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Public Liability Insurance

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by Anonymous, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. RPC

    RPC New Member


    I've been asked to DJ at a mate's wedding (something I've done loads of times before), but the venue are kicking off about it saying that i need public liability insurance. if i'm hiring equipment from somewhere, do I need this, or shoudl it come with the equpment? And if I do need it, does anyone know anywhere where I can get it for a one-off event relatively cheaply?

    any help much appreciated.

    Thanks, R.
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  3. doc

    doc Active Member

    how many times has he married?

    on a serious note when lynne moved back into the primmi for a bit she was told venues that close then re open come under new regs. where all the musicians have to be certifiied (or at least their equipment has to be )
  4. mickd

    mickd New Member

    The insurance is for you not the gear. Basically covers you if a speaker drops on someone's head etc.

    I (and fellow band members) use Musicguard (http://www.musicguard.co.uk/). You insure a certain amount of equipment and get £1m PLI cover. Lasts a year and is not that expensive (£20ish) and you can pay monthly interest free. I think the MU offers a similar scheme. You get all your certificates in email so you can print them off so you can turn it round in a couple of days.
  5. RPC

    RPC New Member

    Thanks mickd, I am a MU member, so that might mean that I already have it? I hadn't actually thought of that! Good news! Cheers, R.
  6. RPC

    RPC New Member

    I have looked into this (in fact I knew it already, but had forgotten so thanks for saving me time and effort bypointing it out!) but you get free PLI with MU membership. Those fees are now looking worthwhile!
  7. eggle

    eggle Member

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    I use Simply Business for my PA work PL insurance - there is a thread on this somewhere on the site - £120 a year for £2mill of PL cover - no complaints - but....no claims to date - thankfully!!!!
    For local authority venues, hotels & some venues personal PL cover is required.
    One side of my PA stack was demolished by stage divers a few years ago who thought it would be good to climb up & jump off - tossers - no claims but could have bin nasty if the speakers had landed on someone's head!!!
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    1.Public liability is a legal responsibility to pay loss upon physical harm, sickness or condition by any other person, other than workers or loss or damage to their property caused by an individual or business. Public liability insurance provides cover against such claims.
    2.There are a lot of insurance company who offer public liability insurance on the net. But before you commit yourself to one you must first do a thorough background check on the company. You can ask for advice on someone who have already have a policy.
    3.As for the cost you can check them online too...
  9. vole

    vole Member

    Anyone know of any reasonably priced companies?

    I'm playing weddings, parties etc etc and keep being told I need this insurance
  10. wallum

    wallum Member

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    You get £10,000,000 or something equally ridiculous with Musicians Union registration. There's probably a cheaper option but you do get the benefits of the MU with this.
  11. Bart

    Bart New Member

    I use photo guard for my camera gear and it gives me public liability insurance up to £1m. I'm sure they do other types of insurance as well.

    It's part of Thistle Insurance apparently.
  12. TheLostArt

    TheLostArt Member

    Yup. Search for Musicguard. I use it and it the liability insurance comes free with anything else you decide to insure.
  13. JohnBarnes'sHubCaps

    JohnBarnes'sHubCaps New Member

    I need £5million of public liability insurance for me and my band for a one off wedding gig. Everywhere I look it is over £100 as it is mainly annual policies but as just need it as a one off it is gonna be expensive. Has anyone ever just bought a cheap one off insurance policy?
  14. swadders

    swadders New Member

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    Mu memberships about £80 or summat. You get it free. Deffo worth joining M.U. They really look after musicians.
  15. ian t

    ian t New Member

  16. Staypuff

    Staypuff Active Member

    I underwrite Musicguard (and Photoguard, well done Bart!) and would recommend this or something similar which is specifically tailored to musicians, Axa and Allianz both have specific products. The MU do give PL cover as part of the membership fee however a stand-alone product will give wider cover so be sure that you have what you need or, of course, you're not paying for something you don't! If you're not sure, speak to a broker, a PROPER broker, not some shite like Swintons.

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