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North Leeds Charity Beer Festival

Discussion in 'Leeds Events Diary' started by NLCBF, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. NLCBF

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    A new Charity Beer Festival takes place on Friday 27 and Saturday 28th April 2012. The North Leeds Charity Beer Festival is being held at St Aidan's Community Hall, Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 5QD. This joint venture between the Rotary Club of Roundhay and the Lord Mayor of Leeds aims to raise funds for both fantastic charities.

    We are sourcing over 30 interesting and unusual cask ales to showcase micro and independent breweries from around Yorkshire. We will have offerings from many local brewers as well as some Yorkshire beers that are not often seen around the Leeds area.

    The doors open to the North Leeds Charity Beer Festival at 6pm on the Friday evening.

    ******BREAKING NEWS******

    Brewery Line up confirmed including:
    Great Heck
    Brooklyn (NY)

    We were preparing a SPECIAL BREW at Great Heck on Wednesday this Week

    We have also imported two casks from Brooklyn Brewery (NY):
    American double IPA - BLAST(8%)
    Mary's Maple Stout

    Probably the only place in Yorkshire / UK that you will be able to sample these beers

    More news shortly including Ridgeside SPECIAL BREW in wooden barrel.......

    See you at the NORTH LEEDS CHARITY BEER FESTIVAL on 27-28 April 2012 at St Aidan's Community Hall, Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 5QD.

    The North Leeds Charity Beer Festival is raising funds of the Lord Mayor's Charity - Voluntary Action Leeds.

    (VAL) is the Council for Voluntary Service in Leeds. Providing innovative and direct support, services and specialist advice to hundreds of Third Sector organisations, helping them to carry out their work across Leeds.

    Funds are also being raised for the Rotary Club of Roundhay. This allows continued support in the local area including a poly-tunnel project at John Jamieson School, providing sports equipment to Gipton Together, and sponsoring a teenager on the Ocean Youth Trust.

    Later this month we will be helping young people of Chapeltown attend a PeaceJam at Bradford University. PeaceJam introduces teenagers to International Nobel Peace Laureates, as positive role models and equips them with practical good citizenship, leadership, sustainability and community skills.

    The Rotary Club of Roundhay have also introduced a Butterfly Garden Project to Nurseries and Primary Schools for the first time this year. The Project will develop awareness of bees & insects, gardening and natural surroundings.

    Further afield The Rotary Club of Roundhay has helped in the eradication of Polio. We have also sent disaster boxes to Haiti following the earthquake in 2010.

    More information can be found on the Rotary Club of Roundhay website.

    The North Leeds Charity Beer Festival opens it's doors at 6pm on Friday 27th April 2012 - you don't need to purchase advance tickets. However we will be operating a first-come first-served basis.


    Entry is £2, free to CAMRA, SPBW members with valid membership.

    I Look forward to seeing you there!:icon_lol:

    If you would like to help out at the North Leeds Charity Beer Festival we still have volunteer places left in the schedule.

    Similarly there a few sponsorship opportunities available for companies or individuals who would like to sponsor a barrel of beer.

    For up to date information about the North Leeds Charity Beer Festival we have a website:
    North Leeds Charity Beer Festival

    You can also like us on facebook:

    Follow us on Twitter:

    The North Leeds Charity Beer Festival are supporting the Lord Mayors Charity Voluntary Action Leeds as well as the Rotary Club of Roundhay.

    Voluntary Action Leeds

    you can also find out more about donating to this worthwhile cause:


    Come and meet the Brewers.......

    Mr. Foley's Cask Ale House
    159 The Headrow, LS1 5RG
    from 8pm onwards

    British Guild of Beer Writers member Sam Parker under the watchful eye of Denzil Vallance from Great Heck Brewery has produced a collaboration brew - SANDMOOR SIMCOE - especially for the North Leeds Charity Beer Festival.

    There will be a barrel on tap to try before the festival and a chance to chat with Great Heck Supreme Overlord Denzil, beer festival judge and host for the evening Dean Pugh and the North Leeds Charity Beer Festival team.


    ..........Wednseday 25th April 2012........

