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Privacy on Leeds Forum

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Alkan, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Alkan

    Alkan New Member

    I have used this sight intermittently for a goodly while now, Only now I realise that the info. that was released to "friends only" on Facebook is public knowledge on this site.
    A complete invasion of privacy. Look who owns the site. Figure it out for yourselves. Commerce has shown hear a very dirty face.
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  3. Alkan

    Alkan New Member

    Now I am being told that the above "has less than 10 characters" A way of not posting it?
  4. wobbley

    wobbley Member

    If you use the internet you have no privacy. In years to come your great grandchildren will be able to see everything posted from, viewed from and searched for, by great grannie and granddad.
    So remember that next time you're on x-hamster, - your descendants will know what you've been watching !
  5. Alkan

    Alkan New Member

    Nice thought, maybe, but this does not preclude this, illegal privacy invasion. Bless
  6. Alkan

    Alkan New Member

    Now, how do you know I had a hamster as a child? Who gave you access to this? Not that i'm paranoid, by the way!
  7. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    Not exactly sure what information you are referring to? this site is not owned by facebook if that's what you mean?
  8. Gordon Glazebrook

    Gordon Glazebrook New Member

    Sorry Alkan, this is a public discussion web page and I don't see the problem with limited details being available.
    I always put my name to postings, meaning anyone can email me, disagree with me and on that rare occasion agree with me!
  9. Derc

    Derc New Member

    You can make up the required number of characters with the addition of .......
  10. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    When you look at McCarthyism or Fascism or any other 'ism' Facebook is heaven sent to track you and your friends down. How do you know that the friend of a friend is not,for instance, a terrorist or some right or left wing radical. Our society seems pretty stable now but it's easy to see what could happen with a more radical regime should 'they' wish to round up dissenters and their friends.
    I have posted some disparaging views on here about dole wallahs and if the revolution comes I am sure I will be hunted down by the brown ricers and shaven headed.
  11. Gordon Glazebrook

    Gordon Glazebrook New Member

    You may have more people on your side than you think Bewerley!
  12. Stardust

    Stardust Registered User

    You shouldn't really post anything online (forum, facebook etc) that you wouldn't be happy with people knowing. I've never met any of the people on this forum in person, I am happy to post certain things but if its anything private, then keep it private as there is no real privacy online.
  13. romanbob

    romanbob New Member

    If you link this site to facebook, then it gets shared. So if using a false name, its a bit pointless. Just dont share with facebook, because when you discuss local things, they know who you are.
  14. wobbley

    wobbley Member

    And,,,, they're watching !!!
  15. romanbob

    romanbob New Member

    I dont disclose my name, but anyone close will know who I am. Not a big deal.
  16. Mr Horsforth

    Mr Horsforth New Member

    I will be stood against the wall there with you Bewerley....
  17. nevben

    nevben New Member

    I don't really see where the issue lies here. I personally never post anything either on here or anywhere else that is not based on my opinion on whatever the subject and as such am not at all concerned about who reads it.
  18. Oktronix

    Oktronix New Member

    I have nothing to keep secret !! Everything about me is public knowledge !! If you ask, I'll probably tell you....unless it's under The Official Secret Act (which I've signed twice). This way, most people tell me their secrets ! lol

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