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Scottish referendum

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Derc, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Place a cross in brackets to indicate your preference

    Y'up firrit ?
    Mibbe's Aye, Mibbe's Naw.......................................(.......)
    Who's askin'?.......................................................(........)

    Over all, quite neutral, ... I think
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  3. halliclone

    halliclone New Member

    Perhaps the question needs to be made clearer for them?
  4. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Auchter muchtey, ken, aye the noo, (tha naws)
  5. Derc

    Derc New Member

    :bawling: Arguing till they're blue in the face might help.
  6. Derc

    Derc New Member

  7. Carabansity

    Carabansity New Member

    I though I would use this thread to say how much I truely detest the film Braveheart. It seems to be at the vanguard of a new nationalistic movement within Scotland despite being so utterly wrong on almost every count. Filmed in Ireland by an Australian who wants to be an American and has a real chip on his shoulder about the English. It portrays an educated French speaking lowland nobleman of good birth as a tartan wearing, woad painted (woad went out of fashion 1000 years before) highlander. I could go on but I think I have enough off my chest for now :)

    Scotland joined an economic and legal Union with England because it was bankrupt (after the Darian Adventure), if it breaks the Union I personally think it will be bankrupt again within 20 years as all the money the SNP think they will have comes from dwindling supplies of oil. It will be quicker if Shetland and Orkney say hands off our oil and join Norway.
  8. Mexico75

    Mexico75 Active Member

    They should let England have a vote too, I guarantee Scotland would be independent the next day if we got to vote on it. Makes me laugh that they seriously think we'll let them have the North Sea oil.
  9. dervish99

    dervish99 A Mod not a Rocker

    I like the way Alex Salmon is happy to alienate 50,000 of his voters by insiting they get rid of the nukes at Faslane, if the nukes move south they will all be unemployed.
  10. annoyed

    annoyed New Member

    A union put in peril by a handful of morons seeking attention and votes, the old fashioned backward thinking of 300 years ago, those days are gone and the union has been strong until now, but no thanks to the snp dredging the bottom of the barrel trying to get the weak minded to think their way, of we will be better off on our own the union is put in jeopardy, I really hope the most intelligent minded people of Scotland can dissuade the poor lemmings to alter their course before they finally fall off the cliff, for those who don't understand a lemming is a creature that does not think and follows another because it believes the leader knows what it is doing, only the leader does not know what it is doing and finally runs in the face of danger and then over the cliff to meet a nasty end, Britain is so intertwined now by the fact there are more scots living in England Ireland Wales than there is in Scotland and there happy to have it just the way it is, they have English welsh and Irish families who are proud to call themselves British, they are proud to be all the above and do not want to choose between am I Scots or am I any of the above they want to be as one British, how can this be when a handful of morons are driving a wedge between us its like saying choose be Scottish or English etc.
    yes I am of part of a large family English and Scottish parents I am proud to be British to be part Scottish and English and I want this to continue our countries have been a family for three hundred years and we have prospered from each other immensely why change for what sane reason is there to bring about all this insecurity, there are plenty of insane ones, The lemmings do not know what downfalls there will be if they go ahead with this tomfoolery, What happens when the oil runs out, and you cant live on the oil alone you need industry and other outlets to survive, you will have to pay to be in E.U. it will cost billions, you may have to give up the pound, in the news [Scotland may have to join euro or create new currency if first minister fails to accept Treasury's terms for joining sterling.] I don't think the rest of Britain will except sharing the same revenue in case the Scottish economy takes a dive otherwise it would reflect on them and who in their right mind will support someone that is not even a part of you, it would be like keeping another family besides your own, in the news Apr 10, 2013 – Nato official says an independent Scotland would have to be treated as a new applicant after leaving UK] investors will be dubious about trading with someone with such a small population and lets face it Scotland is not very well placed, I wonder what the Scots would do if the Shetland isles wanted to declare independence from them? which way do the Scots think the integrated families loyalties go will go, what do the Scots think of what the integrated families will think of them for placing them in such a situation, I for one will have to lean for my place of birth and the country that has looked after me even though there are things I dislike about it but then again every place has its good and bad. The snp is a fuse that is ignited and burning without a thought of what the explosion will do in the future for the people
    of Scotland. Alex Salmond is a renegade in Scotland igniting old memories of bygone days, Yes there will of course be fantastic pulled out of the sky promises by the snp but with no guarantees, think about the future I say, your pensions, wages, jobs, prescriptions, health cost, industry, investment, education, taxes, trade, nearly all of which is done with the U.K. If Scotland incurs a problem is it not better to go with the old saying a problem shared is a problem halved, do not rely on pie in the sky false promises after all Alex Salmond is a politician, promises, promises, and more promises, anything as long as it gets the votes excuses to follow if they get there way. I do not want my kin folk suffering for the sake of a fantasising kilted brave-heart all mouth on top but nothing underneath.
  11. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    My family trace back to the anglo saxons, but I am not going to start a feud to rid us of those damn Normans.

