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Looking for families for new TV show about spending

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Different Lives, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Different Lives

    Different Lives New Member

    Want to Spend Less and Save More?

    Help may be just around the corner...

    Mentorn Media is making a new series for Channel 4 about UK families with different lifestyles and spending habits.

    Are you intrigued at how some families manage to save so much and spend so little?

    The aim of show is to help those who spend more than they save each month, and those who save everything they earn. We hope to show each family positive attributes from their opposite way of life so that they can either let loose or cut back so they can make the most of their earnings as a family.

    If so, we’d love to speak with you! Get in touch:

    differentlives@mentorn.tv or 0207 258 6758

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  3. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    I'm all for inclusiveness, but this is the most confused pitch ever.

    How about some proper TV advice for people who don't fall into either category? How about some TV for people who are just trying to get by?

    Fucking bullshit. Shove it up your collective media bollocks arse on stilts.
  4. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    Seriously, what makes you the arbiter of what people should do with their money? Go **** yourself.
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  5. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    I actually work in the field of financial capability/money advice.

    The best way to not get into debt....Don't be greedy. That's it. The problem with modern culture is that we have blurred needs, wants and aspirations. I still feel shocked from time to time at just how blinkered people are to the power of advertising.
  6. sevenhills

    sevenhills Active Member

    You will never get on TV to put your point across ;)
  7. Agent_W

    Agent_W Active Member

    Yet somehow, life goes on.

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