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PRS membership???

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by quidrophenia, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. whiskas

    whiskas Member

    Fucking hell, we only got £4 each a song for Radio 1 tent at Leeds
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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    That's not quite right. Legally speaking, music composition is usually defined as melody and chords, in pop music (broad definition). For a song, lyrics can be added to that, though lyrics are considered to be a separate entity, in some cases. Although arrangements aren't normally considered to be part of a composition, there are legal precedents where courts have ruled that an instrumental part is fundamental to the composition. The recent Procol Harum case is one example, where the famous organ line was ruled to be a substantial part of the composition.

    That's all legal stuff though - for PRS purposes, you decide what you want and tell the PRS what to do. If there's a dispute about it later, that's your problem, not theirs.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi Steve


    or phone 02073064801

    That's how I did it. It took a while (only recently got the Leeds 2006 Fest royalties), but worth it. Got over £150 for a set on the Topman Stage. Puts the £50 from Mean Fiddler into perspective (which took ages to get even that!) :shock:
  5. Instrumental

    Instrumental New Member

    PRS & MCPS

    I want to join both PRS & MCPS and looking at previous posts this was £108 for both but after filling in forms last night and an e-mail to PRS later I can't see how you can do this for £108. To join both it looks like you have to send 2 separate forms and 2 cheques adding up to £150.

    Am I doing this wrong?
  6. Will Grinder

    Will Grinder Member

    Re: PRS & MCPS

    When I joined I had to do the 2 forms and 2 cheques. It was Gav Bailey that said about the discount.
  7. whiskas

    whiskas Member


    Thought people might be interested, in the new MCPS-PRS Magazine they've got details of estimated fees for BBC airplay. Thought it might help some people work out if / what they might be owed. Here's the ones that seem relevant...

    Estimated per minute rate for Oct 2008

    Radio 1 - £17.61
    Radio 2 - £17.61
    6 Music - £0.51
    BBC 7 - £0.51
    1Xtra - £0.51
    Radio Scotland - £0.73
    Radio Humberside - £0.29 (and all other regional, Leeds etc)

    It is changing though over the next 2 years and is getting quite random, because it's getting more accurate I think - as opposed to what seems like a standardised set of rates. Radio 1 is going to be about 40% less, but 6 Music will almost treble by the end of the year (to £1.48) and more than double that by Dec 2010.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    what's the sort of rate for an xfm session?
  9. whiskas

    whiskas Member

    I'm not sure, the whole article is about the BBC reworking their rates to more accurately resemble exposure to more listeners - at the minute there seems to be 3 levels - national, digital and regional. They're changing it so pretty much everything has an individual rate. So Radio 1 will be less, Radio 2 will be more, Radio 3/4/5 will be a lot less, 6 Music will be on a par with Radio 4 (as will GLR) and a few regional ones will be more. Seems like a good move for little people. 6 Music plays will mean a lot more now, although I guess it's hard to get played on 6Music consistantly.

    Anyway, in answer to your question, I don't know, but I expect it's about £0.30-£0.50 / minute
  10. I think XFM is a sample, so you only get paid if you happen to played on sample day.. had records of the week, evening playlist and a live session on XFM and never seen any of it on a prs statement. Although it could be me being inefficient. Similar story with 6music. If the 6music rate is going up (and radio 1 down) I hope the reporting is going to be more regular.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I believe all BBC stations are 100% reported now, not sampled.

    I guess XFM is still sampled.
  12. Could very well be the case... it's a year since anything of mine would have been reported, but I've received a total of about £1.20 from 6music I think from probably 20 or so plays and a live session...
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Yeah I think the full sampling came into place about the same time as the tariff changes, so just a few months ago.
  14. glynb

    glynb New Member

    Are there any disadvantages, reasons not to join, depending on what stage of the game you're at?

    For example I think there are some Internet based radio stations that will feature non-PRS artists only? Obviously that isn't a concern for bands getting played on mainstream radio, but for bands starting out maybe?

    Anything else that could be affected?
  15. Gav Gusher

    Gav Gusher New Member

    But Shirley if you sent them proof that you'd had all this airplay would they not collect the royalties for you?
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    No, a sample is a sample, they won't add extra stuff to it.
  17. thedotsd

    thedotsd New Member

    We are a UK based Music Publisher.We are particularly interested in hearing from Yorkshire based songwriters . I am the Director of Respect Music Limited and I originally hail from Leeds so we are looking closely at the Yorkshire scene. Prior to setting up Respect Music Limited I was a Director at the MCPS- PRS Alliance now called PRS For Music for 10 years.We have excellent contacts internationally -especially in the USA.

    The good news for all of you songwriters is that PRS Membership is now free!

    If you are songwriters or bands that have songwriters within them then we would be interested in listening to you music with a view to offering a publishing deal. We are only interested in mastered demos and we will not accpet cds and mp3's without prior approval to send them to us.

    On the first instance please send your my space link and a contact email address with a biog to management@respectmusic.co.uk
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Roo Piggott from Alamo Record (Four Day Hombre) is giving a free talk about PRS on Saturday 21st 2-4pm at Factory Street Studios. If anyone wants any more information about PRS and ask questions he'll be happy to answer them. He'll also be talking about how to boost digital music sales too.

    To reserve your place just email your name, telephone number & post code to amy@factorystreet.co.uk
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I could do with some advice regarding this.

    - Do all members of the band have to join? Or is the band covered under one membership?
    - Did I read that you get paid £7 per performance? How does this work, surely the PRS need some proof that you were actually gigging and playing where you say you were? Can this be backdated?
    - What happens with PRS in regards to say BBC Radio 1 playing our song? Say its played, do they just automatically pay us?

    This is really confusing :/
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    1. Anyone who has a writing credit on the songs should join. There is no such thing as band or collective membership in PRS.

    2. The value depends on the performance, venue, etc, so it can vary. Yes they'll need some proof, at the most basic level I think you can just give them a set list and tour dates. It can be backdated, but I forget how long for (1 year? 2 years?).

    3. If you're a member and the song is registered with PRS at the time of the play, then you will get paid automatically. It'll take a while to come through though (6-9 months for Radio 1 if I remember right, might be less). If you joined after it got played then you might need to look for it in the unpaid performances list (accessible to all members via the website) and put in a claim for it, which should be simple enough as long as all the details are correct. In my experience finding it in the list is the hard part, claiming is easy.
  21. Self-Titled

    Self-Titled New Member

    A couple of further questions:

    If I were to register on behalf of our band and said that I had 100% of the royalty for all our songs (we could then decide the split between us/use it as a band fund), would that stop us having to pay the subscription fee for each member to gain all the royalties due to us?

    If individual members of a band are earning money through this scheme is there any tax involved?

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