    Just how far back do you take your loyalties? I'm British, not English, and feel more European than American, Chinese or whatever.

    But who cares, we're all human.
  12. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Back in the 60's I read a report by a London 'think tank' stating that in years to come, the 'Thames' would silt up and Scotland would have the only deep water ports available for world wide shipping.
    A point to ponder, however currency seems to be the biggest stumbling block at the moment, I think they'll suffer without the strength of the (£) sterling, for what that's worth these days.
  13. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    We need to know more but if anything stops the torys rule in Scotland
    in which we never vote torys > then im all for it

    As for Oil <- its pure Scottish END OF MATTER
    Jealousy is a bad thing get O'er it guys n' lassies

    As for Carabansity what he sais regards the film Braveheart
    then Aye it was filmed in Ireland because Scotland is too expensive to fim
    only reason they filmed the movie in Ireland and Sean Connery was on our TV
    talking about such himself and sais he would be seeing about such
    in which has always been the case for some odd reason

    as for painting on faces your correct that no paints were made them days
    but the main film was true to the main points
    but hey you cant get over the fact it sold big style especially to the Americans
    whom love anything Scottish :)
    As for Mel Gibson the actor although Australian born he's spent near all his days in America
    he is often in Scotland and staying at Billy Connollys mansion in Aberdeenshire with friends
    he loves everything Scottish and is a knowledgeable guy and one hell of a good actor
    although id have preferred a Scottish actor in the film but Mel done a really fine job :)

    I was in Edinburgh when it was the homecoming of clans and many Americans
    were on their search for their ancestry and the Royal Mile was packed
    with Americans all in their kilts and attire heading down the mound
    all in smiley happy faces and there's another in the pipe line for Edinburgh
    next year

    Alex Salmond is just back from tartan day in New York
    and how the Americans pack the streets in New York for such in which is once a year
    with all the pipe bands and all things Scottish its a sight which would put a tear to a Glass eye

    Scotland ill vote for Independance because id rather see our country
    fall on its own sword rather than whats happening now with a party
    voted in by Southern England mainly

    Scotland as ive sais has sooo much going for it with Oil , Whisky which is our No 1 Export
    to the World .. Energy , Fish > Salmon etc .. and Oe'r Water in which is 2nd to none

    and when England comes calling for our water as they done just other year when you all
    were in a drought then IF Scotland gets Independance then you shall have to pay
    for such .. as England got such free with being a part of Britain remember

    Also Northern Ireland burst its pipes and came calling for water from Bonnie Scotland
    and so we gave as always to help a part of Britain out and again if Scotland was a Free State
    then they wouldve had to have payed for such ..

    Without Scotland and dont forget David Cameron is desperate for Scotland to stay British
    then without Bonnie Scotland then Britain shall suffer big style
    because Scotland gives out more than it takes in ..this was on our TV a programme about such

    Bonnie Scotland would be a very rich wee Country going alone and when we look at Norway
    a similar sized wee Country doing well and dont forget Alex Salmond was over visiting
    Norway not too long ago .. and the Norwegians equivalent leader was over on a return
    visit to Bonnie Scotland and seen that Scotland would be very rich if it goes alone

    Personally i want to know more in detail but as sais to rid this Tory Government
    for life from Scotlands shores then the quiicker the better
    as they never get any votes in Scotland at all ..so why should they rule us Bonnie Scots

    There's more pandas in Edinburgh zoo than who votes torys in Scotland
    Lib Dems also are a once party and are a party no more in Scotland

    Scotland has mainly always been Labour but this new Labour although better than this tory lot
    are not the Labour of old ..Now we Scots see a big chance
    and a chance to rid us from tory Southern English rule for Life and Hey i think we shall take it
    as it may well be an only chance for many yrs

