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Plumber needed

Discussion in 'Leeds Classified Ads' started by Stardust, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Stardust

    Stardust Registered User

    Are there any plumbers on here at all?

    I am looking for someone to take out an Aquability walk in shower and replace with a bath (with shower mixer taps).

    Anyone who could do this job, can you please give me a rough idea of cost? It is in a bungalow in Morley LS27.

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  3. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

  4. Jessie James

    Jessie James Registered User


    I would charge in the region of £200.00. There maybe some tiling to be done as well.

    If you like, i could do the job on Tuesday 22nd. I could call on 16th to give you an exact quotaion.

    Please be kind and confirm by Monday..
    Last edited: May 10, 2012
  5. Stardust

    Stardust Registered User

    Thanks for your reply Jessie James but I have already had it done. The existing shower was not draining so we needed it doing asap.

    Although the job the guy did was not very good and it left a lot to be desired! Charged £250 and he won't respond to my call or text asking him to come and re-do the sealant (is a real mess) so my brother in laws dad is going to tidy everything up. At least I know someone who I can definitely not recommend if anyone needs a plumber! I won't be as mean to post details on here but if someone is looking for a plumber PM me and I will tell you who not to use!
  6. Jessie James

    Jessie James Registered User

    Hello Stardust. I cannot send PM until i have added 5 forum posts... I will be passing you house from time to time & it will be so easy for me to stop and attend...
  7. Bals80

    Bals80 Member

    try us we give me a call any time
  8. Lee The Plumber

    Lee The Plumber New Member

    Hi Stardust. Looks like you are all sorted by now.

    One tip to achieve a professional looking smooth seal is to use a little bit of washing up liquid on your finger for a last run over the seal. It will smooth it out and stop it sticking to your finger. Just leave it to set and rinse it off once its done
  9. jackdaly

    jackdaly Member

    Who is this then?
  10. jackdaly

    jackdaly Member

    Who is this then ?

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