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PAT testing

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by vole, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. vole

    vole Member

    Anyone know anyone who does it cheap?
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  3. fellowshade

    fellowshade Member

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    And what might PAT testing be?


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    I can put you in contact with someone or do it myself, is it a lot of equipment?
  5. vole

    vole Member

    PAT testing is what most venues require to ensure your electrics are safe before plugging into their sockets

    You'll have seen green stickers on plugs before with a test date and expiry date. That's PAT testing

    I've about 8-10 items?

  6. Chris Catalyst

    Chris Catalyst New Member

    Not to sound like a complete dick but I've played in a lot of venues and have never been asked for this. Are you being asked specifically to provide this?


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    A lot of places don't bother but if it's a venue then you're insurance would be void if there was a fire or accident. I'm away at the moment but if you email me the details and roughly what you want testing it will be a quick cheap job. Just by the way i've got a mic for you, i'll get you're details sometime and post it to you.

    Take care
  8. vole

    vole Member

    Pretty much every venue I play asks for public liability ins certificate and that all electrics are PAT tested and a certificate for it. The venues are usual wedding venues

    What's your email address? Also... A mic for me??? I'm lost
  9. Chris Catalyst

    Chris Catalyst New Member

    Ah, that might be it. Sorry, I wasn't trying to be a cock, just wondered if someone was being a bit over-eager. It seems as if it's more that other venues are a bit under-eager. Hope you get it sorted.
  10. _Joel_

    _Joel_ New Member

    Something that has always puzzled me why venues don't ask about stuff like this more often.
    I've never been asked for public liability insurance certificates in any venue from "club" to arena level either.
  11. vole

    vole Member

    I don't always get asked for it, but it's pretty standard for a good posh wedding venue to request seeing it before I play


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    If the stuff is just you're gigging gear and it is all mobile we can arrange a time for you to drop by my office and i'll do the lot for free it won't take 5 minutes. My email is info@owenthebastard.com drop me line next week, the mic was for Chris but if you look at my website and want one i'll do you a discount.

    Take care
  13. Chris Catalyst

    Chris Catalyst New Member

    Ah Owen thank you very much! You are a kind man. I will send you an address. Thank you again. X
  14. sbarkeruk

    sbarkeruk New Member

    Even if someone doesn't insist on PAT testing at a venue, it is better to have this done anyway, so that you don't get caught out! Imagine turning up and not being able to play, for the sake of some PAT testing that will be usually under £50 typically.

    Also in the event of anything going wrong (things do happen!), it would actually be you that is responsible, and if someone gets hurt (or worse) then basically a court would want to see that you have done all "reasonably practicable" to ensure that your equipment will not cause harm to anyone.

    When PAT testing is done, the liability basically goes from being yours, to the person that carried this out.

    This is not quite the end of the story either, as many people are qualified PAT testers, but not qualified or registered 'Competent Persons', this basically means that certain parts of the testing can only be done by the competent person, such as removing covers and plugs, deciding what the correct fuse rating needs to be, etc.

    PAT testing should take a MINIMUM of 2 minutes per item (this includes time to plug in, enter details on machine, then remove), so if someone 'cheap' is doing this then in less time, then chances are they are just putting stickers on.

    Ensure that the certificate shows the details of the test results, and not just a pass or fail. You should have at least 2 different sheets (one being the results in detail, the other being the actual certificate).

    After being an electrician for over 25 years now, and also a qualified Electrical Inspector, I can confirm that I have seen many examples of "cheap" not actually being cheap after all (for example if something needs to be done again, then it actually ends up being double the price!).

    Look on the Electrical Safety Register for fully registered Electricians and PAT testing companies, and also try and get a recommendation from a friend. If recommendation is not possible, ask the person to show you original proofs of Testimonials.

    Hope this helps :)

    p.s. It is recognised that it is not as cost effective to get 1 or 2 items PAT tested, as opposed to say 20 or 30 (or more). This is due to that fact that fuel and admin costs have to be allowed for, and companies all have a minimum fee. So for this reason I will be looking at doing a full or half day from time to time where people can call in and get this done there and then. This is still a work in progress, but I guess this will be very useful? Please let me know if you might be interested in such a thing.
  15. _Joel_

    _Joel_ New Member

    Thanks for that info Simon.

    Out of interest - is the rate being charged per item or time?
    And how much would it generally cost for say 10 or 20 items to be PAT tested?
  16. lottiebomb

    lottiebomb New Member

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  17. JohnBarnes'sHubCaps

    JohnBarnes'sHubCaps New Member

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