    Wharfebank Brewery have confirmed that they will be sending the following:

    VPA (Verbeia Pale Ale) 3.6%
    Tether Blond 4.1%
    Chalkies White 4.3%
    CamFell Flame 4.4%
    CCC (celebratory 300th brew from WharfeBank) 5.6%
    Black Geld (from our Ales of the Riverbank range) 4.5%

    The Lord Mayor of Leeds is to officially open the North Leeds Charity Beer Festival 6pm Friday 27 April 2012.

    *** Less than one week to go ***


    Vanguard IPA 5.0% Single hop IPA with a tropical fruit finish


    Captain Oates Mild 4.5% A dark beer with a good mix of malt and oats

    Freeborn 4.7% Strong, pale bitter with a fruity finish


    Sandmoor Simcoe 3.9% Very dry pale ale with unique Simcoe hops added late

    Jem’s Stout 4.3% Dark and smooth with smoky roasted malt flavours and aroma


    Black 3.7% Dark mellow mild; smooth with creamy head
    Mary Hoppins 4.0% Dry pale ale made with Australian hops
    Mary Jane 4.5% Full-bodied oatmeal stout - rich & creamy


    Three Swords 4.5% Pale & thirst-quenching with citrus aroma
    Dissolution IPA 5.0% Well hopped amber ale

    Leeds Pale 3.8% Refreshing light ale with sharp finish
    Yorkshire Gold 4.0% Golden, hoppy ale with citrus aroma
    Leeds Best 4.3% Good balance of malt & hops, bitter finish
    Midnight Bell 4.8% Premium, full-bodied, dark ale


    Hammer & Tongs 3.9% Pale, hoppy & fruity ale made with 4 hops

    Big Red 4.0% Full-bodied ruby ale with subtle flavours


    Ravenscroft Pale 3.3% Hoppy & fruity, a good session ale
    Clash London Porter 4.5% A dark beer made with 6 malts - moreish


    Long Way From Home 5.0% Premium oatmeal stout with vanilla notes
    El Presidente 4.5% Refreshing pale ale made with 3 US hops

    Buckeye 3.5% Pale session ale with great hop character
    Londinium 5.5% Porter with a hint of coffee. Very English

    TETLEY (Brewed by Marston’s)
    Cask Bitter 3.7% Smooth & creamy with a hoppy aroma.
    Blooming Ale 3.7% A Spring ale with fresh floral flavours

    VPA (Verbeia Pale Ale) 3.6% Pale golden, bitter session beer. Refreshing
    Tether Blond 4.1% Easy drinking golden ale; long bitter finish
    Chalkies’s White 4.3% Pale gold, crisp lager. Starts sweet, ends dry
    Camfell Flame 4.4% Red malty bitter/sweet ale with hop notes
    Black Geld 4.5% Dark sweet porter; full of flavour
    CCC 5.6% Pale, strong and hoppy yet easy drinking

    Against the Grain 4.4% Gluten free, full flavoured bitter; citrus finish

    We are pleased to present 2 beers from the world-famous BROOKLYN BREWERY in New York where these imaginative beers are the order of the day. Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, has recently been editor-in-chief to the comprehensive Oxford Companion to Beer.

    Mary’s Maple Porter 6.9% A classic British porter to which lots of maple syrup is added. Rich, dark and dry with maple
    showing through. An earthy finish.
    Brooklyn Blast 9.0% A mix of English & US hops are used to make this ‘Big IPA’. It is ‘ludicrously hoppy strangely quaffable and oddly compelling.’

    Our thanks go to all our sponsors, breweries, volunteers and of course everyone who came and made this event so enjoyable.....

    David Hawkin
    President - Rotary Club of Roundhay Leeds 2011-12.

    North Leeds Charity Beer Festival

    Many thanks to all those who made the BEER FESTIVAL so successful - The event managed to raise TWO THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED POUNDS for good causes........... We hope to repeat the event next year so keep checking back for updates.

    North Leeds Charity Beer Festival

    Details of the 2013 beer festival will follow shortly.......
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    Which two fantastic charities nlcbf ?
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    Looks great
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    is there a reason the event is not taking place in north leeds? but harehills?
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    Looking forward to to next year again

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