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Memories of Leeds.

Discussion in 'Introductions & Celebrations' started by Rover, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Rover

    Rover Member

    I may be way off base by raising this topic but here goes; I spent the first 24 years of my life in Armley [Leeds 12]. Since 1957 I've lived in USA. I've such great memories of the row houses, cobbled streets, and strong neighborhood ties. As a child I don't recall hearing warnings about weirdoes and avoiding strangers. We assumed that police men were to be respected as were our school teachers and for that matter all adults. Where did we go wrong ?.
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  3. buck

    buck Member

    I was born in Attercliffe, Sheffield in 1931, the toughest part of town, surrounded by steel works belching smoke enough to choke you. It was a short little street of ten houses and a corner shop where you could get a packet of "spice" (candy ) for a halfpenny. The house was two up, two down and a coal cellar, lavatory in the yard, no bathroom and no hot water. Some of the best years of my early life were spent there. The local Bobby knew all the kid's names and would share a pint with the men. I think of my life today with seven American grandkids who love to spend summer weekends on my boat Ciera cruising the Hudson river or canoeing with me in Maine, and what a good life they lead, but they are no better off than I was having a week in Blackpool during Sheffield works week.
  4. jackdaly

    jackdaly Member

    When I had a group in the early 60s Attercliffe Radical was a club to remember. worked it three or four times and certainly was an experience.
  5. buck

    buck Member

    And you're still here and alive, good for you. I actully loved Attercliffe as a kid, four cinemas, a rollerskaing rink, and best of all the Attercliffe Palace theatre, with pies and peas from the stand outside after the show. We got hammered by the Luft waffe though.

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