxing
    this to my brother and my brother sais No ..he then sais he was and my brother sais ok then
    maybe you should put the gloves on and make a bit of money from such as a Sport

    that local Mancunian then asked my brother into the toilets
    thats when i sais wait a minute and sais to him anything you say
    then say here in front of everyone
    i then sais whilst still seated as a matter eh fact i sais to him
    you have sais enough already so do you mind and leave us in peace
    i expected a swing of sorts in which this so called boxer whom was just a trouble making idiot
    and i avoided his swing by a country mile lol
    I then knocked him to the floor whilst all his m8tes came running over
    to lay the boot into myself but although i managed to scramble away with only a cut eyebrow
    i walked down the stairs into the lounge and mentioned to guy behind bar
    what had just been happening up stairs regards this guy looking for trouble
    whilst i mentioned his name to bar man ..anyhow barman sais to us he is a trouble maker
    i sais then why allow him into your premises the barman sais he doesnt own the hotel
    but only works there and that its most probably because that guy and his family all drink in the hotel and are quite a number of them and he then advised us both to leave

    as we were about to leave that guy came down stairs for more and so i just rattled his cage
    and left him on the lounge floor this time not to get up so easily
    and only used my fists

    Meanwhile i then left only to go back the very nxt day on my own
    was young them days and didnt care a hoot for them or anyone them days
    though bothered no one
    went back into bar Sunday the following afternoon and asked for a beer
    was served by young lass behind bar then i went took a seat
    after say 10 mins this man comes over sits opposite me leaving his friends
    at table nearbye and sais to me " Once you finish your drink id like to ask you to leave the premises
    i sais fine i shall do ..but before i do id like to put you right regards last night Sat night
    I sais that guy in Q / i sais he had been constantly over at me and my brother on several ocassions looking for mischief and my brother tried his best to get away from such
    as we were at the time in Manchester looking for work

    Anyhow this guy kept coming over and saying as mentioned way above
    basically was looking for trouble and only when he then asked my brother into toilet was when i told him he has sais enough and then he took a punch at me
    as i was seated at table and i only stood up for myself
    And i sais to this manager then seated at my table just myself and him
    he never again opened his mouth once as i told him we have been in your hotel for nearing 3 mths now without anything happen and fact is some of the locals were fine with
    and one in particular without naming names had sais to me after i seen him that guy deserved such and he had started everything that Sat night in your hotel

    I sais to Manager what would you do if you were say with your brother
    in a strange city in Scotland and had some Numpty over at you looking only for mischief
    and only because you were English ..not nice isnt it and trying to talk yourself out from such
    and then him asking your brother into the toilets
    i sais you wouldnt like such id doubt and when this nutter then takes a swing at you
    would you not protect yourself ..the Manager did not answer me and then left my table
    and went sat with his co-habs

    Anyhow i did leave 10 mins or so afterwards and never went back again
    ive been in Manchester since but that hotel although i never went back
    i heard from some locals its now well closed down and a car warehouse last i heard
    in Chorlton cum hardy which i remember was 1 mile from Stretford and Man Utd football ground

    Anyhow also was shouted at by a young girl whom i havent a clue whom she was in a bar after leaving bar i heard her shout your Scottish better get away from here or you shall get your face smashed in ..i ignored such but watched as i walked on the way i was heading that i wasnt being followed --> but again i was only standing quietly and mustve only been heard asking for a beer before i left that bar

    Also when in a chippy guy at back of shop was busy he seemed to be
    i waited for 10 mins waiting for him to arrive at counter and was only person
    in that chip shop ..anyhow i decided shout over excuse me and was ignored
    shouts over again louder for him to hear me excuse me to try get served
    then ignored again and then 3 guys walk in and this fecker i mentioned further
    behind counter then arrives at counter and serves all 3 of them and walks away leaving me standing like a spare prick at counter .. i felt like jumping that counter and wrapping the fish
    around his face but decided to walk away

