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Melting 'Dusk' limited edition cassette/digital (Leeds/experimental/instrumental hip hip)

Discussion in 'Music Chat' started by Crow_Versus_Crow, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Crow_Versus_Crow

    Crow_Versus_Crow Member

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    The last copies of the debut record by Leeds based producer Melting are available via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp. Beautiful, grimy, heavy, delicate, instrumental hip-hop beat tape. £6.

    Joe Murray's RFM review says:
    '...beats are only part of the story. The samples man! The samples are smeared as thick acrylics.

    So, the base materials tend to be dark and gritty. Moulded into roughly cylindrical forms and stacked in irregular patterns. A greasy tarpaulin is overlaid to form a 3D landscape in this delirious geography experiment. Finally, the bass is a broad sluggish river, bubbling slowly like sweet Arabic coffee.

    Soon things get itchy like a tremor, freaky like a fever. On ‘Sleep’ a broken vocal sound, a single explosive ‘nweh’ is woven round a calliope caught in a steamy glitch.

    And things get sadder (heartbreak sequenced and sampled) as ‘Road’ makes it with the Rhodes piano sorrow-chords and a broken ‘wha-ba-whep-whup’ spoken refrain. My inadequate mind is looking for things to compare this to.'

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  3. John Halifax

    John Halifax Member

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    Bought this and love it to bits!

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