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Quick and easy photo hosting website

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Draggletail, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Draggletail

    Draggletail Member

    I am a bit of a serial uploader of photos sometimes, and although there are lots of photo uploading/hosting sites, I find http://imgur.com/ to be the fastest and easiest to use - takes around three clicks to upload your photo, then just copy and paste the 'Linked image for message boards' address bottom left of the page into your Leeds Forum post - you don't even have to register to use the service.

    Just thought I'd share! :)
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  3. *Peachy*

    *Peachy* New Member

    Flickr is a good one to sue from your phone, I'm always uploading on the move
  4. Draggletail

    Draggletail Member

    Good tip - I'm very out of touch with phone stuff - comes from having a good deal on a very old contract (no monthly fee) and enough free minutes for my needs - trouble is, it won't support anything remotely new, not even picture messaging.
    Actually, it will connect to the net - maybe I should check it out!
  5. *Peachy*

    *Peachy* New Member

    its handy! Especially if you get lost.... not that I do that often you understand :D

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