    Also when on a bus when not too sure where my hotel was which i had booked when on bus
    i showed driver the hotel card and asks him you be able tell me where this is showing him the card details ..he then sais yes sit down and he would give me a shout when there
    he sais approx a 15 min short journey
    anyhow i was sitting for approx 10 mins and then decide to ask guy and his girlfriend
    seated in front of me excuse me i say but do you know where this hotel is showing my card
    to this guy ..he sais ye m8 you shouldve got off back there a mile back and he sais the driver knows where that is ..and so i thanked the guy and walked to front of bus and when driver carried
    on for a bit he then stops bus at nxt stop
    i sais thought you were going to tell me where to get off bus then he smirked at me
    i then told him what i thought of him as i then stepped of bus

    Also when i was in a hotel for a dinner i checked over the menu
    then told girl what i wanted and sais ill sit at table say 24 and she sais fine
    be ready soon ..i went to toilet and was followed inside by some guy
    whom asked me are you from Glasgow <-- again after all these yrs
    wasnt that same guy either lol ..i much older now thought what the heck
    is all this about ..anyhow No then are you Celtic or Rangers again No
    he then goes to shake my hand and i think should i tell this fecker to get lost
    or what as this act was all fake this shaking hands stuff after asking such

    Anyhow i decide to be cool as i am and shook the guys hand then left toilets
    as i was walking past his table then his friend shouted over towards me
    away you go you Scottish B-----d ..I never have in my life spoken to or seen these guysin my life ..the guy from toilet whom walked out after myself i heard say to his m8 what you say that for as he's ok and isnt from Glasgow
    doesnt support rangers or celtic lol ..but crazy as so what if i do support
    celtic or rangers and from Glasgow as does this give the right for some Numpties to cause trouble ? i dont think its right and not to mention the girl whom stole my mobile fone when there also
    and the foreign female whom tried to steal a wallet from me from inside my jacket pocket
    on a street but i aint silly enough to carry a wallet when out and she was sent quickly on her way
    wasnt nice of local girl whom stole my mobile fone which had pics in i cant get back again though

    And since ive been in Edinburgh and seen the odd guy from Manchester but hey id never take that crap out off a stranger because he's from Manchester and only speak nice towards anyone
    be it Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow Where ever in life
    as life is to short for idiotic nutters and hey ive met a gd few inc here also in Scotland
    life should be about getting along with people and not silly stuff like > Oh are you from Scotland
    and are you from such a city etc lol .. get a life i say to these types and what it is i reckon
    is they need to get off their arses and travel a little and get away out from their own area
    for a wee change as many folks young men get boored staying in their own area
    constantly as a break away for a wkend does folks well ..London also one time
    again because of accent and went there for 2 wks in 1979 and came back on our 3rd day
    only yrs later went back for a job Interview in which i did receive word to start
    they also payed my fares there and back from Scotland but i happened to find a job in Scotland
    and so foned to say such because after my job Interview i went into a nearbye bar
    thought id check the locals out and not young folks but 3 older men i spoke with
    and one sais his very 1st words were Scotland ..you would be best to go back to Scotland
    now as something may happen to you ..then he sais a few secs after sais If you come back
    then head for the conservative club <-- i thought what the fecks this all about
    London id rather forget existed to be honest ..Manchester also ..
    have to say here likes that one guy in London bit the dust chippy and ye in a chippy
    at that way back
    Only been Leeds once and had no hassle regards my accent
    apart from a little banter which is fine likes ..in Newcastle had such once

    So us Scots do take a lotta crap when in England often ive seen such
    and ive never personally seen any English guys get trouble when in Scotland
    and that must only be because were a better kinda people -> As chippy whas like us :)
    Last edited: May 20, 2013
  8. Gordon Glazebrook

    Gordon Glazebrook New Member

    Not happy with that remark Annoyed!
    I'm Yorkshire, proud of it, but I draw the line at "fanatical arse"!!
  9. So us Scots do take a lotta crap when in England often ive seen such
    and ive never personally seen any English guys get trouble when in Scotland .

