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PRS membership???

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by quidrophenia, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Well worth doing - a one off payment to join both can sort you out with royalties for ever! Just think if things start to pick up and you get played regularly on some playlist or other - I wonder how much this generates for the big acts? I got a debit into my bank account for about £57 the other day from PRS royaltries. The MCPS side of things doesn't really count for me as we press our own records and so don't really need to pay our own mechanicals.
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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Anyone here submit all their setlists to them? I joined fairly recently and got a first payment for radio stuff t'other day, but i haven't got round to sending notice of gigs and stuff. looked into it once for a few minutes but i get easily bored by such things.
  4. I sent in a couple of years' worth of gigs a couple of months ago through the gigs and clubs thing, but nothing has happened except an acknowledgement of receipt so far. You get £7 a gig or something though? Adds up, whatever it is.

    The good thing is you don't have to list every setlist for every gig, just an example set. But the annoying bit is the details of all the venues...phone numbers, post codes, etc
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Yes, have done this - and it is a bit of a ballache with the admin, but you should get that £7 a gig from them.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    £7 a gig? I was under the impression that for small venues you would only get paid if you happened to be in the PRS sample, and that if that happened they would ask you for a set list.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Not if you join the gigs and clubs scheme. I've joined but can't submit yet as I haven't done 10 music gigs with the same core set within a 12-month period yet.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Interesting... I should look into this. I don't think any of the others in the band are PRS members but this might make it worth doing, although with that £7 divided by 8 people it's probably not worth the hassle.

    And is it £7 per set or £7 divided between all performers? That is, on a night with four bands who all did this, would they get £1.75 each or £7 each?
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Per set, so if 8 people write the songs/the publishing is split 8 ways, it may not be worth the hassle, no. The scheme covers: "any event that took place in a non-concert venue in the UK. These venues are those where musical events are not the main reason for business. For example: Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Community Centres, Hotels, Holiday Camps, Arts Clubs etc. However, you cannot submit details of events in concert venues or at festivals. These venues are those where musical events are the main reason for business. For example: Brixton Academy, Glastonbury Festival etc. These events have separate arrangements for both the collection of performance information and the payment of royalties. Theatres and Arts Centres also come under this categorisation."
  10. Owen

    Owen New Member

    Dave / Sheila, can this be made a sticky please, as I'm sure a lot of people will find it useful?
  11. sheila

    sheila New Member

    There you go.
  12. quidrophenia

    quidrophenia New Member

    Yes! My first Sticky post

    Have it Marko
  13. Owen

    Owen New Member

    Cheers, it's a useful resource to have I think.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    *considers benny hill style reference to a "sticky post".*
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The PRS has been great for D-KOY.

    I've found that you really have to be active, though. Don't just sit there and wait for royalties to come in. If you have air play on the Beeb then that's fine. Otherwise its a census and you may get lucky. We got royalties for being played on Choon TV, for example.

    The Gigs & Clubs scheme is great - take your time in filling in the correct details, and follow it up. We got a huge cheque for that one.

    Also, if you've played any large festivals (e.g., Leeds Fest) that has a seperate department aswell. I had to chase that up alot, but finally got paid in this december payout for the Leeds Carling 2006 gig we did, at £30 a song!

    The last two payouts from PRS have given us nearly £500 quid. And for a small band like us, thats quite nice, really. Just remember to put the work in, though: make the phone calls, fill in the forms! Don't get someone else to do it, take some ownership (the whole point of PRS)
    Good Luck!
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    how do you split royalties?

    is it 50/50 lyrics/music, or can each individual song be different? Is it a matter of negotiating between the band and coming to some agreement?

    also, lets say i write the lyrics and chord progression for a song, and then a singer comes up with a melody. roughly how would the royalties be split.
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You split it how you want, you just have to tell them which percentages belong to whom. So you have to work it out within the band. It causes lots of rows for lots of people - hence many bands just split all their songs equally, or decide that the lyrics and topline melody are all that constitutes the song (as that's all you can actually copyright, not chord progressions or arrangements). With my songs, I take 50% for the lyrics, then 25% for half the music, and then give the other 25% to my producers if it was a co-write and back to me if it's not - but then with my songs the lyrics are very important and I come up with all the topline melodies. For some acts the bassline may be far more important than the words, or the whole song may be built on a riff or a beat and the rest is improv over the top. http://www.musiciansunion.org.uk/site/c ... rticle=496
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    thats very useful, thank you.
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Interesting about the big royalties for festival performances - what department/scheme should I be looking for to claim all that? Done a couple of festys this year and it would be great to get more than £50 nominal fee out of the Mean Fiddle for doing them!
  20. whiskas

    whiskas Member

    I'm sure you don't have to but it helps filling out a PRS form on the day, but when we did Leeds Fest last year probably got about £90-£100 PRS all told (though that could include Reading as well and we were playing a big tent).
    Still 1/4 of that is good. And the thing is, Mean Fiddler (or Festival Republic) will be paying that money to PRS automatically (eventually...)
    I hope that makes sense / is helpful
  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    For Download, we got £25 a track EACH!!!

    Advice - search unclaimed royalties, and go through with a fine tooth comb, its worth it!

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