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New speed cameras at Killingbeck

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by driver61, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. driver61

    driver61 New Member

    Has anyone noticed the new speed cameras at Killingbeck just by ASDA? They have lenses going both ways, so they see you coming and going. Does anyone know anything about these? I also bet they are digital and don't need the film changing
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  3. Croggy

    Croggy Cereal Forumer Staff Member

    Yes they measure/record speed before you get to them - so no use slowing down as you pass, like I saw someone do the other day (they had overtaken me further up the road!)

    The cameras would appear to be new Truvelo D Cam cameras. The cameras are digital, fixed on higher “smart poles” and are much smaller, and less noticeable, than the previous design, which had to be housed in a larger unit due to the use of film to record offending motorists.

    They are also designed to be vandal proof, with no separate cabinet housing the camera’s electronics and do not flash. The cameras never run out of film, unlike the current units which effectively stop working for the period between the film running out and it being re-loaded.

  4. Daniell

    Daniell Registered User

    I did mention it on the 1st when they was fitted. Must of been over looked :icon_rolleyes::biggrin:

  5. Yeah whats the point of flashing you? You may drive safely and within the limits if you know you have been done, but there aint no revenue in that.

    I believe it can also do a breath test as you pass it, check the boot for drug plants, assess if you are driving carelessly/dangerously, and do a heart monitor on you. They are hoping it will totally replace Traffic Cops.
  6. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Better wear your best undies whilst driving.
  7. Oh goodness Derc, not a paternity test too ? :hey:
  8. Derc

    Derc New Member

    I think it's heading that way, most men get accused of arriving too quickly when driving, from the golf course to the bedroom. :icon_redface:
  9. Daniell

    Daniell Registered User

    I don't know, I've never been flashed but I laugh when people do. Is it just me that does that? :icon_lol::icon_lol:
  10. JohnG

    JohnG New Member

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