    I was once in a pub called Deacon Brody I think it was in Edinburgh. The football championships were on and it was England v Italy. My mate was from York we got to the bar and all we could hear from the hoardes was "Cumon Itaaly, kill them sasenachs". We immediatly ordered "Two pints o heavy ouch aye the ono, cumon Itaaly!!".

    A nice little rouse was for the Edinburgh Taxi Drivers at night time, when the English has a few drinks was to give a Scottish Pound Note to the English instead of a Fiver because they knew we had switched to pound coins and thought the lowest note was a Fiver!

    Went to Mr Singhs Indian Restaurant one night in Glasgow, my colleague said he would like a really strong curry. The Indian waiter said in a broad Scottish accent "Youse a sasenach?". When it arrived it was stripping the paint off the table, think it would have killed him had he been able to finish it.
  10. thistle

    thistle Registered User


    I reckon you havent been out of Leeds in yer entire life laddie

    and hey maybe you were one of the guys in the audience clapping me whilst
    i sang to many of you guys when last i was in Leeds :banana:
    Last edited: May 20, 2013
  11. Yes of course Thistle everything you say is absolutely true. I personally believe everything you say on here. You are most intelligent, handsome, all knowing. We are just peasant Yorkshire people our County is so subservient to your Country, you will be very rich. We are just grateful to your majesties for providing us with oil, Salmon and whiskey, we will be forever grateful and pay through our noses for the privilege. I can only apologise for our even poorer and less intelligent Lancashire cousins for treating you so badly and hurting your feelings. They are worse than us and though I have only travelled no further than Morley in my 62 years they have travelled even less, so please forgive them, they will love you when you are rich as will we.
  12. thistle

    thistle Registered User


    You spell it Whisky without the letter "e" in Bonnie Scotland just to put ye

    richt laddie unlike in the Usa and ireland whom both make 2nd rate Whiskey

    in Scotland Malt Whisky is the No 1 Whisky in which the Japs the Chinks
    the Americans the Canadians , the New Zelanders and other Countries

    love the Malt and only Bonnie Scotland make such laddie ..

    Now as fir Mancs hurting feelings i never mentioned about leaving that guy
    to the Ambulance crew to see to him as they arrived at that so called
    yes namely Seymour Hotel in Chorlton :D
    but the good thing which im well sure off is that he shall well maybe think
    2wice again afore he tries to lay a hand on a Bonnie Scot again
    thats fir sure ..meantime have a guid day laddie and hey how you
    love the Scottish Saltire flag wave and soon the Union flags
    in Scotland shall be taken down for this Iconic Saltire to fly alone
    in peaceful wealthy surroundings as oe'r neighbours in the South
    sweat it out with paying Bedroom tax and also paying fir Prescriptions
    actually i am sure youse do the noo :D we dont :icon_lol:
    Tv License fee in Bonnie Scotland shall also not be whilst youse
    pay fir such ..noo hiv a nice day chippy -> NOT :D
  13. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    And coming tae hink aboot it ma late-father fought in the 2nd World war

    whilst in the Royal Navy fighting fir the likes of you

    Was it worth such --> most certainly "NOT" and hey id tell your prime minister

    such to his face that it wasnt worth a jot ..
  14. Sir apologies for my mistake. I did used to prefer Bushmills, and Kentucky but since seeing your unbiased and expert report I will change immediately. Unfortunately my father only fought through D-Day across France, Belgium The Netherlands and Germany, and with English troops as you say being massively inferior to the Tartan Troops he would not be fit to wipe your Dad's sporran. And can understand your dislike of Japanese, Americans, Chinese. Even though i have never had a problem with them before and with never travelling anywhere I will try harder to hate them as much as you do.
  15. Gordon Glazebrook

