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Plumbing / Heating advice section

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Allen, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    I would be happy to give some advice on plumbing matters if we had a section for it.
    I also run an other forum quadsuk.net and i could put some links on that site to here if this would help.
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  3. Derc

    Derc New Member

    I'm surprised you've not had any response from 369 readers. I suppose it's the same old story
    you're ignored, like brain surgeons, until required, then they want you Here ! Now !!

    I would make one in, on a 'Trades advice' service - all be it signs and lettering (don't think I
    would be overstretched in that field).
  4. ZD Heating

    ZD Heating New Member

    I suppose it depends on whether the forum can be seen as a social tool and taken on board by people. If there was enough people using the forum then it would be deemed possible to raise sections applicable to peoples daily needs like, plumbers, electricians, builders etc.
  5. nevben

    nevben New Member

    People do advertise their services in the classified ad section
  6. Derc

    Derc New Member

    I took the original idea to mean 'diy advice', as opposed to a 'classified ad'
  7. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    Still here to help if anybody needs any advice.
    I will help for free.

  8. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    We have a lot of suggestions for separate sections, I've seen forums that do this and they do become very cluttered and confused.

    However a general "advice needed" section might not be to bad an idea.
  9. bewerley

    bewerley New Member

    I nearly rang you today. My mother has just been sent home from Wheatfields Hospice. Although she has a new-ish system nobody could fathom out how to override the time system as it was freezing when the system switched off.
    We think we have it sussed now.
    Thanks for your posting anyway. It just shows the value of your offer
  10. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    You can ring me anytime, advise over the phone is free.
  11. MG Plastering Mick

    MG Plastering Mick New Member

    Like wise if anyone is in need of advice for plastering works get in touch
    i know alot of people enjoy doing diy so if any help required message me
  12. edssb4

    edssb4 New Member

    Sheffield Forum have a property and housing section and it is widely used by people asking for advice, and recommendations. There are plumbers, electricians and other tradespeople who provide genuine advice, and I know loads of people in Sheffield who use it to find tradespeople.
  13. edssb4

    edssb4 New Member

    oops - see SF is a bit of a swear word to Leeds Forum!
  14. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    Maybe if you promote it in every post you do lol.
    Forums take a long time to build and a lot of hard work.
    Sf has been around for many years, a lot longer than this one.
  15. edssb4

    edssb4 New Member

    And I hope this becomes as popular and you get plenty of business from it :)
  16. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    I hope so as well. Welcome to Leeds:icon_lol:
  17. leedsman1954

    leedsman1954 Member

    Ok, a quick question...I had a combination boiler fitted a couple of years ago. There is a little white box next to it which sometimes has a little light on and sometimes not.There are three lights and a push button. The name is Honeywell. What is it please?
  18. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    Maybe you have a wireless room stat and this is for that.
  19. leedsman1954

    leedsman1954 Member

    Yes, that will be it!
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