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Moving to Leeds from Ireland

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Sala, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Sala

    Sala New Member

    Hello all, I'm planning a move to Leeds and have a few questions if anyone could help, I'd very much appreciate it!

    1) We are hoping to live in Chapel Allerton, as I have read about it and it seems like a great place. However it also appears some ads are advertising properties with a CA address that are in fact in other areas that are perhaps less nice. Can anyone advise which are the nice areas to live in in CA or in fact any other areas (looking also at Moortown and Meanwood and Roundhay, but I really want to be close to city centre).

    2) Would Gbp£900-£1000 realistically be enough to rent a house?

    3) What is council tax and what does it cover? I know it can be substantial but it also covers bin collection (I think) unlike in Ireland where you don't pay the tax but pay for your bins. What else does it cover?

    4) In addition to the above, are there any extra bills/taxes in UK that are not in Ireland? (appreciate only a person who lived in both will know this!)

    5) Most / A lot of properties seem to be unfurnished unlike here where the vast majority are furnished. What sort or level of furnishing is normal? What is the situation with white goods - do they usually come in an otherwise unfurnished house? Is it cheaper to rent an unfurnished property? As we will be moving with very little by way or furniture (our properties here have all been fully kitted out) we will have to buy beds sofas etc. Is there an ikea or any shops that are reasonable and most importantly will deliver quickly?

    6) There seem to be a lot of extra fees for renting (ie estate agent fees). What else do tenants have to pay for? Is the situation regarding landlord/tenant maintenance of the property different (ie who organises and pays for maintenance issues)

    7) Do I need to register with a specific doctor on the NHS? Is there a residency period? We will also have private health insurance but I assume this will be different to our insurance here as we don't have a similar system to the NHS. What is the approximate fee to see a GP?

    8) Buying a car - I presume there's just tax and insurance, is there anything extra? Should I get a UK licence?

    9) Opening a bank account - how difficult is this? Obviously I will need an address first

    10) Anything else worthwhile knowing??

    Appreciate this is a lot of questions but any assistance is welcome!
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  3. Staypuff

    Staypuff Active Member

    Hello! I'll have a stab at answering some of your questions from my experience:

    1. Chapel Allerton is, on the whole, really nice and has a kind of "village vibe", it has it's own character rather than just being an extension of Leeds. That being said it does border some dodgy areas! I used to live in Meanwood which was nice, however my house backed onto an estate which was like a war zone, my car got broken into so many times I stopped locking it because it was easier to let people see there was nothing worth stealing than keep repairing the paintwork. Roundhay is pretty much the same, it has some really nice areas and some less desirable parts.

    2. I think that's probably a decent budget, I paid £680 for an unfurnished 3 bedroom house, though that was a number of years ago. I did rent again about 3 years ago and there's a fair range of properties in that price band. Unfurnished did include cooker, fridge and dishwasher but not a washing machine.

    3. Council tax would depend on area, bin collection is normally fortnightly with recycling collected on the alternate weeks.

    4. I can't think of anything else, other than insurance. The letting agent will charge a fee and you'll probably have to provide a deposit and/or first month's rent up front. In my most recent rental experience I had to pay £1200 in total in addition to my first month's rent.

    5. Again, my most recent rental experience was a furnished flat which came with all white goods (including washing machine), kitchen table and chairs, sofa, beds, wardrobes, etc. There's an Ikea on the outskirts of Leeds.

    6. Maintenance is usually taken care of by the landlord.

    7. You can register for whichever NHS practice is closer to you and there's no fee for seeing a GP. Not sure about the private side of things I'm afraid!

    8. Just Road Tax and insurance, tax is now on a pay-monthly basis. What part of Ireland are you moving from?

    9. Opening a bank account is pretty straight-forward, though you may have more limited facilities when you first start, i.e. restriction of overdrafts, offline debit cards, etc. Once you have a confirmed address you can do this in your local branch.

    10. Probably loads! I'll have a think.

    I hope the move goes well and you find this site useful, and welcome to Leeds (in advance!)
  4. Sala

    Sala New Member

    Thanks a million! Yes I see CA borders "dodgy" areas but Leeds appears to be very like Dublin in that dodgy areas and very nice areas can be mere streets apart. I'll take a good walk around and see what's on offer and what the places look like. It looks like a lovely place and Leeds is much much cheaper for rent, although I need to account for an extra bill in the form of council tax that we don't have.
    I am a bit concerned about break-ins and crime as everything I read about Leeds seems to refer to break-ins being common even in good areas but I suppose that's city living everywhere.

    The main differences I can see between here and there is council tax, unfurnished properties being the norm and the NHS!
  5. Sala

    Sala New Member

    One more questions actually!!! Is rightmove.co.uk the "main" property website? Like here we have daft.ie and myhome.ie and both have pretty much the same properties and practically all properties for rent and sale are on one or the other, or usually both. Is rightmove the same, or are there multiple sites I should look at?
  6. TMC

    TMC Member

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    There would be quite a few specialist sites, rightmove and zoopla are two of them. I would imagine there will be a lot of independent rental agencies in the area due to the amount of students at that end of Leeds.
  7. GregB

    GregB Active Member

    Stoneacre Properties and Linley & Simpson bothe have offices in Chapel Allerton. I don't know if they advertise on any of the big sites though


    I can't advise on how good they are as I've lived here for 14 years.

    It is a great place to live and I'd be very surprised if you couldn't get a decent rental place within that budget.

    As for the car, you will also need to make sure it has a valid MOT.

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