    Gordon Glazebrook New Member

    Anybody who served in the Navy (Royal or Merchant) during the war deserves a medal!
    Never really appreciated.
    Likewise for all the ones who served in the Army and Air Force, their contribution is also underated (to put it mildly!).
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  16. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    Chippy yer one fake of a laddie

    Just because i mentioned about my late father in the war
    when on the Russian Convoys etc
    then later you think up some fibs as you do
    your just one of the old block i reckon laddie and Pinnochio has nothing on you :D

    As fir Ireland and Whisky they have how many Distilleries 2 and Americans well lets say
    they both try and its America whom buys most of Scotlands Whiskies World Wide
    with China 2nd .. As for not liking these nations Oh you say such because i said Chinkys
    and Japs etc its way i have always called them and always shall but has nothing at all
    about hatred of any of these nations ..I get called a Jock but thats not my name
    and hey i dont take offence to such same as Paddys being irish or taffy being Welsh
    i dont think they tke offence so why Japs or chinkys and i dont think they do either
    its only you Pinnochio taking offence :icon-lol: now offski with ye laddie :D

    Scotland on other hand have approx 16 Distilleries because its a very busy Industry
    having to send out so many of our World renowned Malts to the World
    its actually Scotlands No 1 Export Worldwide .. so Haste ye back Chippy erm Pinnochio :icon_lol:

    Meanwhile Gordon i agree with your sentiments above :nod: :icon_smile:
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  17. thistle

    thistle Registered User

  18. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    then Gordon you must be in the ok camp I take it, I said a few not everyone, My Father was Scots there were 13 kids in his family they came to Leeds when their house was bombed and could not get help from their own council in Edinburgh or MPs, they were separated among relatives, their older sister came to Leeds with a couple of them they were housed by Leeds council in a large house near the infirmary knowing she was to bring her mother her brothers and sister down, One stayed in Scotland an older brother, after a while one went to Weymouth the others except for 2 of them married English women, and settled in Leeds there are now around a thousand of us obviously under different names because of the females in the family marrying English and Irish and other nationalities, our families have not been discriminated against although we have met with problems its never been discriminate,
    England is our home as is Scotland we are loyal to both and that means were British and proud of it, our support is for a united Scotland Ireland Wales and England We have been like a family for hundreds of years and everyone has prospered from each other in different ways, yes you get your fanatics everywhere fed by hatred from previous fanatics people who have not grown up and educated themselves to break away from that trend, We all signed a pact hundred of years ago which brought peace and stabilisation to all the UK, we became a united family being there for each other staying together as a family should, Alas now there are those who think because they are fed crap by the politicians they are treat badly, not true there may be short comings here and there but that happens everywhere, England has in the past looked after the Scottish people as they did with us, and in the old days many Scots fled to England and elsewhere when the Scottish Lairds decided to throw the crofters off their lands, poverty was strife in Scotland but they sought the generosity of the south for their work so they could feed the mouths of their families; there were no complaints then, What the scots should be doing is learning their history and what happened in the past when there own people were slaughtering each other in clan feuds, the UK treaty put a stop to that and people became more equal, It may not be as everyone likes but things never are all we can do is to stay united and strive for better, Another thing has arisen all this selfish talk about oil, the Shetlanders are not very pleased with Alex Salmon saying that because there are too few of them there voice wont count if they were to seek independence from Scotland? Why has he said this? because of course the oil the Shetlanders would be the ones who would be the most better taking nearly a third of the oilfields thus leaving Scotland a very poor neighbour, if Scotland can seek independence then so should the Shetlanders be able to do the same after all the same situation arises they were once independent of Scotland, the Shetlands are made up of 15 islands with 22,400 or so inhabitants (see quote from Wikipedia; Humans have lived there since the Mesolithic period, and the earliest written references to the islands date back to Roman times. The early historic period was dominated by Scandinavian influences, especially Norway, whom they are nearest to and the islands did not become part of Scotland until the 15th century. When Shetland became part of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707, trade with northern Europe decreased. Fishing has continued to be an important aspect of the economy up to the present day. The discovery of North Sea oil in the 1970s significantly boosted Shetland incomes, employment and public sector revenues.
    The Shetlanders would be most likely to stay in the UK if Scotland lost its yes vote, What would the ordinary Scot do or think if they knew all the complications a split could cause,
    I believe that at the root of it all is selfishness and greed and foolish people not thinking for themselves letting themselves be led by the nose of the fanatics with no thought of all past loyalties, I repeat all this separating can lead to even more fragmentation of Scotland, the SNP is like a family member betraying its own just to benefit from greed, but that greed and betrayal could lead to its own downfall.
    (motto) United we stand divided we fall.
  19. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    The Land Of Whisky Scotland VV which has over 100 Distilleries
    for a small Country we would be very rich going it alone :icon_smile:

