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Party venue for 40ppl venue

Discussion in 'Leeds Events Diary' started by LeedsUniTom, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. LeedsUniTom

    LeedsUniTom New Member

    Hi, i'd like to get some recommendations.
    I am new in Leeds, i work here for 6 months and i have to arrange a company party in february. I found online this website with Leeds venues.
    After christmas i hope, in january and february, some venues will be available.
    Could you give me a piece of advice, which place has the WOW factor. Money is not an issue (becouse it's not mine:)), place has to be big enough for about 40 ppl. I haven't been in any of those, so i really need some advices. The party is on my shoulders.

    Looking forwar for hearing from you.
    Take care friends.
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  3. *Peachy*

    *Peachy* New Member

    What area of Leeds?
  4. LeedsUniTom

    LeedsUniTom New Member

    Area is not important. More important is neighbouring hotel.
  5. *Peachy*

    *Peachy* New Member

  6. *Peachy*

    *Peachy* New Member

  7. LeedsUniTom

    LeedsUniTom New Member

    Looks great, thank you. Could you recommend one more? I would present 3 to my boss, he would choose one and venue problem will be solved ;)
  8. *Peachy*

    *Peachy* New Member

    I just googled Party Venues in Leeds and got those :)
  9. LeedsUniTom

    LeedsUniTom New Member

    But the difference is that you know them, i know only way home-work-home. That's my Leeds;] Thank you very much :)
  10. *Peachy*

    *Peachy* New Member

    I don't know them I'm from Doncaster :hihi:
  11. Fattysplash

    Fattysplash New Member

  12. stevenkaz

    stevenkaz New Member

    The Hop by the dark arches/docks so you have the Hilton and other hotels close by.
  13. The_Whippet

    The_Whippet New Member

  14. mitb01

    mitb01 New Member

    You really need to check out the Headingley Experience. There is a hotel on site. This facility is all part of Headingley Stadium, you could include a Ground tour or if you can wait till February/March you could book on a Match night and start off your night with a VIP suite to watch the match and then party afterwads till the early hours, then fall into your bed in the adjacent hotel
    Link is http://www.headingleyexperience.co.uk/
  15. mitb01

    mitb01 New Member

  16. Technogee

    Technogee New Member

    Hi there,
    If you require a d.j to your party, let me know. I can play 70s,80,90 and modern musik. My prices are reasonable
    d.j services
  17. LeedsUniTom

    LeedsUniTom New Member

    Hi, thank you for everything. I will take everything into consideration :nod:
  18. nicola

    nicola New Member

    I've been to an event at The Roast by the riverside and it's a really cool venue!!
  19. beastylaus

    beastylaus New Member


    Not sure which venue which you have chosen but if you fancy starting or ending your night at the Casino give me a shout and i will see what i can arrange for you. Maybe some complimentary drinks?

  20. Lucy_Highlight

    Lucy_Highlight New Member

    At Highlight Comedy Club we can put together an awesome package for a party, with quality food and drinks and of course our Comedy Central Live stand-up show. We've even got private VIP booths available to hire after the show has finished, so you've got a classy area for our legendary after-show party. We're open all the way until 3am, so we're a full party venue.

    We've got connections with the Radisson Blu next door too, which is a lovely hotel, so could organise you somewhere to sleep afterwards too!

    Give me a call on 01132 471759 or drop me an email on highlight.leeds@intertainuk.com

  21. tonygreen

    tonygreen New Member

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