    But as for Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon they like all poloticians
    are all in it for themselfs ive no doubt .. but the thing is if Scotland do vote for
    Independance and win such a historic vote ..then i certainly shall feel for my Southerly Cousins in the South
    as they shall be much a poorer lot believe you me
    the sole reason David Cameron on the Scottish News was near begging for us Scots
    to vote for the stay together vote and vote to stay British
    and hey he looked a very worried looking man indeed because IF and i think Bonnie Scotland shall do
    and "IF" Scotland votes for Independance then England shall then become a 3rd World Country
    and hey then watch us Bonnie Scots thrive like never afore ---> Whas Like Us > Naebody :)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2013
  14. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    Well ye awe ken that am correct ^^ cheers :)
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2013
  15. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    As for the Union Jack flag England shall have tae change that

    and it wont look as nice without both the white cross of Scotland
    along with the blue background of Scotland taken away from it
    as it shall then look rather silly eh :)

    whilst Scotland shall have the St Andrews Cross flying high
    from every building in Scotland in which shall look rather cool :)
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2013
  16. How ya guna mak us change us flag then Thistle, if we dae na wan a? Send in ur Army.....whoops forgot ya dun na have an Army its ours!!

    Bye Mcbye switch the light off when ye goes awae ya wee beasty Country :D
  17. BAZI

    BAZI Member

  18. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    Is that yer clever answer ramsdenchippy
    i know you English folks are worried incase Scotland goes it alone
    very very worried youse are but i understand yer stress because if i was an Englishman
    then id be very worried also :)

    Ps Good chippy a was in when in Leeds was wan nearbye the big white wheel

    family run chippy a was in last Sat night fish n' chips oot eh there wiz guid likes
    a big thumbs up fir that chippy fae me ..

    quick edit - Also have to say fish was brilliant and didnt even ask what i wanted
    just asked for fish n chips Mmmm was good likes fae that chippy
    much more enjoyed such ^^ than when in Yates'es down fae the Railway Station
    on the corner didnt enjoy their steak with mixed grill
    to go with it and this on the Sunday just had a passion fruit drink in which
    for the grill was £7.99 but for a passion fruit small bottle was way over £2
    cant remember exact price of that small bottle now

    but came to way over £10 sure approx £2.50 approx for that fruit drink
    in which is way over top ..id not go back to Yates again likes
    only drank 1 pint beer on the Sunday after the Sat lol

    the beer in Leeds was ok and reasonable but dont sell cans coke
    just draught in which they do sell cans in Scotlands bars both normal coke or Diet coke
    spirits are cheaper here in Scotland also where i go anyhow :)

    Have to say as soon as i arrived back in Scotland weather was colder
    Us Scots should get a seperate pay fae the Government because Oer
    weather is crap ..hailstaines ootside the noo as a type size eh snawbaws Eek :(
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2013
  19. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    If there were a vote on it I would be firmly in the 'Dont Care' department.
    It could not possibly affect my life unless they stopped me salmon fishing on the River Conan.
  20. thistle

    thistle Registered User

    The river Conan isnae so far fae Inverness yer saying but Bewerley lad ive heard that the fishing rights
    shall only be fir us Bonnie Scots when Independant so yer fecked theyre
    youll hiv tae stay in England n fish fir chub and such likes Eek :)

    i dont like Salmon personally although its main fish in Scotland
    as i much prefer trout .. broonies are best a reckon better than Rainbows fir eating
    not so much in them but tastier and cooked in oven wrapped in silver foil
    cannae beat brown trout likes Mmmm
    Ive caught all types of trout blues , brook trout, rainbows, brown < we say a broonie
    brown trout are best tasted id say and most would say such here ..
    i used to fish a lot here and still have all the gear ..fly tying vice etc

    when a was a wee lad id dig fir black headed worms and walk just 1 mile doon road
    and where Loch Fitty's burn ran oot fae the loch ..this lochs burn wiz narrow
    and a stranger walking bye wouldnt think much of it but hey put yer line in there
    and yer rod would be yanked from ye ..some cracking trout in that loch + Lassodie burn
    the trout would swim doon fae the Loch intae the burn and us youngsters
    wuid catch them and go home with a bag full of trout ;)

    A wiz a cheeky wee raskal bewerley them days until the men on Loch
    got wise and checked the burn and made new ironed barred gates in the burn
    stop the fish getting intae the burn

    Later when older a got into fly fishing and often fished the Loch
    both from boat and the side but unfortunately these recent yrs
    they closed the Loch down because of the digging at a close bye Opencast site
    digging fir coal :( I enjoyed fishing there as wisnae far away and ok fishing

    there's still many others likes ..
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2013
  21. Gordon Glazebrook

    Gordon Glazebrook New Member

    My thanks go to Thistle for all the interest this page has given.
    Still think the Scots will vote against it though!

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