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Need some one to fit gas cooker

Discussion in 'Leeds Classified Ads' started by Tara, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Tara

    Tara New Member

    hi im moving soon im looking for sum one to take out and fit my gas cooker that will not cost me 2much thanx
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  3. nevben

    nevben New Member

    Re: Need sum one to fit gas cooker

    It is normal for these to have a push and twist connector, is your new home not plumed for a gas cooker?
  4. dervish99

    dervish99 A Mod not a Rocker

    Re: Need sum one to fit gas cooker

    even if it is it is I think it is illegal to remove and re-connect a gas appliance yourself
  5. nevben

    nevben New Member

    not sure to which law you refer
  6. HeatShaw

    HeatShaw New Member


    We are fully gas safe registered and can do this for you

    Please give me a call on 07825 773838 to discuss


  7. nicola

    nicola New Member

    Hi, I know someone that can help! HIs name is Ben Johnston and his number is 07889 481 839. He comes highly recommended!
  8. Mailboxexpress

    Mailboxexpress New Member

    I think commercial companies have to use a gas safe registered business/employee to handle gas appliances.

    Not sure if it applies to you though, have a look at the gov website
  9. scotv ous

    scotv ous New Member

    if its a bayonette push in connection, you can do it yourself, not illegal...
  10. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    No it's not but its much safer to get it checked by somebody that knows what there doing.
    Went to one the other day where the builder had connect one and there was a full drop gas leak on it.
  11. scotv ous

    scotv ous New Member

    I disagree, ive installed more cookers with bayonettes than ive had hot dinners and installing my own when it comes tomoro

    TARA!!!if you have a bayonette, dont pay anybody to just push it on and turn?
    I will do it freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. scotv ous

    scotv ous New Member

  13. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    You don't know what your talking about buddy.
    Most plumbers will charge you around £40 and they can check there is no gas leaks and check its all safe.
    Look on the gas safe website for more details.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2012
  14. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    (From the gassafe website )

    Don’t let this happen to you. Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer. Check the card.

    Are you about to have your cooker, boiler or gas fire fixed, fitted or serviced? One in three of us trust a tradesman to do gas work based purely on the recommendation of a friend or neighbour without checking out their registration and qualifications first.

    Remember that dangerous gas work can be deadly. Badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. Using an illegal gas fitter can end up costing you thousands of pounds to have fixed. Worst of all, it could put the lives of you, and your loved ones in danger.

    These tragic true stories of illegal gas work are a reminder to always use a Gas Safe registered engineer.

    Read Dean’s story: ‘My neighbour recommended him so I thought he was Gas Safe registered’
    Hear Anne’s story: ‘He took my money then my daughters life’
    It is against the law for anyone to do work on gas appliances in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man or Guernsey unless they are Gas Safe registered.

    If you think someone is working on gas illegally, report them to us and we will investigate.

    How do I know if the gas fitter I’m using is illegal?
    A quarter of a million illegal gas jobs are carried out each year . If your gas fitter is not Gas Safe registered then they are illegal. If your gas engineer is qualified and registered to do gas work in your home they will be able to show your their Gas Safe ID card.

    Not all gas engineers are qualified to work on all types of gas appliance. Make sure you check the back of their ID card to make sure they are qualified to do the specific type of gas work you need. If they put in a gas fire for example, but they’re only Gas Safe registered for pipework and boilers, they are illegal.

    If they work for a Gas Safe registered firm during the week and are doing private work in their spare time on the side, they are also illegal.

    How do I check my engineer is on the Gas Safe Register?
    All Gas Safe registered engineers carry a Gas Safe Register ID card showing the type of work they are qualified to do. Before you let your gas engineer into your home to work on your gas appliances make sure you check it.

    View our short video to see what you need to check on the Gas Safe Register ID card.

    You can also check your gas engineer is Gas Safe registered online, via text by texting Gas then the engineer licence number to 85080 or by calling us free on 0800 408 5500.

    Protecting you from unsafe gas work is our priority. If you think someone is working on gas illegally, report them to us and we will investigate.

    There are more than 120,000 engineers on the Gas Safe Register. To check that they’re continuing to work safely we inspect the work they’ve carried out. If you’ve had gas work done in the last six months, you can nominate it for a free gas safety inspection.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2012
  15. scotv ous

    scotv ous New Member

    your just loo king to rip some poor person off.... £40 FOR 1 SEC OF WORK = RIP-OFF
  16. scotv ous

    scotv ous New Member

  17. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    No ,I am giving this person the best advice it's of no benefit to me.
  18. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

  19. BAZI

    BAZI Member

    Just Slightly over reacting, no more difficult than plugging into a socket
  20. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    I would have to disagree . What if its leaking ?
    All I would say it is better to be safe than sorry, if moving into a new home I would always advise on getting things checked, the cost is minimal nowadays
  21. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    Or and by the way that was a quote from the gas safe website ..

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