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Musicians union

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by Anonymous, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. robertbarry

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    If you are in the muse union. Its a good idea to let any studio /producer know before turning up to do session work. Some can be 'a little frosty' due to bad experiences. Like in the middle of a recording the mu members get up and leave mid take for their tea break. Or start whining on about what the music will be used for and demanding endless paperwork filled in. Had one experience when the studio owner and producer pulled the plug on a session and flew to czech republic to do it instead. Dont get me wrong I think its a good idea to have representation but mu is mostly for state funded orchestras, military bands, bbc etc basically anywhere that is paid for by government. Walk into your local pro recording studio or venue and tell em your in the mu and see how it goes down. Usually a big (closed mouth) smile, followed by a moments silence and then a 'how interesting'! is the response.
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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The MU is worth joining for the legal advice, and they will chase an unpaid fee, but they won't waste a boat load of time and money doing it.
    However, just be careful about the public liability insurance, if your doing good venues in the UK, it's not nearly enough, and those venues will want to see something a bit more substantial in place. This should be, and is usually taken care of by the promoter !
    In my experience I've never seen a producer worth his salt, snub an MU member, because all the good session guys, cost way more than the MU rates, that is a fact ! ...... the tea break stuff is more down London and I would say more in the classical and TV stuff. If your ever lucky enough to session in the States, Lunch breaks are written in stone, and the session over by 5 or 6 O'clock ! ... but that's another story.
    If your gonna end up doing TV, then you maybe better looking at joining Equity, but their fees are a percentage of earnings, as you go up the scale, they are also harder to join.
    do your own homework, and some of the statements on here will maybe give you a balanced idea of what of the MU can do for you, but better to be in something than not, seems to be the answer !
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