    and with our Oil in Scotland which is Scotlands Oil on Scottish soil
    as David Cameron realises when he was in Scotland and was so trying
    to get his mge across that England and the rest of the UK need
    Scotland because in his words Scotland he admitted gives out much
    more than it takes in with the moneys made from both our Oil and Whisky

    he Cameron aknowledged such and is the sole reason he wants Scotland
    to stay British so now why does he want Scotland to stay British ?
    simply because he knows England would be a 3rd World country
    inside a few yrs if Scotland go it alone and so makes sense for him to want such
    dont you agree --> Freedom :icon_smile:
    And by the way annoyed Scotlands Oil is mainly in Aberdeen

    But seriously here check out this serious discussion from an Edinburgh Historian Professor
    and with the headlines Free Scotland without any bias a true straight speach

    He sais nowadays we do not have the British Empire so thats gone
    and one time Scotland and England were joined by 3 mutual interests since the Union was signed
    he sais "Times now have Changed" as they now have gone
    being 1/ The Monarchy 2/ Defence and 3 / Religion

    This is a serious discussion about such from a guy whom knows what he is talking about
    sorry Chippy not your fault :D

    thing is this was taken in 1999 and much has changed for the worse with still being ruled by Westminster now torys whom we never vote for and our only way out from tory rule
    or now even Labour rule as Labour we see now as not the Labour of old
    and our only and best way is by voting for Independance
    as we'd be we certainly believe a rich wee Country
    and also would if such happenes for the worse rather fall by our own sword
    than from Westminster rule and it cant get worse than now
    because the policies out now are terrible and also no jobs for young people
    and also on top we have the torys bedroom tax upon the poor and other
    policies out in which hit the poor in our Country and so we cant lose
    voting for an Independant Scotland ..

    Link vv skip 5 seconds of advert regarding Scotland and England and the act of Union etc


    Link below skip 5 secs from advert and you shall see how Whisky
    is the Land of Scotland by both an American and Scottish Narrator ..

    Last edited: May 20, 2013
  20. Again I apologise for my fathers War Record what he told me and what was written on his War Record is so evidently wrong. Many is the time he said I wish we had not had these mamby pamby English troops on either side of us I would trade them in for just one Regiment of Scots with their kilts and the drone of them there pipes, even better if we had just one Scottish sailor like the ones who took on the convoys all by themselves not like us poor untrained uneducated dog solders. Again Thistle I take my hat off to you you are so so right again.
  21. Oh great mighty leader of the North I am too humble to suggest that you are racist, just because you said you should have known better than to stay at an Asian bed and breakfast in Dewsbury. If you tell me that the words Jap, Yank, Chink, Paddy and all the other well thought out Gems you have come out with on here over the last 3 months are appreciated by those races then who am I a poor little Englander to doubt you. You are correct again oh marvellous one. Is there any chance you can make your posts a little longer, and even more repetitive I for one just can't get enough of them. Thank-you.

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