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Make up your own word

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by tome, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. tome

    tome Active Member

    Thickicity - (noun) the act of dumbing down a subject or topic.
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  3. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    rockgestion - (medical) like indigestion but a lot heavier going.
  4. GregB

    GregB Active Member

    likeyouknow - mainly used by footballers instead of pausing while being interviewed.
  5. tome

    tome Active Member

    Craftisan - (adjective) describing goods and services exclusively for Hipsters.
  6. ajax

    ajax New Member

    Dumbmoney-A currency used by said hipsters when paying for overpriced Craftisan services.

    IE Fruit flavoured craft beer and artisan bread that hasn't had pieces of mill stone grit removed.

    Other names exist for this type of tender, such as wankercash, twatchange and dickhead-dosh, all are interchangeable.:)
  7. tome

    tome Active Member

    Scrannthat - (noun) the discussion of victuals, portion control, corkage and waiting staff.
  8. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    I'd like someone to make me a word that was something between "Europhile" and "Eurosceptic" that encapsulated the genuine, baffling consequences that we all don't know from a decision that we're all meant to be genned up on by late June, as if we haven't all got a bunch of shit to deal with before then.
  9. tome

    tome Active Member

    Euromug - (noun) person seduced into a false belief of democratic choice.
  10. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    I kind of like that, because there's tacit implications in there that we're all stupid, and they're all lying,
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