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SBSM + Ragana (Oakland, u.s.) plus Guttersnipe @ Wharf Chambers Fri 2nd June

Discussion in 'Leeds Events Diary' started by bhobby, May 17, 2017.

  1. bhobby

    bhobby New Member

    A.R.S.D.I.Y. presents:
    A night of unholy mutant punk and screaming queens.

    Marauding volatile queer avant-punk apoplexy straight outta Oakland, California!! Contorted immolation-wave melt-your-fucking-face-off escaped lab experiment mutant youth warriors comin’ at ya armed with android malaise electronics, possessed vocals and militant drums set to DESTROY capitalism, patriarchy, nazi scum + every other clomper who steps in their way - the scourge is here! If you like your PUNK raw, queer, experimental, unhinged and dangerous ala Coughs, Nervous Gender, Roseanne Barrr, Scissor Girls, etc then get the hell down here and join the ritual!!!

    Soul-crushing black/doom metal/post-hardcore/funeral punk duo from Oakland delivering desperate and despondent hymns of tortured beauty and smouldering paroxysm wrought from a crumbling smog of charnel-house guitars and punishing drums pierced by caterwauling voices, kinda like if Margy Pepper got really into Wigrid or Nyktalgia were on K! Records. Waterlogged with sadness but with a bitter energy that makes for an engaging and frantic ceremony of unearthly rock for those cold souls among us.

    Local wispy goofball duo cranking out the gaudiest cartoon rock hysteria this side of an impending aneurysm, guitar/drums/electronics/dual vocals deployed in parallel asynchronicity to disrupt, disorient and induce a flaming wiggle the likes of which only the birds know.

    + maybe 1 more TBC

    + DJ Wretchen spinning Post-Punk, No Wave, Black Metal, Queercore, Minimal Synth + Freak Electronix ’til late!!

    Door tax: £6 waged/£4 unwaged

    Wharf Chambers is a members’ club and you need to be a member, or guest of a member, in order to attend. Please visit wharfchambers.org/join. Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.

    Wharf Chambers opperates a Safer Spaces Agreement, see: http://www.wharfchambers.org/the-club/safer-spaces/ for details.
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