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Making Patio - building advice needed

Discussion in 'Leeds Classified Ads' started by munchinmac, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. munchinmac

    munchinmac New Member

    Hi there

    Are there any retired builders (or active builders) or keen DIYers that would be able to come and give me some advice on creating a patio please, either tomorrow Sunday 14th or Monday 15th June?

    I'm doing the labouring myself (not such a feeble female :icon_smile:) and am in the process of digging out but I need someone to come out and explain how to level out the soil and do the measure the levels for hardcore, sharp sand, etc.
    I think I may be digging too deep and want to know before the skip full of soil leaves on Tuesday (16th June) and I end up paying for more hardcore than i need to.
    I also need help with the measuring sticks, string, etc
    Happy to pay for your time and sound advice (Headingley area)

    Many thanks
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  3. Rick

    Rick Member

    Have you had a look at some of the online guides, Homebase, Wickes etc? They get most of the basics right, with only a couple of errors.

    For the stage you are at now you only need a rough level on the soil. Down about 150mm from the surface, having too much hardcore in doesn't matter, too little does. Once again, the hardcore can't really be smoothly leveled, the final layer of sharp sand and cement is where the final leveling comes in. And the final level of the patio should be 150mm below the level of any damp course.

    As you are in Headingley I'd recommend Milford's builders' merchants on Cardigan Road. If you need a skip to get rid of the soil then you may well need a large builders bag (nominally 1 cubic metre) at least, of hardcore. Much cheaper than buying it in bags from a DIY store. Free delivery kicks in at around £50-75 so if you got everything from there you would certainly get it dropped off for nowt.

    I did a patio last year for someone in Indian slate from Milfords, looks nice and is relatively cheap, though not quite so easy to lay, as the flags are of different thicknesses.

    As with all jobs, if you use the right materials, with the right tools, and do things in the right order, it should all work out OK.
  4. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    Has Rick covered it or do you still want someone to drop around? I could probably pop by if you like.
    I don't think my patio building ability is expert enough to be charging for advice... not beyond tea and cake anyway. ;)
  5. munchinmac

    munchinmac New Member

    Hi Hairyloon,
    Have sent a PM - thanks

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